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Brasda, Mabel Markey Title: Mabel Markey Brasda Papers
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 082
Abstract: The Mabel Markey Brasda Papers include newspaper clippings and other items on Brasda and her family; correspondence and clippings related to the Red Mound Museum and Brown Schoolhouse in Vernon County, Wisconsin; and other items related to the history of De Soto, Wisconsin. Materials range in date from 1960 to 1963.
Mabel Tainter Chautauqua Title: Mabel Tainter Chautauqua Records, 1978-1989
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Stout Mss 13
Abstract: Records of a Menomonie, Wisconsin community celebration and arts festival begun in 1979, including minutes of meetings, treasurer's reports and financial records, news releases and other publicity, and other files related to organizing the event. Correspondence with the Mabel Tainter Literary, Library and Educational Society documents transfer of festival responsibility from the volunteer Chautauqua committee to that body.
Mabel Tainter Literacy, Library and Educational Society (Menomonie, Wis.) Title: Mabel Tainter Literary, Library and Educational Society Records, 1890-1947 , 1965
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Stout Mss H
Abstract: Records of the Society, a corporation which owns the Mabel Tainter Memorial Building in Menomonie, Wisconsin, which includes a library, auditorium, and meeting rooms. Records consist of correspondence, clippings, and reports of the librarian and the building and finance committees.
MacDowell Music Club (Green Bay, Wis.) Title: MacDowell Music Club, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Scrapbooks and Other Material, 1927-2012
Quantity: 4.2 c.f. (6 flat boxes and 3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 176
Abstract: Sixteen scrapbooks, 1927-2012, compiled by Green Bay members of a women's musical organization, named after Edward MacDowell, American composer and pianist, formed in 1934 by Cecelia Rosman. Contents consist of letters, brochures, photographs, news clippings, programs, member lists, awards, meeting minutes (1945-1995), and other miscellaneous material. The object of the MacDowell Club was to promote friendly association among musically interested persons, to encourage musical education, and to work for the advancement of music in America. The scrapbooks document the meetings and activities of the club which included annual sponsorship of National Music Week, an annual scholarship to the summer session of the music clinic at the University of Wisconsin, support for the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra, Christmas caroling at local hospitals, and hosting foreign exchange students. Also documented are individual members' lives, the club's connection to the MacDowell Colony and Marian MacDowell, and their annual picnic and mother-daughter meeting. The club disbanded in 2012.
- - - Title: “Mackenzie's Raiders” Films, 1958-1959
Quantity: 39 film reels
Call Number: DB 034-DB 072
Abstract: Thirty-nine episodes of Mackenzie's Raiders, a half-hour syndicated western series about a group of Texas raiders fighting marauding Mexican renegades. All the films are 16 mm prints in black and white with sound. Each episode is approximately 950 feet long.
Ross, Madeline Dane, 1902-1972 Title: Madeline Dane Ross Papers, 1914-1971
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (5 archives boxes), 154 photographs and 62 transparencies in 1 archives box, and 1 disc recording
Call Number: U.S. Mss 127AF; PH 4821; Audio 1579A
Abstract: Papers of Madeline Dane Ross, a journalist, editor, and public relations representative. The collection covers her public relations, editorial, and free-lance work, as well as her personal life and involvement with the Overseas Press Club. Records of her public relations work consist of correspondence, fund-raising appeals, and publicity for the Hudson Guild Settlement House, the Jewish Family Welfare Society, the Guidance Center of the Brooklyn Juvenile Protection Association, and the Human Betterment Association. Files on her editorial work include issues of UNRRA Team News, a periodical for the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) and related correspondence. Pertaining to her free-lance writing are copies of a few magazine articles and correspondence. The photographs mainly document her time with the Overseas Press Club, as well as research and illustration for her writings.
