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ROBERT McKEE BASHFORD, A. M., LL. B., Professor of the Law of Private Corporations and Commercial Law.

Born at Fayette, La Fayette County, Wisconsin, December 31, 1845. Fitted at the preparatory department of U. W., entering its academic department in the ancient classical course in1864. Owing to his teaching during part of the course, he did not graduate until 1870. The following year he also graduated from the Law School. He was a member of Athenae, and presided at the first public joint debate with Hesperia in 1868. He also represented her in the joint debate of 1869, and again in the joint oratorical exhibition of the two societies in 1870. In 1874, Mr. Bashford received the degree of A. M. From 1871-76 he was one of the editors and proprietors of the Madison daily and weekly Democrat. He then engaged in the practice of law at Madison, which has since been his home, with the exception of three years (1886-89) when he resided and practiced in Chicago. From 1881-86 Mr. Bashford was city attorney of Madison, and served as a member of the committee for the construction of the Madison water-works. In 1884 he was elected a member of the U. W. law faculty, a position which he resigned upon his removal to Chicago. He was re-elected to his present position in 1893. From 1890-91 he was mayor of Madison; 1893-95, State senator from Dane County. During his term in the senate he was instrumental in securing large appropriations for the University, especially for the purchase of Camp Randall, for the Horticultural Building, and for the Historical Library Building. Mr. Bashford has been a member of the school board and of the water works commission; a member of the executive committee for Wisconsin of the American Bar Association; a member of the U. W. Athletic Association and of its executive committee; also one of the curators of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. He compiled the Wisconsin Legislative Manual for the years 1875-78. He has published in pamphlet form a History of Early Banking in Wisconsin. On November 27, 1873, he married Miss Florence E. Taylor (U. W., '74), who died on August 16, 1886, leaving a daughter, now Mrs. Florence Bashford Spensley. On February 7, 1889, he was again married to Miss Sarah Amelia Fuller. A biographical sketch of Senator Bashford may be found in The Biographical Review, Dane County, Wisconsin.

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Copy held by the UW Archives: Series 0/5/1