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The La Follettes of Wisconsin

from "The La Follettes of Wisconsin: Love and Politics in Progressive America" by Bernard A. Weisberger. University of Wisconsin Press, April 8, 1994.
1900 Bob, Sr., wins nomination and election as Republican governor; will do so again in 1902 and 1904. Serves as governor from January 1901 through December 1905. Fights for open primaries, business regulation, and conservation
1905 After election by State Legislature, Bob, Sr., takes seat in December in U.S. Senate. Will serve until his death in 1925. Will establish reputation fighting for regulation of banking and railroads and other progressive causes.

Senator LaFollette 1906

Belle LaFollette w/sons Bob & Phil 1906

1909 Bob, Sr., founds La Follette's Weekly Magazine, which will later (1929) become The Progressive.
1909 Belle begins writing career, with regular column in La Follette's Weekly Magazine

Fola, Phillip, Robert & Mary LaFollette

Maple Bluff Farm
1911 Fola, an actress, stars in Broadway show, "The Scarecrow"
1912 Bob, Sr., makes failed bid for Republican presidential nomination
1914 Belle tours and speaks on behalf of votes for women; so does Fola. Belle also writing articles on behalf of peace, desegregation, and other progressive causes

Suffrage Parade Washington D.C. 1913

Belle in Blue Mounds, Wisc. 1915

LaFollette w/ Andrew Fureseth & Lincoln Steffans
1917 Family ostracized due to Bob, Sr.'s opposition to World War I
1919 Nineteenth Amendment (woman suffrage) passes the Senate June 4; Wisconsin becomes the first state to ratify just six day later.
1924 Bob, Sr., runs as an Independent Progressive for president. Wins Wisconsin electoral vote and 5-6 million popular votes

LaFollette in Brillion, Wisc.

1925 Bob, Sr., dies and is buried in the family plot at Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison. Interim appointment in the Senate offered to Belle; she refuses and Bob, Jr., is named. Will complete father's term in 1928, then win election three more times.

Bob and Belle 1925
1931 Belle dies