Madison (Wis.). City Attorney Title: Madison (Wis). City Attorney: City Attorney's Files, 1932-2004
Quantity: 5.0 cubic feet (13 archives boxes); plus additions of 17.2 cubic feet and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Dane Series 6; C2013/001; C2013/035; C2013/064; C2014/019; C2018/021; Audio 1974A
Abstract: Correspondence, resolutions, reports, contracts, and leases; copies of court proceedings and hearings before the Public Service Commission regarding proposed changes in bus service and telephone and bus rates; and files on salary increases for city employees, airport and railway facilities, and other legal matters involving the City of Madison.
Madison (Wis.). Assessor Title: Madison (Wis.). Assessor: Property Appraisal Cards, 1934
Quantity: 23.6 c.f. (59 archives boxes)
Call Number: Dane Series 48
Abstract: Printed cards completed by Works Projects Administration (WPA) workers, c. 1934, as an aid to the city assessor in making more accurate appraisals of residential and merchantile properties. For each parcel of property the cards show the names and addresses of owners and tenants; the location of the property and its dimensions; the distance of the property from the center of the city, from car or bus lines, and from schools; the total assessed value of the property; and factors affecting building values including dimensions, age of the building, and type foundation, roof, flooring, plumbing, and utility connections. The card also includes a floor plan of the building.
Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development. Office of Community Services Title: Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development. Office of Community Services: Child Care Program Accreditation Files, 1996-2004
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton)
Call Number: C2013/076
Abstract: Files documenting the review and evaluation of child care centers and preschools that voluntarily applied for City of Madison accreditation. Accreditation is based on direct observation of the program in action to assure that standards are being met.
Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development Title: Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development: Preservation Planner’s Records, 1883-1999
Quantity: 7.4 c.f. (7 records center cartons and 1 archives box)
Call Number: C2009/043
Abstract: The records of Preservation Planners in the City of Madison Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development, documenting the process of designating various city neighborhoods and buildings as historic, providing guidelines for their preservation, and providing outreach to the community.
Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Development. CitiARTS Commission Title: Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Development. CitiARTS Commission: CitiARTS Funded Grant Files, 1990-2001
Quantity: 10.4 cubic feet (10 records center cartons and 1 archives box)
Call Number: C2008/016; C2009/003
Abstract: Financial account status reports, press releases, administrative memoranda and agreements with grant recipients. Each grantee file typically contains the grant agreement stating the terms under which the project will be carried out, the grant application describing the project, supporting materials, programs, publicity, and a formal report assessing the project. Annually the Common Council authorizes its approval for CitiARTS Grant awards as recommended by the CitiARTS Commission. Grant support is awarded to independent artists, arts organizations and neighborhood groups for arts and cultural projects which will take place in Madison between June 1 and May 31 of the year. City funds are augmented by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board Re-Grant Program, with funds from the State of Wisconsin.
Madison (Wis.). Mayor Title: Madison (Wis.). Mayor: Correspondence and Subject Files, 1921-1969, 1997-2011
Quantity: 57.4 cubic feet (144 archives boxes); plus additions of 134.2 cubic feet
Call Number: Dane Series 5; C1981/169; C2008/010; C2009/002; C2010/006; C2011/002; C2015/065; C2017/053; C2018/022
Abstract: Correspondence and subject files of the mayor of Madison and files concerning a wide range of subjects including activities, budgets and reports of city departments, newsletters, pamphlets, legislation, labor disputes, relief, schools, the war effort, municipal ownership, and the city auditorium.
Madison (Wis.). Metro Transit System Title: Madison (Wis.). Metro Transit System: Director's Files, 1982-2006
Quantity: 15.0 c.f.
Call Number: C2007/008; C2014/023
Abstract: Files of director Paul Larrousse, documenting the delivery of transportation services to the Madison Metro Area. Most of the reports, correspondence, and meeting minutes document bus service, but also include information on plans for light rail, neighborhood planning, and regional transportation system planning. This series also contains some material of the American Public Transportation Association, in which Larrousse was active.
Madison (Wis.). Park Commission Title: Madison (Wis.). Park Commission: Minutes, 1932-1980
Quantity: 3 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Dane Series 118
Abstract: Microfilmed records of the Commission consisting of minutebooks, 1932-1980, and brief miscellaneous other records, 1932-1952.
