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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: confrontation between art and technology

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Now Available ...
The Derry Journals of Lesley Frost
With notes and index by Lawrance Thompson and Arnold Grade. Robert Frost
once said, "The core of all my writing was probably those free years
I had down
on the farm a mile or two from Derry Village."
When Lesley Frost was not quite six years old, her parents encouraged her
begin a journal on her travels and adventures on or near the Frost farm in
New Hampshire. Her little "stories" and poems, composed over a
four-year period,
gradually totaled more than 500 notebook pages. These journals, reproduced
for the first time, not only have a charming literary quality of their own
but, in
addition, throw valuable light on the personality of Robert Frost as companion,
playmate, botanizer, farmer, teacher, and poet during crucial years in his
ment: from 1905 through 1909.
The facsimile edition was designed by P. J. Conkwright, whose works have
been selected many times for inclusion in the "Fifty Books of the Year"
of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Among its notable features are:
retrospective essay by Lesley Frost, which constitutes the most candid and
trating statement ever made in print by any relative of Robert Frost; the
full text
of a humorous poem written by Lesley's father especially for her; several
poems written by Robert Frost while in Derry; a special "Index";
and supple-
mentary "Notes," which place the journals in a narrative context,
at once historical,
geographical, and literary.
Two maps are conveniently presented as endpapers so those who literally or
imaginatively follow the Frosts can retrace some of the little travels made
by Lesley
with her parents in the neighborhood of the Frost farm, now a New Hampshire
State Historical Site.                     $9.95, 676 pp., SBN 87395-043-7
Recommended Reading ...
By Evangelos P. Papanoutsos, translated by Basil P. Coukis and John P. Anton.
Evangelos P. Papanoutsos is Greece's leading contemporary philosopher and
distinguished author whose works have elicited high regard from European
scholars. The Foundations of Knowledge marks the high point in his career
as a
philosopher, critic, and educator. It is designed as the third and final
volume of
his monumental work, "The Trilogy of the Mind," and concludes an
of many decades of research and reflection in the history of philosophy,
phical method, and the physical and humanistic sciences.
"Admirable in its catholicits, in its wealth of historical explanations,
and its
informative critique of mathematical and logical thinking." -Professor
G. P.
Henderson, The University, Dundee, Scotland.
$10.00, 317 pp., SBN 87395-034-8
Edmund Husserl and the Quest for a Rigorous Science of Philosophy
By Alarv'in Farber. In this widely-hailed and long out-of-print classic of
century philosophic commentary, Professor Farber explains the origin, develop-
ment, and function of phenomenology. "Step by step Professor Farber's
clear and
condensed presentation of this work follows Husserl's argument, and the reader
earnestly studies the respective chapters can be assured that nothing of
in the German original has been withheld from him." - Alfred Scheutz
in Philoso-
phic Abstracts.
'This book, originally published in 1943, is still the best systematic exposition
of Husserl's thought and his quest for a presuppositionless, rigorous science
philosophy. A great deal has happened since, on the phenomenological scene,
interest in Husserl has been constantly growing. Thus it is most appropriate
Farber has offered a revised edition. . . . Highly recommended for students
scholars of philosophy, psychology, and sociology." -Choice. $4.95 paperbound,
SBN 87395-037-2; $10.00, casebound, SBN 87395-023-2
S├čtate 'University of gVev   ortjPress
Albany, New York 12201

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