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Koch, Lewis, 1949- / Lewis Koch, notes from the stone-paved path : meditations on north India

[Notes from Lewis Koch],   pp. 12 and 13-40 and 41

Page 34 and 35

Appendix A
PR. It is not necessary, if her mother-in-law has not asked
for it and has started to treat her well...
S2. Serving her means to behave well with everybody
without fighting.
S1. Serving? Do you mean to say that she is a servant?
She gets married to serve the new people?
MO. She should be of a sweet nature and talk sweetly.
S1. With everyone.
PR. Do the educated girls adjust better than those who
are not educated?
S2. Educated girls are sometimes proud and are sometimes
likely to be too silent, otherwise they will have to ear
criticism from everybody.  Educated girls, however, will
point out that they are educated and so forth...
PR. That means if the uneducated do no adjust
themselves, they will hear criticism from everybody.
S2. This is also true.
MO. The uneducated girls are weak.  Those who do not study
are weak.  Everybody would say since she is uneducated
what can she do...
BR. I have to add that Mikky did not commit any mistake
in his marriage because from the first day on he
appeared to be very good and nice.
IV. They seemed to like each other.
BR. Yes, they seemed to like each other.  But later on when
he came to know that his wife is selfish and suspicious,
then he, too, tried to adjust to her.  He beat her and
when he was about to beat her...
IV. He controlled himself.
BR. It was because of his good behaviour.  His gratitude
was not like Vinod's.  He was for love.  He thought that
he would teach her with love but he was not success-
ful.  Only when Radha died did she come to the right
PR. But what did Mikky do?
BR. Mikky tried his level best to bring her on the right
path, which means he tried to give her all the things
and comfort that she wanted.  But then Shobha was
still selfish.  She thought that her husband is only there
for her disposal, he couldn't even talk with another
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