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Germania Mine, Hurley, Wisconsin

Germania Mine, Hurley, Wisconsin

Germania Mine Workers

Germania Mine Workers

Montreal Miners

Montreal Miners

Miners outside of shaft

Bird's-eye view of mine

Inside Norrie Mine

Iron ore prospectors at Penokee Gap

Prospectors' Lunch

Mine and settlement

Moore's mining analysis of Gogebic

Ore train

Ore train

Ashland mine

Ore dock

Whaleback loading dock

Ore dock with action

Masts at the docks

Ashland mine, 1901

Ore docks

MLS and WRR ore docks

Female miner


Miner with family

Miner and baby

Ore Punchers

Calumet Mining Company

Oreboat entering Sault Ste. Marie

Tugboat and two oreboats

Crew of the Optimal Mine

Interior of a lead mine

Cross-section of a lead mine

Pit at Hazel Green Mine

Lead furnace

Scotch hearth or blast furnace

Galena lead mine

Pioneer windlass used in early mining

Map of the U. S. Lead Mines, 1829

Unidentified mining scene

Interior of Lead Mine, near Cassville