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(suffrage icon)1921

Mathilde Anneke

An interesting personality of those early days was Frau Mathilde Anneke, a German woman forced to leave her native country after the uprising of 1848. She and her husband, Colonel Anneke, were friends of Carl Schurz and members of the company which he brought to Wisconsin. Frau Anneke had edited a newspaper for women in Germany, and when she and her husband were obliged to flee from that country she brought with her certain essentials of her Frauen Zeitung and continued the editing of the paper in Milwaukee. She also established a girls' school in that city. She was in sympathy with all advancement for women, an apostle of woman suffrage, and the record tells us that when Miss Anthony was on trial in the Rochester court, charged with illegal voting, Frau Anneke sent $50 to help defray the expenses of the trial. Other sympathizers in this state and all over the country contributed to the same cause. Frau Anneke was the Wisconsin delegate at a national convention held in Washington in the spring of 1869.

"In all great events we find that woman has a guiding hand...Man has the spirit of truth, but woman alone has the passion for it...Honor us as your equals and allow us to use the rights which belong to us, and which reason commands us to use."

- Mathilde Anneke   1869

German Market Milwaukee 1860-65

Fritz Anneke

Carl Schurz and his wife (?)