Madison (Wis.). Parks Dept. Title: Madison (Wis.). Parks Dept.: Forest Hill Cemetery Deeds, 1850-1988
Quantity: 5.6 c.f. (20 volumes in 15 archives boxes)
Call Number: Dane Series 311
Abstract: Deeds of conveyance, quit claim deeds, and indentures which record the selling of burial lots in the city-owned and operated Forest Hill Cemetery to individuals. Records include individual's name, fees paid, and amounts contributed to the Care and Maintenance Fund, lot and section number of specific burial lot, and official and witness signatures. The Parks Department is responsible for the control and maintenance of the cemetery.
Madison (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Madison (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1839-1967
Quantity: 238 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Dane Series 89
Abstract: Microfilmed tax and assessment rolls showing property owner's name, description of land, valuation of real and personal property, amount of tax levied, and total taxes paid. (The original volumes no longer exist.)
Madison Altrusa Club (Wis.) Title: Madison Altrusa Club Records, 1923-2007
Quantity: 6.6 c.f., 161 photographs, and 13 negatives
Call Number: M97-076; M2007-074
Abstract: Records of the Madison Altrusa Club, a service organization of and for professional and business women founded in 1923 in Madison, Wisconsin. The records document club meetings, finances, membership, project and program materials, committee work, publicity, and social and professional activities.
Madison Anti-Apartheid Coalition (Wis.) Title: Madison Anti-Apartheid Coalition Records, 1968-1992
Quantity: 1.6 c.f. (3 archives boxes and 3 card boxes), 10 photographs, and 10 transparencies
Call Number: Mss 836; PH Mss 836
Abstract: Records, mainly 1970-1973 and 1987-1991, of a student organization at the University of Wisconsin originally formed in 1969 as the Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa (MACSA) to lobby, educate the community about events in South Africa, and provide assistance to liberation movements. In 1985 the committee reorganized as the Madison Anti-Apartheid Coalition. Included are minutes and background information, correspondence, financial records, promotional records, several research publications, photographic copies of posters, and miscellaneous files. There is also documentation on two other local organizations with related interests in South Africa: the Free Namibia Committee and the African Students Union. The records contain some information on the campaigns which resulted in the divestment of holdings in South African businesses by the University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Retirement Investment Trust. The correspondence includes contacts with churches, labor organizations, and national organizations such as the North American Anti-Imperialist Coalition. Promotional records include flyers and handbills, posters, position papers, and information on publication sales.
Madison Area Community of Churches Title: Madison Area Community of Churches Records, 1930-1976
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (10 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and 3 photographs
Call Number: Mss 468; PH Mss 468
Abstract: Records of a local ecumenical organization in Madison, Wisconsin, formed in 1931 and originally known as the Madison Council of Churches, then the Madison Area Council of Churches, and finally the Madison Area Community of Churches (MACC). MACC dissolved in 1976. Included are constitutions and background information, directories, minutes of meetings of assemblies and various administrative committees, and correspondence and papers of several officers including Robert Borgwardt, Michael B. Petrovich, and Paul Hoornstra. There are also financial reports; minutes and miscellaneous records of committees active during the late 1960's and early 1970's; files on projects sponsored by MACC such as the Ecumenical Information and Resource Center and special ministries to prisoners and to the elderly; and general information on topics of interest to the organization such as the use of audio-visual materials in religious education and religious retreat centers in Wisconsin or about organizations with which MACC was involved such as the Madison Area Lutheran Council and the Interfaith Dialogue.
Madison Area Council of Parent-Teacher Associations Title: Madison Area Council of Parent-Teacher Associations Records, 1938-1971
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 352
Abstract: Records of the Madison Area Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, an organization which acted as liaison between local units and national and state Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) and worked to promote the welfare of children and to encourage cooperation between educators, parents, and the general public. Composed of the principals of member schools, and the president and a delegate of each local parent-teacher association, the council functioned until June 1972, when it was superseded by a parents' advisory group established by the Madison, Wisconsin, superintendent of schools. The records are comprised of correspondence; administrative material, including annual reports, bylaws, directories, yearbooks, and minutes; an activities file; committee reports; publications; clippings; and miscellany.
