Charles A., Elizabeth, and Charles E. Kading Papers, 1893-1976

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Wis Mss SX
Part 1 (Wis Mss SX): Original Collection, 1919-1959
Physical Description: 21.6 c.f. (55 archives boxes) 
Scope and Content Note

The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence pertaining to routine affairs of the Wisconsin Legion: creation of posts, activities sponsored by the posts, membership drives, minutes of committee meetings, etc. Consequently, in describing below the contents of each series, only major subject interests other than the routine have been listed. The paper portion of the collection has been designated the Original Collection and consists primarily of materials received in the Archives in 1955. In 1959, a few paper records were interfiled in the Original Collection, and additional records were loaned for microfilming; the microfilm portion of the collection has been designated the 1959 Additions. The two portions may contain duplicate materials in some cases though the microfilmed additions are believed to be primarily materials not represented in the Original Collection.

The Original Collection has been organized in 12 subseries, lettered A through L. Further details on the contents of each of the 12 are included in the Contents List.

Series: A. General Files, 1919, 1924-1956
Scope and Content Note

The files consist of general correspondence, telegrams, and mimeographed material pertaining to: service and child welfare (1930, 1933, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1939); naturalization and immigration (naturalization of ex-service men, 1936; Japanese Hood River incident, 1945; McCarran-Walter Act, 1953-1955); flag education in the schools (1937, 1939, 1940, 1942, 1945); national defense, 1937-1954 (8-point program of the American Legion, neutrality and anti-propaganda, home defense plan, 1942; report of the American Legion mission to Britain in 1941; the Civilian Pilot Training program, 1943; Bricker Amendment, 1954); constitution and by-laws, 1935; military training (C.C.C., 1938; compulsory training, 1940; pre-induction training course for secondary schools, victory corps for students, 1942-1943; universal military training, 1944-1952; questionnaire to congressional candidates on national defense and universal military training, September 14, 1948); minutes of welfare committee, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1948, 1949); Camp McCoy as a permanent military site (1939, 1952, 1953); juvenile delinquency (1939, 1940, 1943, 1945, 1946); assistance to veterans; G.I. Bill of Rights, loans, housing, surplus property, pensions, bonus; Hoover Commission report on the Veterans Administration, 1950-1951; and the St. Lawrence Seaway project, 1952-1955.

Also contains in Box 1 a bound volume of papers, 1919, consisting of a history of the American legion in Wisconsin, correspondence pertinent to the organization of the group in Wisconsin, 1919 and 1921, and news clippings.

