Charles Dadant Papers, 1861-1937

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Series: Viewing Prints and Videos
Note: The videos are VHS tape except when noted.
VFA 070-VFA 071
At the Edge Amsterdam, UN Session, part 2, tape 1 and 2, 1999 November
Physical Description: Betacam SP 
Brazil: Report on Torture (1971)
VTA 042
Betacam tape
DG 066
Reel 1
DG 067
Reel 2
Campus Forum
VHB 688
Afternoon at Kellogg Manor, Mike Davis (probably Campus Forum)
VHB 689
Guest: Mike Davis, 1999 May 5
VMA 007
Guest: Marcus Raskin on National Security, Kosovo, 1999 April 14
Physical Description: Mini DV 
VHB 690
Saul Landau at Mansion, 1999 June 2
Note: Probably Campus Forum.
VHA 918
Sweat Shops
VHB 695-VHB 696
Seymour M. Hersh talk at California Polytechnic State and reception following
VHB 691
Charlie Rose, “Internet,” 1999 May 26
CC 533
The CIA Case Officer (1978)
Note: See also printing elements.
CC 534
Cuba and Fidel (1975)

This title was distributed by Churchill Films and Saul Landau is one of many of the filmmakers credited. This title is different from Landau's Fidel, Cuba, which is sometimes also referred to as Cuba and Fidel.

See also printing elements.

VHB 692
Eleventh Hour, with Jeff Cohen, Carolyn Craven, Robert MacNeil, 1990 May 21
VBC 307-VBC 308
Fidel (1968), reel 1 and 2
Physical Description: U-Matic tapes 
Note: See also printing elements.
Fidel, Cuba (1974)
Note: This title may sometimes be referred to as Cuba and Fidel, but it is different from the Cuba and Fidel film also in this collection.
CC 535-CC 536
Reel 1 and 2
VHB 693
Genocide by Sanctions
VHB 694
Viewing copy
FH 305
16 mm print
Hot Talk
Note: Additional Hot Talk programs are listed under the Printing Elements series. Those tapes are digital video cassettes.
VHB 697
Cuban ambassador, 1998 June 2
VHB 698
Lanfranco, Sam, 1998 November 10
VHB 699
Noble, Dr. David, 1999 January 20
VHB 700
Raskin, Markus and Saul Landau, 1998 February 9
VHB 701
Borosage, Bob, 1999 February 17
VHB 702
Raskin, Markus and Saul Landau, #2, Topic: national Security: Vietnam, Kosovo, 1999 April 14
VHB 703
Boisjoly, Robert, troubleshooter for the space shuttle Challenger and Saul Landau, 1999 April 28
VHB 704
Cooper, Marc, “The War in Kosovo,” 1999 May 5
VHB 705
Sheinbaum, Stanley, 1999 May 26
VHB 706
Wortis, Dr. Henry, 1999 September 29
VHB 707
Castro, Saraya, 1999 October 13
VHB 708
Leigh, Carol, 2000 February 23
VHB 709
Chile, 2000 March 21
VHB 710
Anthony, David, 2000 April 5
VHB 711
Zimbabwe, 2000 April 14
VHB 712
Hakakian, Royah, 2005 January 12
VHB 713
Cockcroft, James, undated
VFA 072
Saul's 2nd show, 1998 October 13
Physical Description: Betacam SP 
Note: Probably Hot Talk.
The Jail
Note: See also printing elements.
FH 298
16 mm print, reel 1
CC 537-CC 538
16 mm prints, reel 2 and 3
VBC 309-VBC 310
Reel 1 and 2
Physical Description: U-Matic tapes 
VFA 073
Land of My Birth (1976)
Physical Description: Betacam SP 
VHB 714
Life Ain't No Crystal Stair, colorful flags and class, TRT, original screenplay by Renford Reese
VHB 715
Maquila: A Tale of Two Mexicos, a film by Saul Landau and Sonia Angulo
VFA 075
Papakolea: A Story of Hawaiian Land (1993)
Physical Description: Betacam SP 
CC 539
Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang (1980)
Note: See also printing elements.
FH 300
Quest for Power (Real Security) (1983)
Dutch version
CC 540
Report from Beirut (1982)
FH 301
Report from Cuba (1967)
Note: A project for International Understanding Through Television, NET (National Educational Television).
VHB 716
The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprisings in Chiapas, a film by Saul Landau
Physical Description: VHS 
Steppin: Michael Manley in Jamaica (1980)
FH 299
16 mm print
VFA 074
Betacam SP tape
VHB 717
Syria: Between Iraq and a Hard Place, a film by Saul Landau, Sonia Angulo, and Farrah Hassen
VHB 718
Ricardo Alarcon interview, author: Sonia Angulo
Note: Possibly interview for Syria.
VBC 311
Target Nicaragua
Physical Description: U-Matic tape 
The Uncompromising Revolution (1988)

The alternate title is “Fidel at 60” and some materials may be labeled as such.

See also printing elements.

VBC 312-VBC 313
Parts 1 and 2
Physical Description: U-Matic tapes 
FH 302-FH 303
16 mm print, reel 1 and 2
VBC 314
Physical Description: U-Matic tape 
Note: Master, 13:36 minutes.
CC 542
War Without Winners (1978)
FH 304
Who Shot Alexander Hamilton? (1974)
Physical Description: 16 mm print 
Note: See also printing elements.
VHB 719
Youth and Race Relations, People for the American Way