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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: confrontation between art and technology

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I        1- -     ~  ~~~IlIga
Edward L. Kamarck
ix   Confrontation Between Art and Technology
Some of the articles in this issue were
adapted from papers presented at
on science fiction and fantasy held at The
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
May 10-11, 1968. We are indebted to the
chairman of the conference, Ivor Rogers,
for making them available to us.
Clyde S. Kilby
155 The Lost Myth
Lawrence A. lanni
165 Science and Art as Forms of Communication:
An Inquiry into the Place of Art in a
Technologically-Oriented Society
177 Rudolf Schmerl
Who's Afraid of Fantasy?
185 Dick Allen
The Poet Looks at Space-Inner and Outer
Jack Burnham
195 Systems and Art
Eugene Kaelin
215 Between Scientist and Humanist
The Science of Art
by Robert E. Muellen
Gilbert Chase
231 Society and the Avant-Garde
The Theory of the Avant-Garde
by Renato Poggioli
Edouard Roditi
237 Allegory and Alienation
The Other Side: A Fantastic Novel
by Alfred Kubin
Jerry McNeely
245 A View from the Pit
The American Musical Theatre:
A Consideration
by Lehman Engel
Dick Allen
Douglas Blazek
Buckminster Fuller
Louis Ginsberg
Suzanne Gordon
John Ingswersen
Gigi Lord
Warren Slesinger
Richard Uhlich
James Rosenberg
265 Report from Edinburgh
Peter Yates
275 Lecture: On the Rocks
Ivor Rogers
287 Extrapolative Cinema
Rudolph Landry
205 Jazz 1984: Two Voices

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