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Pamela Hansford Johnson Interview, circa 1968
Time   0:01
The most productive period in Dylan Thomas' career
Time   3:20
Johnson's first meeting with Thomas
Time   6:35
Johnson's correspondence with Thomas and the topics they discussed
Time   8:20
Concerns and themes Thomas expressed in his poems
Time   8:80
Ethical attitude of Thomas
Time   9:75
Thomas: “instinctive man” vs “intellectual man”
Time   10:85
Johnson's dominant impression of Thomas
Time   11:75
Their exchange and criticism of each other's work
Time   12:50
Thomas' aim for obscurity in his poems
Time   13:30
Thomas' opinion and criticism of Johnson's literary work
Time   15:15
Thomas' changing moods and Johnson's attitude toward them (e.g., morbidity, depression)
Time   17:40
Johnson's first impression of Thomas at their first meeting
Time   18:70
Johnson's impression of Dylan Thomas, the person
Time   19:95
The publication and critical response to Thomas' first book, 18 Poems
Time   21:35
Johnson's opinion of Thomas' stature and ability as a poet
Time   22:64
Origin of 18 Poems
Time   23:10
Johnson's knowledge of Thomas' method of writing poetry
Time   24:90
Thomas' increasing difficulty in writing
Time   26:50
End of tape
Time   0:55
Beginning of tape
Time   1:30
Thomas' ideas about literary infertility
Time   3:45
Thomas' health
Time   5:40
Thomas' obsession with the idea of death
Time   6:70
Thomas' attitude toward Swansea (his childhood home), Wales, and London
Time   16:05
Johnson's impression of what caused Thomas' early death (discusses drunkenness and overwork)
Time   17:85
Comparison of Dylan Thomas the legend with Dylan Thomas the person
Time   20:15
Thomas' contribution to poetry
Time   21:80
The last time Johnson saw Thomas (1948)
Time   22:85
How and why Johnson and Thomas drifted apart
Time   23:30
End of tape