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Electronic Text Information

Title: Akademia Cartonera: Un ABC de las editoriales cartoneras en América Latina
Editor: Celis Carbajal, Paloma

TEI Markup: McHugh, David

Straub, William


Technical Advisors: Gorman, Peter C.

Dast, Steven P.

Funder: University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries
Edition: University of Wisconsin-Madison, TEI edition
Date: 2012
Extent: ca. 193 Kb, in 1 file : figures ca. 369 Mb, in 27 files
Publisher: University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries
Place: Madison, Wisconsin
Local ID: Arts.AkadCartOrig
ISBN: 9781934795101
ISBN: 1934795100

Copyright © 2012

Consistent with their mission, Parallel Press encourages the use of content in this collection for study, research, and teaching. Parallel Press requires that proper attribution be given in each instance of use.

The text of this electronic edition is in the public domain. TEI markup © Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, 2012. All rights reserved.

Those interested in using these texts for any purpose not covered under Fair Use must seek the permission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries.

Date: March 26, 2012
Series: The Arts Collection / Akademia Cartonera

Source Text

Title: Akademia Cartonera: A Primer of Latin American Cartonera Publishers
Editor: Bilbija, Ksenija; Celis Carbajal, Paloma
Edition: 1 ed.
Extent: 182 p. : col. ill., ports. ; 26 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
Publisher: Parallel Press / University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries
Place: 728 State Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706
Date: 2009

Based on the conference, "Cartonera Publishers: Recycling Latin American Bookscapes" : Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Oct. 8-9, 2009.

Encoding Description

Encoded according to Guidelines for Markup of Electronic Texts: UW-Madison Libraries, version 2.0, Pedagogical Level.

The electronic transcription includes the entire text of the original document, however editorial additions and corrections were included. This TEI project is not intended to exactly duplicate the layout nor the structure of the original text. Editorial improvements have been included with the hope that it will increase usability and findability. For example, whereas the original print text did not list the individual academic articles included in the CD, this TEI project does list each included article individually. Also photo images for the manifestos were located at the end of each article to maintain consistency.

Book names have been encoded with bibl rend="italic"and title tags.

Journals/periodicals and newspaper names have been encoded with bibland title level="j" tags with the CSS rendering these in italics.

Hanging indents are rendered with rend="hindentn2".

Page numbers were deleted from the TEI electronic version, including from the table of contents.

Abbrevations were marked up, wherever possible with abbr expan

Videos and movie titles rendered in italics are marked up with hi rend="italic".

The bibliography from the CD that accompanied the book was edited for errors which may inadvertently been published with the original text.

It was intentional that we respected the format of the individual Cartonera's bibliographic citations and so any inconsistencies reflect their individual natures.

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