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Subseries: 2b. Document Transmittal Forms, 1980-2014

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Many of the documents listed below have full-text searchable electronic copies available in the Archives. Consult an archivist for more information.

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Letters to and from the Provost, Dean of the Graduate School, and UW System Vice President for Academic Affairs concerning particular GFC documents, primarily those having to do with the creation or modification of an academic program. Transmittal forms originating from the Graduate School typically consist of a notification that a program change has been approved by GFC and a request for approval by either the Provost or UW System, and may or may not include a brief summary of the document. The approving authority typically sends back comments or changes, or otherwise indicates that the document is approved or not approved and why.

From 2000 onwards, Transmittal Forms may consist solely of a print out of a confirmation screen from the Department of Enrollment Services' Online Program Change Form. This form may include change justification and summaries of additional resources required.

Arrangement of the Materials: This subseries is arranged numerically by document number, which roughly corresponds to chronological order. Individual PDFs in the electronic file are coded according to their office of origin. Files beginning with codes in the form of "123T" typically come from the Graduate School to the Provost or the UW System Vice President of Academic Affairs. Files with codes in the form of "123PT" typically come from the Provost/Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. The codes "123APT" or "123AT" originate from an assistant dean or associate vice chancellor.
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No. 280-318, 1980-1981
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No. 319-347, 1981-1982
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No. 353-388, 1982-1983
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No. 389-407, 1984
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No. 408-443, 1984-1985
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No. 444-502, 1985-1988
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No. 503-525, 1988-1992
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No. 526-567, 1989-1990
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No. 571-577, 1990-1995
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No. 580-600, 1991
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No. 601-1049, 1992-2009
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No. 1069-1301, 2007-2014