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Show world


Patrick, Warren A., Editor
Show world
Vol. 3, No. 20
Chicago, Illinois: Show World Pub. Co. , November 7, 1908
24 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm

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[Title page], pp. [1]-2

[Masthead], p. [3]

Morris withdraws from Philadelphia, p. [3]

B.C. Whitney hurt in auto accident, p. [3]

Albee injured; wife dying; neice [niece] killed, p. [3]

Wallace appears in Hagenbeck law-suit, p. [3]

Plays and persons in paragraph, p. 4

New Gottschalk play produced at Duluth, p. 4

New York managers speculate in tickets, p. 5

Considine interests to invade Southwest, p. 5

Games of graft, p. 5

Calvin Brown signs French Exposition, p. 5

Dublin vaudeville does great business, p. 5

New Thos. W. Riley play in rehearsal, p. 5

Things told in Chicago town, pp. 6-7

Popular purveyors of amusements in the far west [photo montage], p. 8

Garden Theater is ready for opening, p. 9

Theaters must stay closed, says chief, p. 9

Live show news from important points east, west, north, south, pp. 10-11

New theaters, theatoriums, and corporations, p. 11

Pat-chats, Patrick, Warren A. p. 12

San Antonio Fair proves a failure, p. 13

Editor urges law against speculators, p. 13

Popular price shows scarce this season, p. 13

Association films, p. 14

Independent films, p. 15

White top news, p. 16

Latest rink notes, pp. 16-17

Routes, pp. 18-19

LaDuque's news and views of the roller skating world, LaDuque, W. A. pp. 20-21

Routes [continued], pp. 22-24

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