Box   1
1919, 1924-1937
Box   2
, 1938 January-1940 August
Box   3
, 1940 September-1942 May
Box   4
, 1942 June-1943 December
Box   5
, 1944 January-1945 March
Box   6
, 1945 April-1946 January
Box   7
, 1946 February-July
Box   8
, 1946 August-1947 June
Box   9
, 1947 July-1948 August
Box   10
1948 September-December, undated
Box   11
1949 January-December, undated
Box   12
, 1950 January-October
Box   13
, 1950 October-1951 June
Box   14
, 1951 July-1953 May
Box   15
1953 June-1954 December; miscellaneous, 1955-1956
Series: B. Post Department Files, 1919-1959
Scope and Content Note: Papers consist of correspondence, mimeographed reports, and telegrams relative to: establishment of posts, transfer of membership, delegates to state conventions, World War Orphans Education Committee, universal military training, Schoolmasters' Club and the Legion's Americanism program in the schools, child welfare conferences, county service officers reports, national defense, junior baseball program, and religious emphasis week material. In four volumes are proceedings of the 1957-1959 conventions and of 1959 committee meetings.
Box   16
, 1919 March-1920 August
Box   17
, 1920 September-1941 August
Box   18
, 1941 September-1945 July
Box   19
, 1945 August-1947 June
Box   20
, 1947 July-1948 October
Box   21
, 1948 November-1949 December
Box   22
, 1950 January-December undated
Box   23
, 1951 January-November
Box   24
, 1951 December-1952 July
Box   25
, 1952 August-1953 June
Box   26
, 1953 July-December
Box   27
, 1954 January-1956 May
Convention Proceedings
Box   53
Volume   1
Wausau, 1957
Box   53
Volume   2
La Crosse, 1958
Box   53
Volume   3
Kenosha, 1959
Box   53
Volume   4
Committee Meeting Minutes, 1959
Box   54
Volume   5
Series: C. Pensions and Compensation, 1944 January-1946 January
Scope and Content Note: Ledger consisting of name of veteran, address, designation whether World War I or II veteran, class of pension or compensation, and amount of pension or compensation given to veteran.
Series: D. Public Relations Files, 1941-1955
Scope and Content Note: Correspondence pertaining mostly to the American Legion organization, the Badger Legionnaire, also on Camp American Legion and the Grand Army Home; mimeographed copies of speeches on national defense and radio scripts on assistance to veterans, Armistice Day, and universal military training; and mimeographed reports on the Junior baseball program, minutes of the Public Relations Commission, and the Children's Heritage Program. The files also contain material on subversive activities (Monthly Summary of Trends and Developments and mimeographed speeches) and should be used in conjunction with the Subversive Files, series K.
Box   28
, 1941 November-1948 May
Box   29
, 1948 June-1949 December and undated
Box   30
, 1950 January-1951 May
Box   31
, 1951 June-1953 August
Box   32
, 1953 September-1955 July
Series: E. Camp American Legion Files, 1924-1955
Scope and Content Note: The records consist of correspondence and mimeographed reports concerning: the lease of the camp land from the state, purchase and inventory of equipment, privilege agreements with the posts, construction of cabins, establishment of the Recreation Camp, expense accounts pertaining to the care and treatment of veterans, minutes of meetings of the Camp Board, state of income and expenses, 1925-1937, and the endowment fund.
Box   33
, 1924-1937
Box   34
, 1938 January-1940 September
Box   35
, 1940 October-1943 December
Box   36
, 1944 January-1945 July
Box   37
, 1945 August-1947 December
Box   38
, 1948 January-1951 December
Box   39
, 1952 January-1954 February
Box   40
, 1954 March-1955 October
Series: F. Badger Boys State Files, 1939-1955, 1957
Scope and Content Note: The files contain correspondence and mimeographed material pertaining to the annual organization of Boys State: articles of incorporation, meetings of the Board of Directors, attendance rosters, reports of annual meetings, reports of audits, and rosters of officers and staffs.
Box   41
, 1939 June-1941 November
Box   42
, 1942 April-1952 April
Box   43
, 1952 May-1953 November
Box   44
1953 December-1954 November, undated
Box   55
Volume   6
Badger Bugle Citizen newsletter, 1957
Series: G. Special Projects and Permanent Home File
Box   45
Special Projects File, 1925-1956
Scope and Content Note: The bulk of the Special Projects papers relate to the Recreation Camp established adjacent to Camp American Legion. The records consist of letters and telegrams regarding the creation and operation of the Camp: ground leases, building of cabins, sinking of a well, insurance, purchase of cabins by the posts, electrification for the camp, tree planting, stocking of the lakes with fish, accounts of income and expenditures for 1928-1940, and minutes of the meetings of the Recreation Camp Commission. Also included in the files are materials relative to the Children's American Heritage program, 1954-1955.
Box   45
Permanent Home File, 1948-1952
Scope and Content Note: The Permanent Home File records consist of correspondence and telegrams regarding lease of department office space, necessity for finding a permanent home for the Legion, investigation of sites in Appleton, Portage, Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Beaver Dam, Oshkosh, and Madison; temporary lease in Milwaukee; and purchase of permanent site in Milwaukee.
Box   46
Series: H. Senators and Representatives File, 1943-1954, miscellaneous, 1955-1956
Scope and Content Note: Correspondence and telegrams to and from Congress members regarding: universal military training, appropriations for Veterans Employment Service, deactivation of Camp McCoy, military unification bill, bill regarding creation of civilian Board of Final Review of Armed Forces Discharges and Dismissals, Bonus Bill, Mundt Bill to combat communism, National Defense Act, national cemeteries, Nixon banquet honoring his fight against communism, American Legion pension bill, Hoover Commission report on the Veterans Administration, McCarthyism, G.I. housing loans, Veterans Administration budget, Bricker Amendment, St. Lawrence Seaway project, McCarren-Walter bill, and site for Air Force academy.
Box   47
Series: I. Veterans Organizations, 1925-1954
Scope and Content Note: Correspondence to and from other veteran organizations: Gold Star Mothers, Grand Army of the Republic, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Army and Navy League of Valor, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, Catholic War Veterans, International War Veterans Alliance, Army Navy Union, United Spanish War Veterans, Military Order of the World Wars, American Veterans Committee, Amvets, Marine Corps League, Navy Club, Jewish War Veterans, Gold Star Wives of America, consisting mainly of announcements of activities, invitations to meetings and programs, American Legion representation in activities of other veteran organizations, and officers of the various organizations.
Box   48
Series: J. Other Organizations, 1938, 1940-1943, 1945-1954
Scope and Content Note: Correspondence from and to other organizations seeking cooperation of American Legion in community service projects: Wisconsin Roadside Development Council, American Red Cross, Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association, United Service Organization, Wisconsin Heart Association, Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, Better Business Bureau (Milwaukee), American Cancer Society, Wisconsin Council of Safety, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crusade for Freedom, the Heritage Foundation, and American Medical Association.
Series: K. Subversive File, 1936-1955
Scope and Content Note: Papers consist of correspondence, telegrams, and mimeographed material relative to subversive activities; correspondence regarding reported communistic activities; mimeographed and printed speeches distributed by the National Department of the American Legion; mimeographed reports of the Anti-Subversive Committee, Americanism Committee; and mimeographed pamphlets - Monthly Summary of Trends and Developments - bulletin issued by the National Americanism Commission, Sub-Committee on Subversive Activities, The National Department of the American Legion. (See also material in Public Relations Files, Series D).
Box   49
1936-1939, 1941, 1944-1949 July
Box   50
1949 August-1955, undated
Series: L. Wisconsin Veterans Council, 1943-1953
Scope and Content Note: The Wisconsin Veterans Council is made up of a representative from each of the following veterans' organizations: United Spanish War Veterans, the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, the Army and Navy Union, and Military Order of the Purple Heart and was created for the purpose of coordinating veterans activities. The records consist of general correspondence and telegrams, mimeographed minutes of Council meetings, roster of members, and constitution and by-laws. The files pertain mainly to securing of benefits for veterans; however, they do contain some material on universal military training, child welfare, and juvenile delinquency.
Box   51
, 1943-1948
Box   52
, 1949-1953