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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: confrontation between art and technology

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Dick Allen teaches in the English
Department at the University of Bridgeport.
His articles and poetry have appeared in
Writer's Digest, New York Herald Tribune,
Prairie Schooner, Manhattan Review
and many others.
Douglas Blazek, one of the leading young
underground poets, is now living in San
Francisco, where he issues OPEN SKULL
Jack Burnham is presently a Fellow at the
Center for Advanced Visual Research at
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Gilbert Chase is a music critic; author of
America's Music: From the Pilgrims to
the Present, and editor of The American
Composer Speaks.
Buckminster Fuller, one of America's most
creative thinkers, is the celebrated
inventor of the Fuller Dome and Dye
Maxion auto and home.
Louis Ginsberg is a poet, teacher and father
of Allen. He authored The Attic of the Past.
Suzanne Gordon is a student and managing
editor of THE CALVERTS REVIEW at the
University of Maryland.        I
Lawrence lanni is Professor of English at
Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
John Ingswersen's poetry has appeared in
POETRY (Chicago). He is living on
Long Beach, Vancouver Island where he
makes prints and poetry for a forthcoming
book How to build a Thirty-mile Toy.
Eugene Kaelin is an aesthetician, writer on
the arts, and Professor of Philosophy at
Florida State University.
Clyde S. Kilby is a Professor of English
at Wheaton College.
Rudolph Landry is an Assistant Professor
of English at Fairfield University
in Fairfield, Connecticut.
Gigi Lord is a New York poet whose book,
Toppling After Itself, was published by
South and West.
Edouard Roditi is a poet and critic who
has published extensively in American,
British, French and German periodicals.
James Rosenberg is a critic, playwright, and
Professor in the Theatre Department at
Carnegie-Mellon University.
Rudolf B. Schmerl is Director of Program
Development, Office of Research
Administration,at the University of
Warren Slesinger received his M.F.A. from
the Iowa Writer's Workshop and teaches
creative writing at the University of
Richard Uhlich is a New York poet.
Jackson Tiffany is a film producer at
University Extension, The University of
Wisconsin. Eleven times his films have been
given special recognition through selection
for presentation in film festivals or
awards. The most recent was the Golden
Eagle Award for REACHER.
Jerry McNeely, a Professor of Speech at
the University of Wisconsin, has written
several Hollywood movies and a
number of television plays.

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