Greyscale etching of Regensen, larger version.

Courtyard of Regensen, ca. 1840. The oldest portion of the student residence hall Regensen, "The Kings' College" (Collegium Regum vulge Regens), where Jónas lived for four years 1832-6, had been inaugurated in 1623. Between that date and 1918, Icelandic students at the university had the right to four years of free residence there (Garðsvist) — a right not enjoyed by their Danish contemporaries and therefore the source of considerable irritation and envy.

In the background is the famous Round Tower of Copenhagen, built by the Danish king Christian IV and bearing on its side a prayer, in the form of a polyglot rebus, that was intended to remind him — every time he looked at it — of his duty: "Jehovah! instill wisdom and justice into the heart of King Christian IV. 1642."

Source: The Royal Library (Copenhagen).

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