Gaylord Nelson Papers, 1954-2006 (bulk 1963-1980)

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VHA 905
Gaylord Nelson: a Profile / WHA-TV, 1990
Quantity: 1 VHS tape of 1; running time 60 minutes; sound; color; 1/2-inch cassette 
Scope and Content Note: Gaylord Nelson's political career, tracing his beginnings in the Wisconsin State Senate to his years in the U.S. Senate. Includes news footage and interviews with Walter Mondale, George McGovern, Tom Eagleton, Melvin Laird, and Bill Bechtel. Also includes conversation with Nelson regarding changes in the last 20 years since the initial Earth Day. Technical Credits: Director, Nolan Lehman; executive producer, Dave Iverson; photographer and editor, Jim Erskine; music by Tom Naunas. Cast Credits: Narrator: Dave Iverson.
Note: Copyright: 1987, 1990, The Wisconsin ECB and UW Board of Regents.
VHA 595
[Interview with Gaylord Nelson for Living with Nature Ltd.] / AVP Inc., 1992 January 10
Quantity: 1 VHS tape of 1 
Scope and Content Note: Nelson is interviewed regarding the environment.
VHA 596
Saving the River/ Friends of the River, 1992
Quantity: 1 VHS tape of 1 
Scope and Content Note: Walt DeYoung hosts a conversation with Gaylord Nelson, Walter Mondale, James Taylor Dunn from the National Park Service, and Anthony Anderson (?) marking the 20th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act on the bank of the St. Croix River. May have been produced for the local cable-TV station.
VHA 597
[Tribute to Gaylord Nelson; Nelson Gala Dinner; Earth Day 2000] / Wilderness Society, 2000
Quantity: 1 VHS tape of 1 
Scope and Content Note: The tribute to Nelson is from NBC Nightly News (April 10, 2000) with Tom Brokaw. The gala dinner was held in honor of Nelson as he received the Ansel Adams Award presented by the Wilderness Society. The last segment was filmed on Earth Day 2000 in Washington, D.C. and shows Chevy Chase introducing Nelson as the guest speaker.
Note: The sound is fuzzy during the gala dinner segment and there is some buzzing on the Earth Day segment.
VHA 598
[Gaylord Nelson Tribute-NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw] / Spectrum Productions Inc., Conrad Associates, 2000 April 10
Quantity: 1 VHS tape of 1 (duplicated on the tape above) 
Scope and Content Note: Guests speak on environmentalism and Earth Day; they include Gaylord Nelson, Bill Bechtel, Russ Feingold, George McGovern, and Bill Meadows.
VHA 599
Inside View [Gaylord Nelson/ Charlie Young update] / WMVS-TV, 2003 March 14
Quantity: 1 VHS tape of 1 
Scope and Content Note: Segment of Nelson the “Father of Earth Day” at a book signing at Milwaukee Borders promoting his book Fulfilling the Promise: Beyond Earth Day. Also includes a studio interview with Nelson regarding environmental threats, sustainability, and population. The second part of the show is an update on the Charlie Young attack in Milwaukee.
VHA 600
[Ansel Adams Award Dinner] / National Press Club (distributor?), 1990 April 19
Quantity: 1 VHS tape of 1 
Scope and Content Note: Award dinner honoring Nelson with roast by Mo Udall, David Obey, Melvin Laird, Walter Mondale, and others.
VHA 601
[National Press Club Speakers Luncheon Series-Gaylord Nelson] / National Press Club, 2003 April 22
Quantity: 1 VHS tape of 1 
Scope and Content Note: Gaylord Nelson is the main speaker on Earth Day at the luncheon with guests Tia Nelson, Bill Meadows, and David Obey.
VHA 602
[Dedication of Gaylord Nelson Trail Portal] / UW-Superior, 2002 June 1
Quantity: 1 VHS tape of 1 
Scope and Content Note: Dedication of the Nelson trail portal at the North Country National Scenic Trail, Brule, Wisconsin, on National Trails Day. Nelson is not present at the ceremony.
VBB 186
Cable Notebook with David Garley
Quantity: 1 U-Matic tape