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Civil War Generals

President Davis and Generals of the Confederacy

Civil War Generals

General Sherman

Jefferson Davis

General Starkweather, Lieutenant Colonel Bingham, and General King

Mrs. Hathaway, Captain Hathaway, Lucius Fairchild, Mary Howe, Col. O'Connor, and Major Allen

Officers of the 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, Battery C

Lieutenants A. T. Lamson and E. E. Sill

Charles J. Robinson, 2nd Lieutenant, Co. G of the 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment

Colonel Rollin Strong of the 19th Wisconsin Volunteers

Friedrich Holdmann of the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry

Martin Norda of the 15th Wisconsin Regiment

Peter D. Thomas of the 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

Joseph Leach, F. McDonald, C. S. Chapman, Thomas Anderson, John R. Schofield

Company D, 21st Infantry

Indian recruits being sworn in for Civil War duty

2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Band

Band members of 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry

Officers of the 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

A surgeon examining a patient at the Hospital Steward's quarters

Lincoln at McClellan's headquarters

McClellan and Lincoln

A King's Son in Camp

General George McClellan and his staff

General and Mrs. Fremont

U. S. Grant with his wife and son

Major-General Philip Sheridan

Guarding supplies

General C. C. Washburn and staff

"Army Bread"

Sherman and his officers