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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts of activism

Notes and discussion: [brief notes],   p. 454 PDF (720.7 KB)

Page 454

An artist is permitted to hold only one Affiliate Artist appointment at a
A Presenting Institution may, however, have more than one Affiliate Artist
under contract simultaneously.
The Affiliate Artist program is presently limited to the performing arts
and does not include writers, poets, painters, et al.
An Artist Advisory Panel, composed of thirteen distinguished representatives
of the
performing arts industry, advises on and assists in the selection of Affiliate
The Presenting Institution makes the final selection of an artist after
consultation with the representatives of Affiliate Artists, Inc.
Year-round promotional attention is given by Affiliate Artists, Inc., to
each appointment
and to the artist's professional activities apart from his campus visits,
thereby guaranteeing the continuous public identification of the Sponsor
the Presenting Institution, and reporting systematically the artist's career
and achievements to the Sponsor and the Presenting Institution for their
An official coordinator is appointed by the Presenting Institution to work
with the
Affiliate Artist and the national staff of Affiliate Artists, Inc., in the
of schedules, publicity and all other matters pertaining to the successful
operation of the appointment.
A promotional brochure, offering information about the artist's career, the
objectives of the Affiliate Artist program, and the cultural education leadership
of the Presenting Institution and the Sponsor, is provided by the Presenting
Institution. This material is prepared in consultation with Affiliate Artists,
454          Any corporation, foundation or individual providing $8,000 per
year for three
years may have the firm or family name formally identified with the appointment
as its Sponsor.
Affiliate Artists, Inc., is a non-profit corporation able to receive tax-deductible
contributions for underwriting Affiliate Artist appointments and national
development needs. Persons interested in more information should write to
155 West 68th Street, Suite 23E, N.Y.C.
The museum of the media is a recently chartered museum which has as its primary
purpose "the conveying of information about the use of existing and
communications media." The New York Museum will be a headquarters and
for media exhibits; it will primarily be a 'museum suitcase' which can be
anywhere in the world, including rural and ghetto areas in this country and
underdeveloped countries abroad. The exhibits can be easily and inexpensively
According to its director, the museum will also be concerned with research
development of new forms of communications media and the investigation of
uses and effects in our society.
The Museum publishes a bimonthly newsletter - The Medion - which aims to
a sounding board for professionals in the mixed-media field and give readers
access to recent technological development in that area. Persons interested
more information about the museum or newsletter should write to The Museum
of the
Media, 1 Union Square West, New York, New York 10003.

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