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“My Pictures,” 2004 December 4
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15 color inkjet prints, undated
VHS tapes
Note: A weekly, locally produced series celebrating the heritage of Latino people, co-hosted by Tony Baéz. Each episode explores the culture and concerns of the southeastern Wisconsin Latino community. The program looks at change and progress, highlighting the contributions of Latino individuals and organizations to the community. The series also discusses a variety of issues with experts who can speak to the needs of the Latino population.
VHA 926
AIDS in the Latino Community, Episode 122, 2000 March 14
Note: Patricia Gomez interviews Tina Rivera of U.M.O.S. and Erin Sheehan of the 16th St. Community Health Center.
VHA 927
Bilingual Education, Episode 108, 1999 November 30
Note: Freya Nuemann and Ivy Santiago-Covert of MPS talk about bilingual education.
VHA 928
Bishop Samuel Ruiz Garcia, Episode 111, 1999 December 21
Note: Patricia Gomez interviews Bishop Samuel Ruiz Garcia, mediator between the Mexican government and the guerilla EZLN in Chiapas, Mexico.
VHA 929
Buying a Home, Episode 119, 2000 February 22
Note: Patricia Gomez interviews Marlene Castillo and Angel Cabrices about Good Start, a program to help Latino buy homes. Also, a segment featuring an overview of Mexican Fiesta with Oscar Cervera.
VHA 930
Cancer/Chiapas Theater Group, Episode 116, 2000 February 1
Note: Dr. Mauricio Tovar talks about the risks, cultural perspectives, and barriers to good health care. Also, Chiapas storytellers are featured.
VHA 931
Census/William Cepeda, Episode 125, 2000 April 4
VHA 932
Chef Pepe/Azuncena, Episode 109, 1999 December 7
Note: Rey Sol's Chef Jose “Pepe” Mendieta is interviewed. Also, a Mexican Fiesta: Azucena.
VHA 933
College Youth/Milwaukee Ballet, Episode 126, 2000 April 11
Note: Patricia Gomez talks with Patricia Ramirez, Fredi Avila, and Felipe Rodriquez about Latinos in higher education. Also, a segment on Rolando Yanes and Yamelia Garcia, both dancers with the Milwaukee Ballet.
VHA 934
Community Leaders, Episode 104, 1999 November 2
VHA 935
Council of La Raza/UCC, Episode 506, 2003 October 7
Note: Raul Izaguirre, president of the Council of La Raza, welcomes back Ricardo Diaz, the new director at UCC. Also, Diaz and Jose Vazques, UCC president of the board, talk about the future of the organization. In addition, Bobby Aguero discusses the Gates Foundation Project that is planning to open 30 new smaller Milwaukee high-schools-within-a-school.
VHA 936
County Supervisor 12th District, Episode 124, 2000 March 28
VHA 937
Cuban Photo Exhibit/Ricardo Pimentel at Journal Sentinel, Episode 602, 2004 September 14
Note: A Cuban photo exhibit by Phill Majeski, at United Community Center, is featured. Also, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has made Latino Ricardo Pimentel its vice president/editorial page editor. Pimentel talks Tony Baéz about his career, plans for change, and his role in the national association of Hispanic journalists.
VHA 938
Day of the Dead, Episode 106, 1999 November 16
Note: Patricia Gomez talks with Rosa Zamora and Jose Chaves about the special holiday Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead.
VHA 939
Displaced Workers, Episode 201, 2000 October 3
Note: Patricia Gomez interviews Peter Earle, labor attorney, and Richard Oulahan of Esperanza Unida about the people who lost their jobs with the closing of U.S. Leather. Also featured are testimonials by some of the Latino tannery workers.
VHA 940
Donaldo Macedo, Episode 221, 2001 February 27
Note: Dr. Tony Baéz talks with Donaldo Macedo, noted author on the subjects of linguistics, bilingual, and multicultural education.
VHA 941
Early Childhood Education, Episode 127, 2000 April 18
Note: Tony Baéz talks with David Espinoza of La Causa, about early childhood issues.
VHA 942
Health Community Center, Pt. 1, Episode 327, 2002 April 23
Note: The first part of a 3-part series on The 16th Street Community Center and the consequences the clinic is facing after state budget cuts is presented. Also, activist Tony Baéz, vice president of MATC's Academic Affairs, talks about his singing concert at United Community Center during a celebration of Women's International Day.
VHA 943
Gangs/Bihia, Episode 103, 1999 October 26
VHA 944
Immigration #1/Bruce Guadalupe Dancers, Episode 120, 2000 February 29
Note: Patricia Gomez talks with Barbara Graham, Heydee Villafuerte, and Tom Hochstatter about immigration issues. Also, Jesus Burgos visits with The Bruce Guadalupe School dancers.
VHA 945
Immigration #2, Episode 123, 2000 March 21
Note: Patricia Gomez continues with part two on the issue of immigration. Guests are Barbara Graham, Heydee Villafuerte, and Tom Mochstatter.
VHA 946
Interview with Rubén Blades, 2000 April
VHA 947
Latin Music, Episode 101, 1999 October 12
Note: Tony Baéz talks with Toty Ramos, Michael Reyes, and Alberto Cardenas about Latin music. Features musical selections by Bahia, Azucena, and Richardo Lemvo.
VHA 948
Latino Police/Ricardo Lemo, Episode 105, 1999 November 9
VHA 949
Latinos and Prisons, Episode 121, 2000 March 7
VHA 950
Latinos and the Banking System, Episode 112, 2000 January 4
Note: Perfecto Rivera, Merchants and Manufatures Bank, and George Franco, president of National Financial Corporation, talk about how a person of modest means can use services of banks and how they can survive cultural barriers.
