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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts of activism

Malanga, Gerald
Part III: poems of war and revolution: "so you want a room all to yourself",   pp. 359-[360] PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 359

What is the meaning of the shrine of privacy
To hide the tall girl's insignificant body?
The same friends find us and leave us.
One can easily guess the coming
Events as "U.S. shells
Red force in Cambodia on the front
Page of the Herald Examiner."
The day ends by not resembling today.
I had many projects to finish.
But why must the tall girl remind me of her sincere
Shrine of privacy
She has not earned
When the U.S. shells Red force
Across international borders?
Why this sudden impulse to be grand
Because the night is so warm and lucid
And the friends said that
There is no longer any honorable
Intentions to be kind?
Gerard, Gerard why are you shedding
Tears for the never-ending pettiness and indifference that is     359
Put upon vou?
Why does "destiny" indiscreetly intrude,
Though you are made for fine and important projects?
Today U.S. intrudes upon the private
Shrine of Cambodia. And he is conspicuous
With his friends, though he does not mean
To be, but fails to turn
Away the people he does not know who run
Up to greet him with congratulations, love.
I cannot be heard in my sleep
Walking dream of the twilight
Touching us, sometimes,
And the privacy of my public
Life is without flaws to evoke criticism,
Though some people would wish to.
Why can't today's teenagers dance
The "Philadelphia Lindy"? How many young
Men are stationed in Saigon?

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