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University of Wisconsin

University from the Capitol, 1915


Biology Laboratory

View of the UW

UW Science Hall, board sidewalks on Park Street to the bottom of Bascom Hill

UW buildings from Carroll Street

UW Historical Library and gymnasium

Langdon Street through lower UW campus

UW, 1918

Bird's-eye view of UW campus

Science Hall, 1880

Wisconsin pennant

Sifting and Winnowing plaque

Sifting and Winnowing plaque

Badger, the UW mascot

Horticultural building

Central heating plant

Law lecture room

The University's First Home

A Woodland Path

Old North Hall

Old South Hall

Canoeists' Camp on Picnic Point

Evergreen Drive in Midwinter

Law Building

Science Hall

Library Hall

Reading Room, UW Library

Interior of Pumping Room

General View of the University

View from Lake Mendota

Geological Museum

Biological Museum

South Hall

Chemical Laboratory

Law Building

University Boat House and Gymnasium

University Buildings from Lake Mendota

Machine Room in Shop

Winter Scenes on UW Grounds

The Campus from Along Shore

State Historical Library Building

A Glimpse of the UW Campus

The Upper Campus in Winter

The Hill of Learning

Engineering Building, c. 1900

Chas Overman Illustration from 1932 Badger Yearbook

Pat, UW Janitor, c. 1890

Popcorn vendor

Max Otto Illustration for 1907 Wisconsin Calendar

Boy with Badger

1854 UW Commencement program

Title Page, 1893 UW Badger

L. E. B. painting, "The Spirit of '17", 1919 Badger

"Watch Wisconsin Work"

Circus Parade, 1909

Agricultural College

UW Pool Hall, 1915

UW Pool Hall, 1915

State Historical Society Building


Bird's-eye view of the University

State Historical Library

UW Ticket to Unconditioned Classes

State University Order of Exercises

Cast of Badger