Carnegie Commission on Educational Television Records, 1963-1967

Scope and Content Note

The papers of the Carnegie Commission on Educational Television contain correspondence, reports, proceedings of conferences and meetings, surveys, financial and statistical data, news articles, tape recordings, and related material. Although there is significant documentation of Commission activities, it is not complete. The collection is divided into six series: correspondence; meetings and conferences; surveys of educational television; Carnegie Commission report; and publicity and presentations.

The CORRESPONDENCE series covers the period from November 1965 to October 1967. It includes a letter dated September 26, 1966 from E. B. White and photocopies of letters from Lyndon Baines Johnson and Frank Stanton dated November 8, 1965 and January 27, 1967, respectively. The MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES series documents some Commission gatherings. This documentation includes a tape recording of a November 1966, conference (a guide to the recording is located with the register in Box 1 of the collection) and minutes and related material concerning other conferences, meetings, and visits of invited guests. Generally, however, the documentation is poor for both the staff meetings and the more formal conferences. The REPORTS series, in addition to some monthly reports of the staff (only February and March 1966, are represented), holds papers prepared by the Commission staff and outside experts on the many aspects of educational television then under study. Only those papers which were not published with the final report are included here.

The major part of the SURVEYS OF EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION series is made up of reports of staff visits to sixty-five non-commercial television stations in the United States. The reports contain the personal responses and opinions of the representatives concerning station operations. (Arrangement is alphabetical by the individual who made the visit.) The balance of the series has statistical and financial data on educational television authorities and stations; documentation of Commission support of a Brandeis University study of educational television programming, April 1966; and a survey of educational opportunities for potential television writers. The annual reports, 1963-1965, of the educational television stations are closed to research until 1980.

The CARNEGIE COMMISSION REPORT series has early drafts of the report, as well as comments by Commission members and staff on those drafts and the final, published, version. The PUBLICITY AND PRESENTATIONS series contains news articles, a tape recording of a press conference, speeches, and other presentations, including testimony before the United States Senate and House of Representatives, concerning the Commission recommendations. Most of the presentations are by James R. Killian, chairman of the Commission.