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Arts in society: happenings and intermedia


Kamarck, Edward, Editor
Arts in society: happenings and intermedia
Volume 5, Issue 1
Madison, Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin Extension , 1968
207 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[2]

[Masthead], p. [3]

[Title page ], p. [4]

Contents, pp. [5]-[11] ff.

[Intermedia is a better name than happenings: what we had in mind in putting together this issue], Kamarck, Edward L. pp. [13]-[17]

Allan Kaprow = nostalgia + legend + pipe dream, Higgins, Dick pp. [18]-[27]

On happenings, Kaprow, Allan pp. [28]-37

Intermedia and theatre, Epstein, Paul pp. 38-[43]

A funny thing happened on the way to the millenium or "happenings" revisited, Rosenberg, James L. pp. 44-[53]

In between the arts, Chase, Gilbert pp. 54-56

What and how I believe, Halprin, Ann pp. 57-[85]

The Once Group pieces, Ashley, Robert pp. 86-89

Happenings in Japan and elsewhere, Reynolds, Roger pp. 90-101

Vostell on George Brecht, Vostell, Wolf p. 102

Art, insanity and crime, Chalupaeck├Ż, Jindrich pp. 104-108

Art, no art, Vautier, Ben pp. 109-113

Dada and surrealism in the United States: a literary instance, Edenbaum, Robert I. pp. 114-[127]

[The "unpolitical" philosophy of Sir Herbert Read], Reichert, William O. pp. [128]-141

[The workout], Bermel, Albert pp. 142-160

Poetry: [clear and fear], Walsh, Chad pp. [161]-162

Poetry: poem, Wild, Peter p. 163

Poetry: lancelost, Colvin, Frances p. 164

Poetry: the act of seeing is a moral choice, Phillips, Louis p. 165

Poetry: the spark, Stoop, Norma McLain p. 166

Poetry: after the monumental death of a summer, Martin, Herbert Woodward p. 167

Poetry: [two poems], Rylander, Edith pp. 168-169

Poetry: the ape man, Miller, John N. p. 170

[Book reviews] [Dada recaptured], Roditi, Edouard pp. [171]-175

[Book reviews] Connecting with modernism, Kreutz, Irving pp. 176-178

Notes and discussions: [pattern and innovation], Goldman, Freda H. pp. [179]-[185]

Notes and discussions: Sweden's nineteenth century time capsule, Roditi, Edouard pp. 186-190

Brief notes, pp. [191]-[195]

[Advertisements], pp. [196]-[208] ff.


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