Madison Area Library Council (Wis.) Title: Madison Area Library Council Records, 1970-1981
Quantity: 1.8 c.f. (1 record center carton and 2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 975
Abstract: Records of the Madison Area Library Council (MALC) formed in 1970 by Louis Kaplan, Bernard Schwab, and other Madison, Wisconsin librarians in response to a study of cooperation among libraries by Charles A. Bunge. Sauk and Green counties later joined the organization. In 1986 MALC merged with the South Central Library System (SCLS). The collection includes reports on user needs, minutes, and committee files reflecting activities such as continuing education, promotion of cable television, and development of interlibrary services. MALC newsletters, directories, and union lists provide detailed comparative information on library holdings. Also in the collection are a few papers about other regional library organizations in Wisconsin.
Madison Area Peace Action Council (Wis.) Title: Madison Area Peace Action Council Records, 1969-1973
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 195
Abstract: Records of the Madison Area Peace Action Council, a coalition of more than 50 Madison, Wis., anti-Vietnam War organizations. Present are organizational papers, fragmentary files of minutes and correspondence, committee reports, financial records, mailings, publicity material, and clippings relating to various local and national demonstrations, marches, and meetings. Many of the organization's records reflect the involvement of one of its founders, Patrick M. Quinn.
Madison Area Technical College (Wis.). Department of Media Relations Title: Madison Area Technical College (Wis.). Department of Media Relations: Records, 1926-1991
Quantity: 25.0 c.f. (22 record center cartons, 2 flat boxes, and 1 volume)
Call Number: C2014/043
Abstract: Information disseminated to the public documenting all aspects of the Madison Area Technical College, including school activities (academic and social) and recruitment. Records consist of primarily of news articles and publicity arranged by department, circa 1940-1980; news clippings, 1940-1986; MATC and Central High School newspapers, 1930s-circa 1960s; course catalogs, 1926-1970s; annual reports, 1960s-1970s; photographs, 1960s-circa 1972-1974; photographs and slides, 1974-1991.
Madison Area Technical College (Wis.) Title: Madison Area Technical College Annual Reports, 1913-1974
Quantity: 27 reels of microfilm (16mm)
Call Number: Dane Series 80
Abstract: Annual reports of the Madison Area Technical College for the years 1913-1974.
Madison Art Guild Title: Madison Art Guild Records, 1914-1994
Quantity: 4.0 cubic feet (3 archives boxes and 5 flat boxes), 16 photographs, and 10 transparencies
Call Number: Mss 597; PH Mss 597
Abstract: Records of the Madison Art Guild, an organization of amateur and professional women artists in Madison, Wisconsin, founded in 1914 to support and encourage art and artists. Prior to 1914 the organization was known as the Madison Studio Club. Included are constitutions and by-laws, minutes (1914-1968, 1986-1988), financial records, press materials, clippings, correspondence, volunteer information, catalogs for the annual juried salon exhibitions (1967-1994), scrapbooks (1945-1976), and photographs.
Madison Audubon Society (Wis.) Title: Madison Audubon Society Records, 1937-2014
Quantity: 4.2 cubic feet (9 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and 11 photographs; plus additions of 4.6 cubic feet (4 records center cartons and 2 archives boxes) and 0.2 cubic feet of photographs (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 1009; PH 6461; M2014-079; M2018-097
Abstract: Records, 1937-2014, of an organization founded in 1935 as the Madison Bird Club, which in 1949 changed its name to the Madison Audubon Society. Subjects documented include the formation and running of the Wisconsin Audubon Camp (now Hunt Hill Nature Center and Audubon Sanctuary); protests of the Echo Park damming project, Garrison Pass project in North Dakota, DDT usage to combat Dutch Elm disease, and Horicon Marsh; efforts in land conservation and scholarship; and complete documentation of the Film series the organization hosted for many years. Also included are records of the annual seed sale and financial and administrative records of the Goose Pond Sanctuary, a preserve operated by the Society. The Society's interaction with other conservation organizations such as the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Wisconsin Audubon Council, North Central Audubon Council, and the National Audubon Society is also documented.
