Midwest Archives Conference Records, 1972-2014


The UW-Milwaukee Art Museum was "established to house and administer the art collections of the University and the exhibition programs in the Fine Arts Galleries, in the Art History Galleries, and in the Museum Galleries in Vogel Hall." All of the art collections on campus were to be moved to a renovated Vogel Hall that would become the University Art Museum. However, due to budget constraints in 1980-1981, only a portion of Vogel Hall became available for housing some of the art collections. At this time, the deans of the School of Fine Arts and of the College of Letters & Sciences agreed that the UWM Art Museum would become a separate entity that would administer all of UWM's art collections, but not necessarily house everything in the same location. The museum opened to the public in 1983.

In 1996, the name of the University Art Museum was changed to the Institute for Visual Arts, or inova for short; the mission of the new institute remained the same. In 2007, the Institute for Visual Arts relocated to UWM's Kenilworth Building.

Directors of Constituent Galleries

Directors of Fine Arts Galleries

1975-1977 Fred Parker
1977-1983 John L. Taylor

Directors of Art History Galleries

1975-1978 Norman D. Ziff
1978-1979 Alex Seltzer
1979-1983 Mark Chepp

Directors of the UWM Art Museum

1983-1986 Suzanne Foley
1986-1987 Robert Hickok (Acting)
1987-1989 Kent Anderson (Acting)
1989-1997 E. Michael Flanagan

Directors of the Institute for Visual Art

1997-2003 Peter Doroshenko
2005-2012 Bruce Knackert (Acting)
2012- Sara Krajewski