Hunter Gray (John R. Salter) Papers, 1889-1992, 1996-2000


The Women's International League organized in 1915 as part of an opposition to World War I. Early members included American social activist Jane Addams, who also helped organize the U.S. WILPF. The Milwaukee Branch was founded in 1921 by Annette Roberts with other founding members including Eleanor Backus, Winifred Woodmansee, Zona Gale, and Belle La Follette. The WILPF maintains its opposition to militarism and war through resistance to the draft, protesting nuclear armaments, and campaigning against arms sales. They have been particularly active in support of the UN, and since 1948 have had permanent consultative status at this international body. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Milwaukee Branch became active in areas impacting the U.S. and women in particular, including domestic violence, poverty, peace education for children, racism, and banning handguns.