Katharine Martindale Family Papers, 1699-1977


Scope and Content Note

Documents and maps are divided into four groups: Deeds, Diplomas, Maps and Architectural Drawings, and Miscellany. Each of the four groups has been assigned a letter (A, B, C, and D respectively). Every document or map is then assigned a letter according to the group it falls into and a number which indicates both its relative chronological order and its folder order. The number also corresponds to the description number in the Documents and Maps Appendix. Deeds are primarily oversized deeds and copies of deeds which would not fit in conventional folders and pre-1710 deeds which have been encapsulated for preservation. Most of the early deeds are from the Howard family; later ones are mostly from Stephen III and are for La Crosse properties. Diplomas include those for Martindales from Stephen II through Stephen V and Katharine. There are also two diplomas for Daniel Howard. Among the Maps and Architectural Drawings are several maps and plans for the Indiana Dunes property and several undated plans for Martindale buildings and residences. Miscellaneous documents include early 19th century proclamations by the Governor of Vermont, an 1828 appointment of Stephen II as a regimental chaplain, marriage licenses, certificates of bar admittance for Stephen IV, several large, hand drawn family trees for the Howards and early Martindales, and others.