Minnesota Folk Arts Program (Philip Nusbaum) Collection, 1959-2000

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Wisconsin Historical Society Museum Division. Wisconsin Folk Museum Collection.
1996.118.131: chair, balloon back by Verna Spaanem
1996.118.132: armchair by Verna Spaanem
1996.118.133: kubbelstol (chair) by Karen E. Jenson
1996.118.134: corner cupboard by Ruth Wolfgram
1996.118.135: door "door prize" by Norse Rosemalers Association
1996.118.136: panel (Masonite) by Marcelaine Winner
1996.118.137: panel (Masonite) by Marcelaine Winner
1996.118.138: panel by Dorothy Peterson
1996.118.139: panel by Jean Giese
1996.118.140: panel, Per Lysne-style by Karen Sanderson Gorski
1996.118.141: Velkommen sign by Nancy Morgan
1996.118.142: cutting board by Nancy Morgan
1996.118.143: breadboard by Oljanna Cunneen
1996.118.144: trivet by Gyda Mahlum
1996.118.145.1: knife holder by Vi Thode
1996.118.145.2: knife by Vi Thode
1996.118.146: plate by Sheila Stilin
1996.118.147: plate by Shirley Evenstad
1996.118.148: plate by V.F. Gullickson
1996.118.149: plate by Maxine Wilke
1996.118.150: plate by Laurie Brooks
1996.118.151: plate by Margaret of Margaret Studios, Inc.
1996.118.152: plate by Vi Thode
1996.118.153: plate by Vi Thode
1996.118.154: plate by Louise S. Lysne
1996.118.155: plate by Nancy Schmidt
1996.118.156: plate by Violet D. Christophersen
1996.118.157: plate by Phyllis Hoefer
1996.118.158: plate by Phyllis Hoefer
1996.118.159: plate by Phyllis Hoefer
1996.118.160: plate by Clarice Christensen
1996.118.161: plate by Elizabeth Backus
1996.118.162: plate by Ole Ueland
1996.118.163: lazy susan by Alma Rimestad
1996.118.164: bowl by Irene Lamont
1996.118.165: bowl by Susan Louthain
1996.118.165A: lid for bowl by Susan Louthain
1996.118.166: bowl by Ethel Kvalheim
1996.118.167: bowl by Ethel Kvalheim
1996.118.168: bowl by Irene Lamont
1996.118.169: bowl by Violet D. Christophersen
1996.118.170: bowl by Dorothy Peterson
1996.118.171: bowl by Backus Studios
1996.118.172: bowl by Judith Nelson Miner
1996.118.173: basket by Sallie Haugen DeReus
1996.118.174: trunk by Gary Albrecht
1996.118.175: trunk by Vi Thode
1996.118.176: trunk by Dorothy Peterson
1996.118.177: family trunk by Pat Virch
1996.118.178: tine by Dagny Schee
1996.118.179: tine by Sunhild Muldbakken
1996.118.180A-B: tine by Thelma and Elma Olsen
1996.118.181: ceramic jar by Olga Edseth
1996.118.182A-B: bowling pin by Karen Sanderson Gorski
1996.118.183: bowling pin
1996.118.184: milk can
1996.118.188: duck decoy by Vi Thode
1996.118.189: Bible box by Addie Pittelkow
1996.118.190: Toothpick/match holder by Nelson
1996.118.191: tankard by Vi Thode
1996.118.192: frying pan by Jennie Einerson
1996.118.193: iron
1996.118.194: iron