Madison Bus Company Title: Madison Bus Company Records, 1884-1971
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (10 volumes); plus additions of 4.4 c.f. and 35 photographs
Call Number: Mss 200; M99-035; PH 3423
Abstract: Records of the Madison Bus Company, a private corporation which operated a street railway and, later, bus service in Madison until financial problems led to its purchase by the City of Madison in the 1960s. Includes minutes, reports, scattered correspondence, notices and applications, lists of stock and bond holders, lists of employees, and financial records. Also included is material for the historical novel, Keep 'em Rolling, and photographs of street cars and buses.
Madison Business College (Madison, Wis.) Title: Madison Business College Records, 1882-1999
Quantity: 2.6 c.f. (2 record center cartons and 1 flat box), 231 photographs (1 archives box and 1 oversize folder), and 1 drawing
Call Number: M2002-112
Abstract: Records, 1882-1999, of Madison Business College, a business college located in Madison, Wisconsin. The records document the operations of the college, including student recruitment and admissions, college governance, and alumni relations.
Madison Catholic Woman's Club (Wis.) Title: Madison Catholic Woman's Club Records, 1858-1988
Quantity: 2 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 1179
Abstract: Records of the Madison Catholic Woman's Club, a Madison, Wisconsin women's charitable organization formed in 1914. Included are minutes of the executive board and of general meetings, financial statements, rosters of members, and a brief history.
Madison Citizens for a Vote on Vietnam (Wis.) Title: Madison Citizens for a Vote on Vietnam Records, 1967-1968
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 296
Abstract: Records of an ad hoc Madison, Wis., organization that sponsored a 1968 referendum on U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam, mainly consisting of correspondence and publicity. In addition to letters, the correspondence includes internal memoranda, notes, instructions to ward chairmen, minutes, news releases, and exchanges with sponsors, citizens, and nationally-prominent political candidates. Also present are financial records, clippings, copies of petitions, and background information on an abortive referendum effort in January 1967 and the Dow demonstration of October 19, 1967. Especially useful are the analytical notes made by Paul Hass, a leader of the organization, commenting on the progress of the MCVV.
Madison Civics Club Title: Madison Civics Club Records, 1916-2011
Quantity: 2.0 cubic feet (5 archives boxes); plus additions of 4.6 cubic feet and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Mss 277; Audio 1819A; M2011-054; M2012-001
Abstract: Records of the Madison Civics Club, a women's organization founded in 1912 which holds lunch meetings to discuss state and local issues. The collection documents the club's structure and activities through its articles of incorporation and by-laws, correspondence, minutes, luncheon meeting records, reports by presidents and secretaries, financial records, membership records, activity records, records of the Public Affairs Committee, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings.
Madison Coalition Against Registration and the Draft (Wisconsin) Title: Madison Coalition Against Registration and the Draft Records, 1979-1980
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: M81-425
Abstract: Records of the Madison Coalition Against Registration and the Draft (MCARD), a student run organization formed in 1980 (and dissolved early 1981) to protest President Carter’s call, and subsequent bill, for the reinstitution of draft registration. Along with other anti-draft groups throughout the nation, MCARD held rallies and organized canvassing to support their cause. The collection documents this effort on a local and broader level through pamphlets, informational bulletins, and flyers distributed by MCARD and other organizations. Other materials include background information on the draft legislation, speeches, statements, and press releases by members of MCARD, correspondence, news clippings related to the organization and the anti-draft movement, and a scrapbook put together by Curt Pawlisch, a MCARD organizer.
