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Koch, Lewis, 1949- / Lewis Koch, notes from the stone-paved path : meditations on north India

[Notes from Lewis Koch],   pp. 12 and 13-40 and 41

Page 16 and 17

Pagal Baba. Temple of the phallic king. The mind of India:
Yogis, Swamis, Sufis, and Avataras.  1973. Page 54.
Agra Uttar Pradesh.  1995.
You may have noticed the starkness of our sky, a sky so empty and
lacking in color (except during the monsoons) that it does not seem
to exist.  And the bareness of our land, all faded browns and grays,
withered greenery, farms cracked with the heat of famine, the soil
wrinkled and lined like an old man's skin, the river beds which for
most of the year possess not even mud.  Even at night we explore
a different sky from yours because we are in another latitude, a sky
almost devoid of stars.  Above us is the primordial blackness, the
eternal night.  This is Kali's sky, the empty black sky.  We understand
Kali's fierceness but we are not afraid of it.  When she destroys it's
in order to create.  What she destroys is evil, ignorance, our enemies,
our own sins, passions, lusts, lies.  When she creates it is good, we
are absorbed into her, into her great nurishing breasts, into her
mothering womb, into her intelligence, energy, consciousness, above
all, into her love, her love, her all-consuming nourishing love.  We
are part of here and she of us.  Kali, Shakti, is in the Brahma Randhra,
the asrasa chakra at the top of the head, beyond the fourth unmani-
fest stage.  Kali is Kundalini, the serpent, awakened, rising through
the chakras into the thousand-petal lotus which is Shiva, Brahma,

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