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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts of activism

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RETURN OF THE An interview with Judith Malina and
Julian  Beck-Stefan  Brecht, Irwin
LIVING THEATRE Silber, Patrick McDermott on the
Living Theatre-rehearsal notes for
Paradise Now-also: Transactional Analysis, O'Horgan beginnings,
Peter Brook, an interview with Joe Chaikin (T43)
NATURALISM Edited by Rolf Fjelde, America's foremost
translator of Ibsen. Articles by Esslin, Sprin-
REVISITED chorn, Sarris, Baxandall, Fjelde, Lahr, Tov-
stonogov-a portfolio of Naturalist scene
design, 1876-1965-previously untranslated works by Ibsen and
Strindberg (T42)
BERTOLT Reinhold Grimm, Martin Esslin, 'Roland Barthes
Darko Suvin, Lee Baxandall, Carl Weber, Manfred
BRECHT Wekwerth, Lyon Phelps, R. G. Davis, Peter Berc-
Alf Sjoberg, Arturo Lazzari on Brecht-Brecht' [
notes on The Caucasian Chalk Circle-Brecht's rehearsal scenes
EASTERN         Plays by Slawomir Mrozek, Tadeusz Rozewiscz
Vaclav Havel-"Towards the Poor Theatre' b
EUROPEAN          Jerzy Grotowski-views on Soviet theatre bl
Michael Glenny and William Lee Kinsolving-
THEATRE        bibliographies of modern Polish plays in tran
lation and of new Hungarian Theatre-plu
articles by Henry Popkin, Jan Grossman, Jan Kott (T35)
LIBERATION/ An interview with Jerzy Grotowski-Fumaroli
on Eugenio Barba-Bentley on Pirandello
VIOLATION -auto-interview and three plays by Fernando
Arrabal-Jean-Jacques Lebel on the neces-
sity of violation-Jan Kott on his Orestes-articles and interviews
on Ridiculous Theatre (T41)
BLACK Larry Neal on the Black Arts Movement-essays
by Ed Bullins, John O'Neal, Woodie King, Jr.-a
THEATRE communications project by LeRoi Jones-plays
by LeRoi Jones, Ben Caldwell, Jimmie Garrett,
Sonia Sanchez, Marvin X, Ed Bullins, Ronald Milner, Bill Gunn,
Dorothy Ahmad, Joseph White (T40)
GENERAL Richard Hosley on the Elizabethan Multiple Stage
-Lucien Goldmann on Genet-Bread and Puppet
ISSUE Theatre-The Great American Light War by D.
Melmoth-imaginary interview with Eric Bentley
-articles on Brecht by Ernst Schuma'Iher, Siegfried Melchinger,
Paul Dessau-interviews with Joe Chaikin and Eric Bentley on
Brecht-Bertolt Brecht's The Beggar (T38)
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