VHA 951
Latinos at MATC: Dr. Cole/Dr. Baéz/Atty. Earl, Episode 321, 2002 March 12
Note: Challenges that the Milwaukee Area Technical College faces in its quest to serve Latinos are discussed when Dr. Tony Baéz, MATC vice-president of Academic Affairs, and attorney Peter Earl, MATC board member, talk with Dr. Darnell Cole, MATC president.
VHA 952
Latinos in Foundations, Episode 107, 1999 November 23
Note: Tony Baéz talks with Carmen Pine, Jose Olivier, and Maria Castro about Latino involvement in Foundations as a way to help the community.
VHA 953
MATC & Latinos, Episode 118, 2000 February 15
Note: Tony Baéz talks with Becky Carrillo-Michels, Aide Ibarra, Marisela Galaviz, and Arturo Martinez about Latinos at Milwaukee Area Technical College.
VHA 954
MATC Summer Camp/Congressional Rep. Gwen Moore, Episode 613, 2004 December 8
Note: The Milwaukee Area Technical College summer camp offered to Aurora Weier and Loyola Academy High School students is featured. Also, Dr. Tony Baéz talks to 4th District Congressional Representative-elect Gwen Moore, who received the support of Latinos during her campaign.
VHA 955
MPS Bi-Lingual Program, Episode 114, 2000 January 18
Note: Features Fratney School and a successful Milwaukee Public School Bi-lingual program. Interviewed are Celin Arce, Principal; Jesus Santos, teacher; and Jennifer Morales, parent.
VHA 956
MPS School Board Election, Episode 228, 2001 April 17
Note: The recent Milwaukee School Board election involving Jennifer Morales.
VHA 957
MPS Superintendent Spence Korte, Episode 113, 2000 January 11
Note: Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Spence Korte.
VHA 958
Mayoral Forum, Episode 526, 2004 March 9
Note: Milwaukee Area Technical College Provost Tony Baéz hosts a debate between the two Milwaukee city mayoral candidates, Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt, and former U.S. Representative Tom Barrett. Topics range from improving schools and bilingual education, and other issues of special interest to the Latino community such as neighborhood policing, allegations of police abuse, and immigration.
VHA 959
'Retablos' & IRS Tax Tips, Episode 117, 2000 February 8
Note: Features tax tips from the IRS and “Retablos.”
VHA 960
Representative Pedro Colon/Pablo Montero, Episode 102, 1999 October 19
Note: Tony Baéz talks with Rep. Pedro Colon, the first Latino elected into the Wisconsin State Assembly. Also featured is a segment on Pablo Montero, actor and singer from Mexico.
VHA 961
Reverend Brackley/Family Techn., Episode 128, 2000 April 25
VHA 962
Rosa Dominguez/Cesar Roman - SDC, Episode 505, 2003 September 30
Note: Dr. Tony Baéz, from MATC; Rosa Dominguez, from the Spanish Center; and Eugene Manzanet, chairperson of the Aurora Weier Educational Center's Board of Directors, talk about a new educational model that offers opportunities to high school students obtaining two years of college credits. Also, Cesar Roman, Social Development Commission, talks about the role of the SDC in the Latino community.
VHA 963
State Superintendent of Public Instruction/Latino Real Estate Association, Episode 621, 2005 February 8
Note: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction plans for 2005-07 are discussed by State Superintendent Elizabeth Burmaster, who is advocating for more resources dedicated to bilingual programs. Also, Aura Mora talks about the new and first Latino Real Estate Association in Milwaukee, and its mission.
VHA 964
Tony Maggiore, Episode 202, 2000 October 10
Note: Tony Baéz interviews Anthony Maggiore, longtime Milwaukee activist about the early struggle of Latinos to create a community and address their needs. Also featured are testimonials by Ernesto Chacon and Maria Rodriguez.
VHA 965
UCC Concert, 2002 March 8
Note: UCC Tony Baéz Concert for Women's International Day/16th Street.
VHA 966
UWM Chancellor Carlos Santiago, Episode 603, 2004 September 21
Note: Chancellor Carlos Santiago, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is asked about his plans for growing and retaining Latino student population at UW-M, in reference to the last UW regents' resolution, supporting UW system access for the children of undocumented families through “in-state tuition.”
VHA 967
UWM Chancellor Nancy Zimpher, Episode 115, 2000 January 25
Note: Tony Baéz interviews Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
VHA 968
Video highlights
VHA 969
Young Latinos/Ballet Folklorico, Episode 110, 1999 December 14
Note: Florentina Ortiz and Rubi Briceno, from South Division High School, are featured as they work in the community. Also, representatives from Ballet Folkorico de Mexico.
VHA 970
Dr. Fernendez and Dr. Santos, Long-term plans of the MPS educational system
VHA 971
Growth of the Hispanic Community, 1989 November 26
VHA 972
Entrevista con Tony Baéz and Diann Weier, 1994 May 7
In Spanish.
VHA 973
Latino Focus: Districting, 1991
VHA 973 (continued)
Tex-Mex Music, 1992
VHA 974
Martha Trujillo-Torp, New Micro, Eugenio Maria de Hostos, 1991
VHA 975
Opening Doors/Abriendo Puertas, undated
3/4-inch U-Matic tapes
VBC 121
Bilingual Special Education, An Interview, 1981 January
VBC 122
Hispanic Arts: Bilingual Education: Who Wins, Who Loses?, undated
VBC 123
Institute on Parent Involvement in Bilingual Education, Tony Baéz and Francisco Urbina, 1979 August 22