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A Day with the Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1907

by Z. A. Hendrick
from "Hey, Rube!"   1933

Scenes from the Circus

Insets: P. T. Barnum and J. A. Bailey; Mr. Ducrow, Equestrian Director; Mr. Charles Andress, making his "big show" announcement: Josie De Mott; La Carmen Troupe; The Steves Troupe; The Novellos; Richard H. Dockrill on his steed "Bell Boy"; The Castrillons; Walter English Military Band; Dan Ryan; The Imperial Viennese Troupe; The Grunatho Sisters; Minnie Johnson; Manuel Herzog; Captain Hendrickson; George Cole; L'Auto Bolide with Isabelle Butler; J. V. Sherry; George Bates; Dallie Julian and Fred Ledgett; The Geromes; Louise De Mott; George Denman; Rose Huettermann; Carrie Rooney and John Rooney; The Vorlops Troupe; Bob Stickney; Meers Sisters; William Haines; Ella Bradna and Fred Derrick; Josephine Koubeck: Harry J. Mooney; Kennard Brothers; Arthur Borella; Steve Miaco; Frank "Slivers" Oakley; and "Spader" Johnson.

Sketched by Z. A. Hendrick while visiting the show at Janesville, Wisconsin on August 8, 1907.

"A Day with the Barnum and Bailey Circus in 1907." Chipman, Bert J. "Hey Rube". Hollywood: Hollywood Print Shop, 1933. 19.
From the collection of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin: GV 1815 C5