Madison Committee to End the War in Vietnam (Wis.) Title: Madison Committee to End the War in Vietnam Records, 1965-1971
Quantity: 1.6 c.f. (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 503
Abstract: Records of a Madison, Wisconsin, organization that promoted educational and political activities in opposition to U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam. Aligned with the National Student Mobilization Committee, MCEWVN formally changed its name to the University of Wisconsin Student Mobilization Committee in 1969. In the collection are administrative, activity, and subject files; publicity; and writings.
Madison Film Productions Title: Madison Film Productions: This Week's News in Review Films, 1956
Quantity: 10 film reels (16 mm)
Call Number: AE 355-AE 358; CC 648-CC 653
Abstract: Weekly news program for broadcast on television stations in Madison and the surrounding area. The program includes interviews with local figures and reporting on local interest events. Commercials for the sponsors are also included in the episode. Topics vary by episode, but include county fairs, high school football games, state and county government, local crime reports, and anniversaries of local groups and landmarks.
Madison General Hospital School of Nursing (Wis.) Title: Madison General Hospital School of Nursing Records, 1925-1982
Quantity: 14.8 c.f. (26 archives boxes and 5 record center cartons), 1 reel of microfilm (35mm), 1 tape recording, 10 photographs, and 85 transparencies
Call Number: Mss 742; Micro 1131; Tape 1198A; PH 3787; PH 3787 (3)
Abstract: Records, mainly 1966-1982, of the Madison General Hospital School of Nursing, a diploma school of nursing in Madison, Wisconsin, that operated from 1902 to 1982, and a few records of the hospital with which it was associated. Nursing school records include historical materials (some of which are available only on microfilm) and files on accreditation, administration, courses, faculty, organizations, the registrar, students and alumni. Administrative files include annual reports (1954-1982); minutes and related papers for committees on admissions, curriculum, planning, and other topics; correspondence, memoranda, and reports of the director and the assistant director; and budgets, monthly management reports (1964-1979), and files on grants especially grants concerning the school specialization on gerontology. Extensive course materials, 1976-1982, consist of course descriptions, handouts, and examinations. The faculty records include files on committees and minutes, contracts, and reference material concerning affiliation with the Wisconsin Nurses Association and the United Professionals for Quality Health Care. Files from the registrar's office include an index to the microfilmed student transcripts held by Meriter-Madison General Hospital. Other student records include information on alumni activities, questionnaires, and printed material.
Madison Institute for Social Legislation (Wisconsin) Title: Madison Institute for Social Legislation Records, 1974, 1978-1987
Quantity: 2.9 c.f. (2 record center cartons, 2 archives boxes, and 1 oversize folder), 31 photographs, and 25 negatives
Call Number: M88-357
Abstract: Records of the Madison Institute for Social Legislation, an advocacy group concerned with equal treatment and opportunities for alternative families (unmarried family partners) particularly at the local level in Madison, Wisconsin, relating to insurance, housing, child care, health care, and employment. The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, research materials (pamphlets, brochures, reports), surveys, minutes of meetings, notes, summaries of court proceedings and other legal documents, proclamations, awards, and posters, one of which depicts a protest for equal rights.
Madison Institute (Madison, Wis.) Title: Madison Institute Records, 1984-2004
Extent: 1.4 cubic feet (1 records center carton and 1 archives box)
Call Number: M2006-114
Abstract: Records of the Madison Institute (TMI), a public policy research center in Madison, Wisconsin, which advocated for progressive change. The collection documents the center's programs and activities, including the publication of a book titled Wisconsin at the Crossroads (1989). There is also some material relating to the Progressive Round Table.
