Gaylord Nelson Papers, 1954-2006 (bulk 1963-1980)

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Home movies
AE 008
Jackson family, circa 1924
Note: Including Reginald Sr. and Reginald Jr. as a teen-family outside at a house, sailing, swimming, bird hunting, snow ski jump, parade (maybe Madison).
AE 009
“Spirit of St. Louis” tour, 1927
Note: Charles Lindbergh visits Royal Airport (Penco Field) and Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, Wisconsin.
AE 010
Sailing and aerial views, circa 1935
Note: Includes sailing on Lake Mendota with Reginald Sr. and aerial views of the Capitol, the Isthmus, and football stadium in Madison, Wisconsin.
AE 011
Airplanes, circa 1940s-1950s
Note: At the airport (probably Royal Airport), people watching an airshow, and a Navy airplane landing and taking off (circa 1948); footage of a motorized ice sled on the lake (circa 1948); more footage of the airport and airplanes and a snowy street scene (circa 1939); and multiple aerial views over Madison lakes interspersed with footage of a house, flowers, and people (circa 1940s).
AE 012
Water sports, circa 1950s
Note: Sailing on Lake Mendota and docking the boat (probably at Memorial Union), footage of a waterski show and also of an ice boating regatta (1949-1955); and more sailing with view of the Capitol from the lake, shot of men in front of an airplane with hunted waterfowl, and views of downtown Madison from a high point (maybe the Capitol) (circa 1950s).
AE 013
Lake Mendota docks, circa 1939
Note: Begins with canoeing down a river with moose on the shore, and waterfalls; also footage of Lake Mendota shore and docks.
AE 014
Snow ski jump and aerial views, circa 1935-1940s
Note: Ice skating on the lake with a large crowd watching, snow skiing, aerial views of the Capitol Square and the Isthmus; and a snowy neighborhood street scene (circa 1935); a snow ski jump competition with a crowd watching at the bottom of the hill (maybe Blackhawk), footage of a pontoon plane possibly taking off from Jackson house, and scenes of bird hunting and fishing (circa 1940s).
AE 020
New York and Europe (I), circa 1920s-1930s
Note: Footage of New York harbor and Statue of Liberty as well as street and aerial views of European cities and villages.
AE 021
New York and Europe (II), circa 1930s
Note: Footage of the Jacksons visiting different places in Europe as well as views of New York harbor and the Statue of Liberty.
AE 022
European vacation (I), circa 1920s
Note: Footage of streets, cars, a double decker bus, monuments, buildings, trains passing by, and people walking around; also includes some aerial views and crowd at an airshow.
AE 023
European trip (II), circa late 1920s-1930s
Note: Footage of a bridge over a river, buildings, streets, rural roads, an event in front of a large building with soldiers standing and then marching in front and to the side of the building.
CC 154
European trip (III), circa 1930s-1940s
Note: Footage of some murals, columns, and ruins (probably Greece); aerial view of an island and volcano; Coliseum and other places in Rome; a military procession (Italy or France); view of the leaning tower of Pisa; the Eiffel tower and other street scenes.
AE 024
Summer vacation (I), circa 1930
Note: Ocean scenes, at the zoo and lots of birds; people at the pool and a beach scene.
AE 025
Summer vacation (II)
Note: At the swimming pool; beach scenes; palm trees; aerial views over water; as well as some aerial views of Madison, the Capitol, and lakes.
AE 026
Winter vacation
Note: Includes aerial views of snow covered mountains and lakes; a camping site, moose hunting and man loading antlers into pontoon plane that reads “STAR/Air Service Inc./Anchorage Alaska” on the side.
CC 501
Island vacation
Note: Includes images of sailboats/sailing, fishing, and ocean views from several islands, including: the Bahamas (harbor, people on the street circa 1930s); Puerto Rico (Parque de Bombas); and St. John, Virgin Islands (Caneel Bay, fort, island views, a port).