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Show world


Patrick, Warren A., Editor
Show world
Vol. 1, No. 13
Chicago, Illinois: Show World Pub. Co. , September 21, 1907
46 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm

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[Cover], pp. [1]-[2]

[Title page], pp. [3]-4

The stage in political reform, Becker, Sherburn M. p. [5]

Penny arcade is rapidly growing in popular favor, p. 6

Vaudeville, no. 6: as seen at the Majestic Theater [cartoons], Hendrick, Z. A. p. 7

St. Louis gossip, Cavanagh, Charles T. p. 8

Grace George is welcomed by her Cleveland admirers, Frye, Edward p. 9

Many fine attractions fill playhouses at Louisville, Shallcross, J. S. p. 9

Music and song, McDonald, C. P. pp. 10-11

Pittsburg enjoys avalance of fine vaudeville, Bochert, C. G. p. 11

Late information gathered by Show world correspondents, pp. 12-14

On Big White Way in New York, Browne, Walter p. 15

New theater for Quaker City, Makee, Walt pp. 16-17

Theatergoers of Washington enjoy Yiddish play, Young, J. Russell p. 17

Moving picture industry is in great uplift movement, p. 18

Raymond's weekly budget: professional news and comment, Raymond, Edward p. 19

Chicago Rialto, p. 20

Vaudeville, pp. 20-21

Play reviews, Kenmore, Charles p. 21

Raymond's gossip, Raymond, Edward p. 21

The Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth: en tour, 1907 [photo montage], pp. 22-23

With the white tops: news of the tent shows, pp. 24-25

Routes, pp. 26-33

Burlesque, pp. 34-35

Fair list, pp. 36-37

Correspondence [continued], p. 38

Mayor Brand Whitlock of Toledo meets Indian friends, p. 39

Personalities, Bell, Archie p. 39

Notes from the scrap book of an old actor, Q., J. P. pp. 40-41

Vaudeville, pp. 42 ff.

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