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Koch, Lewis, 1949- / Lewis Koch, notes from the stone-paved path : meditations on north India

[Notes from Lewis Koch],   pp. 12 and 13-40 and 41

Page 32 and 33

Ngawang Dhargyey.  Tibetan tradition of mental
development.  Oral teachings of Tibetan Lama Geshey
Ngawang Dhargvey.  1974.  Page 8.
Upper Dharamsala.  Himachal Pradesh, 1995.
suit of inner happiness.  Thus, I escaped with a number of
other people over a mountain pass near Se-ra, and we head-
ed towards southern Tibet through the P'an-po region.  But
because there were many Chinese soldiers in the area, we
found that we had to turn back to the north.
We travelled on until one day we reached the town of
Baka in northern Tibet.  There our party was surrounded by
Chinese troops.  A battle then ensued, and a great number
of the men in our party were killed while trying to protect
the two young Rinpoches and others who were unable to
protect themselves.  Due partially to my practice of the
Dharma but primarily to the kindness of my Gurus, even
at such a grave moment of life and death, my only intention
was to die with a pure moral discipline and motivation.
Accepting the fruits of my own karma, I mediated on com-
passion for the Chinese.  I truly felt no anger against those
who were trying to kill us; and while the fighting was going
on, I found a few moments to speak to the two Rinpoches
about karma and compassion.
In the confusion of the battle, the Rinpoches and I man-
aged to escape.  We travelled on, still insisting on wearing
our robes, even though this made us very conspicuous; and
we continued our daily spiritual practices and monthly
rituals.  While trying to escape the Chinese, we had gone
so far to the north that it took us many months before we
finally reached the border of Nepal.  We had left Se-ra
during the third Tibetan month and arrived in Nepal in the
tenth month.  We were able to come to India in the follow-
ing month and met his Holiness and His two Tutors in Bodh
Gaya.  We attended an Avalokiteshvara initiation given by
His Holiness, then proceeded to Kalimpong, making a brief
pilgrimage on the way.
In Kalimpong in addition to following my daily medita-
tional practices, I taught Lam-rim and Je Tzong-k'a-pa's
Drang-nges legs-bshad snying-po to the two Rinpoches. I
also gave several discourses on Lam-rim and Tara to large
groups of laymen.  After living there for four years, I again
visited Bodh Gaya.  There I sought the advice of the two

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