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Koch, Lewis, 1949- / Lewis Koch, notes from the stone-paved path : meditations on north India

[Notes from Lewis Koch],   pp. 12 and 13-40 and 41

Page 30 and 31

Manmatha Nath Dutt. Gleanings from Indian
classics.  1894.  Page 98.
Upper Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, 1995.
whether he would accept a few eatables from her
hands.  Goutam raised up his eyes, and looked at her
for some time.  He then asked, "What is your name,
"my pretty sister?"  "Reverend Sir," replied the
girl, "my name is Sujata."  "Yes", said Goutam,
"I am hungry, very very hungry.  My dear sister,
can you satisfy my hunger?"
The innocent village girl did not understand
that Goutan meant some other hunger than his
physical cravings.  She did not know what thoughts
were in his mind.  She placed some eatables before
him and entreated him to partake of them.  Gou-
tam smiled and said, "Kind Sujata, will they satisfy
my hunger?"  "Yes, Sir", replied she, "they will".
Goutam sat himself down to eat them under the
shade of a large tree, thenceforth to be known as
the great Bo-tree or the tree of wisdom.
Sujata went away, but there he remained
through the long hours of that day.  We dare not
penetrate into his thoughts of that eventful mo-
ment; but there he remained immersed in his own
thoughts from the early morning to sunset.  But
as the day rolled away on its way to eternity his
great hunger was really satisfied; he had grasped the
solution of the great mystery of sorrow; he had
at last found the way to heaven, he had received the
"great light,"--he had become the Budha."

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