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Civil War

Camp of the 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment Cavalry

Return from War

Army Post Office

Union troops at Lawler Hall

True Republican 1860 ticket

Certificate of appointment

Cutler Post, Grand Army of the Republic

Veteran Soldiers of the Civil War

Office of a Soldiers' Aid Society

The Capitol at Washington in 1863

UW Armory

The Army of the Potomac

The Army of the Potomac

Idle days at Cumberland

USN hospital boat

McPherson Hospital

Hospital ward in convalescent camp

The office of the U. S. Christian Commission

A Wisconsin Light Battery

First Wisconsin Light Artillery

Cemetery at Andersonville Prison

Andersonville Prison, 1864

Libby Prison

The "home" of the Sanitary Commission

Sanitary Commission wagons

Telegraph Battery Wagon



Vicksburg, Mississippi


Vicksburg Levee

Pork, hard-tack, sugar, and coffee

Soldiers' Orphans'Home

Writing Home

Co. G, First Wisconsin Volunteers