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Show world


Patrick, Warren A., Editor
Show world
Vol. 1, No. 11
Chicago, Illinois: Show World Pub. Co. , September 7, 1907
38 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm

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[Cover], pp. [1]-[2]

[Title page], pp. [3]-4

Dramatic schools have value, Wilson, Francis p. [5]

Kenmore spends day with Hagenbeck-Wallace shows, Kenmore, Charles p. 6

A visit to the Carl Hagenbeck and Great Wallace Shows: as seen at Hammond, Ind. [cartoons], Hendrick, Z. A. p. 7

Theatrical season opens with a hurrah in St. Louis, Cavanagh, Charles T. p. 8

Talking moving pictures latest European invention, p. 9

Public taste in pictures as viewed by M.E. Fleckles, p. 9

Music and song, McDonald, C. P. pp. 10-11

Lion attacks its trainer at White City, Cleveland, Frye, Edward p. 11

Live information gathered by bright Show World writers, pp. 12-14

New Washington theater is devoted to burlesque, Young, J. Russell p. 14

Playhouses open in Philadelphia, Makee, Walt p. 15

New York shaken by big war in vaudeville, Browne, Walter pp. 16-17

Vale, Richard Mansfield, 1857-1907, Patrick, Warren A. p. 18

Play reviews, Kenmore, Charles pp. 18-19

Louisville news, Shallcross, J. S. p. 19

With the white tops: news of the tent shows, pp. 20-21

Have Ringling Brothers purchased control of Barnum & Bailey Show?, p. 21

Vaudeville, p. 22

Rialto gossip, p. 22

Raymond's weekly budget: professional news and comment, Raymond, Edward p. 23

Burlesque, pp. 24-25

Denver news, Buckwalter, H. H. p. 26

Routes, pp. 27-32

Personalities, Bell, Archie pp. 32-33

Business directory, pp. 34 ff.

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