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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts of activism

Part VI: Guerilla theatre: puppet play: newsman--the fourth estate,   pp. [412]-414 PDF (3.3 MB)

Page 414

arrest. I order you to disperse. However, since you are all
under arrest, dispersing constitutes resisting arrest, and ...
oh, the hell with it. All right you hairy anarchist commy
jewlickers, you've had it. (HITS REPORTER)
REPORTER: But I'm a working reporter. Don't you know freedom of the
press? The 4th Estate! I tell your side too! Would you
like to be interviewed?
COP:        Go park yer bicycle straight, ya pink panther. (HITS HIM
AGAIN) (TURNS TO STUDENT) OK agitator now it's
yer turn. I'm gonna mace you like a cockroach, you hippy
REPORTER: But, but but, but . . . This is my JOB. Jesus Christ, all
I want is enough money to drop outa the rat race,
maybe start a little commune or something. I'm a
responsible Reporter. I'm not on strike, I'm not trying
to change anything. Ow. Ow. Ow.
STUDENT:    (RUNS BACK) I lost him, man, he musta smelt some
truffles. You okay?
REPORTER: That stinking pig! Does he think his boss won't get a letter
from AP? Yeah, and UP too, and REUTERS. And Walter
Cronkite, Goddamit! I ain't no communist, I ain't no
hippy, I pull down 240 a day for this work, he'll find out.
STUDENT:    You make 240 dollars a day?
REPORTER: Goddam right, overtime plus hazardous duty plus riot pay.
I don't hafta be out here taking this crap. I could be
downtown behind a cushy desk with my name on it.
The hell with that pig, he'll find out, wait'll I tell my station
manager. He can't do this to the 4th Estate.
STUDENT:    Well, how about delivering our message to the public?
414                         Think they're ready for it?
REPORTER: Today? Forget it sonny. Today the Big Story reads like this:
Press, that's it. Yeah, beat the press, they'll never live
it down.
STUDENT:    What about the strike? What about all of us?
REPORTER: I'll have that cop on a lineup, by God, I'll have his job
inside of a week, or he's gonna have to do some fast
apologizing. COPS Beat the Press, Yeah that's it. (EXITS)
STUDENT:    Up your Media 4th Estate! This strike isn't transistors,
this strike is people. The next time you parasites come
around you can share some of that Riot Pay with us. This
strike is not what you see on TV. This strike is not the
pictures of it in the paper, or the anecdotes Herb Caen gets
out of it. This strike is the people right here. And
whatever we have to do to get the pigs off campus and
the cowboy politicians off our backs. We want the campus
open! Not open like the jaws of the trap, but really
open. And it won't be really open until it belongs to us.

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