UW-Milwaukee Department of Theatre Records, 1911-2015


Activity in the theater arts at UWM dates to 1911, when plays and musicals were given by the Dramatic Club and the senior class of the State Normal School. Prior to 1964, theater arts classes were taken through the Department of Speech. The Department of Theatre Arts officially began in the spring semester of 1964, two years after the formation of the School of Fine Arts. In 1982, the Department of Dance and the Department of Theatre Arts merged into one department. In 2003, the Department of Theatre and Dance split and became two separate departments once again.

Department of Theatre Arts Chairs

1964-1972 Corliss Phillabaum
1972-1976 Herb E. Felsenfeld
1976-1982 Sanford L. Robbins

Department of Theatre and Dance Chairs

1982-1988 Sanford L. Robbins
1988-1989 LeRoy L. Stoner
1989-1996 Malcolm J. Morrison
1996-2002 LeRoy L. Stoner
2002-2003 Ed Burgess

Department of Theatre Chairs

2003-2007 Pamela Rehberg
2007-2009 Bruce Brockman
2009- LeRoy L. Stoner