Madison Jewish Community Council (Wis.) Title: Madison Jewish Community Council Records, 1940-2009
Quantity: 10.8 c.f. (27 archives boxes), 2 reels of microfilm (35 mm), and 122 photographs; plus additions of 65.0 c.f., 2110 photographs, 603 negatives, and 316 transparencies
Call Number: Mss 795; Micro 643; Micro 668; PH 3976; M92-209; M95-202; M99-072; M2002-157; M2005-066; M2014-048
Abstract: Records of the Madison Jewish Community Council, an organization formed in 1940 as the Madison Jewish Welfare Fund to coordinate fundraising for the United Jewish Appeal, a national Zionist organization. After 1945, its role expanded to include funding, developing, and providing local social welfare services, education, and cultural activities within Madison's Jewish community. The records document the organization, administration, and activities of both the council and its affiliated programs. The programs include Camp Shalom, a day camp for Jewish children; Senior Adult Services; Jewish Social Services; Madison Midrasha, a high school program; Gan HaYeled, a Jewish nursery school; Women's Service Organization; and the Jewish Cultural Series Committee.
Madison Literary Club (Wis.) Title: Madison Literary Club Records, 1877-2009
Quantity: 5.8 c.f. (14 archives boxes and 2 card file boxes); plus additions of 2.2 c.f. and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Mss 879; M2000-004; M2000-141; M2006-129
Abstract: Records of the Madison Literary Club, a literature society in Madison, Wisconsin, documenting its history and activities. The records include minutes of meetings, news clippings describing club meetings and activities, membership records, and occasional correspondence; a few treasurer's reports; speeches by an unidentified president of the club [possibly Charles N. Brown]; yearbooks and programs for special events; research and publications concerning the history of the club; and copies of members' presentations at club meetings, including papers recognizing deceased members (filed by date of death).
Madison Maennerchor (Wis.) Title: Madison Maennerchor Records, 1865-2008
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (4 archives boxes); plus additions of 1.8 c.f., 3 photographs, 11 transparencies, 1 videorecording, and 1 compact disc
Call Number: Mss 496; Audio 1650A; M2003-037; M2008-042
Abstract: Records, 1865-2008, of Madison Maennerchor, the oldest male chorus in Wisconsin, founded by German immigrants in 1852, including correspondence, proceedings, financial and membership records, programs, clippings, and other information documenting local and regional choral activities.
Madison Measure for Measure Title: Madison Measure for Measure Records, 1965-1977
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton) and 2 tape recordings
Call Number: Mss 493; Tape 782A
Abstract: Records of Madison Measure for Measure, a Madison, Wisconsin organization (1965-1976) which provided economic assistance for Southern Blacks during the late 1960's and early 1970's. Included are correspondence, minutes, financial records, clippings, publicity, and sound recordings. The collection documents fundraising activities in Madison and contacts with civil rights leaders in Mississippi and Arkansas such as Fannie Lou Hamer, L.C. Smith, and Lee Bankhead. Particularly extensive is the correspondence with Lee Thornton of the North Bolivar County Farm Cooperative. The tape cassettes are of two speeches given in Madison in 1976 by Mrs. Hamer under the sponsorship of Measure for Measure.
- - - Title: Madison Metropolitan School District: Miscellaneous Policy Issues, circa 1970s-circa 1980s
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: M2010-168
Abstract: Collected materials from the Madison (Wisconsin) Metropolitan School District consisting of minutes, reports, publications, committee papers, and news articles addressing issues such as school closings and transfers, declining enrollments, curriculum, talented and gifted program, sex equity in athletics and integration and desegregation of minorities.
Madison Optimist Club (Wisconsin) Title: Madison Optimist Club Records, 1924-1973
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (1 record center carton and 1 archives box)
Call Number: M75-430
Abstract: A complete run, 1924-1973, of the weekly bulletin of the Madison Optimist Club chartered in 1924, an affiliate of Optimist International whose mission states that by providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in kids. Local clubs address the needs of their community through service programs. The weekly bulletin letters, called the “Madison Optigram”, include information on club members, officers, and board members, on the program of the week with a review of past programs, and on current activities of the organization. The bulletins are contained in ten volumes chronologically.
Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association Title: Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association Records, 1893-1938
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 1011
Abstract: Records of the Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association, a Madison, Wisconsin organization formed by business and civic leaders to establish scenic drives and parks in and near the city. In 1931, the Madison Park Commission was created and the Association gradually transferred its property and resources to the Commission. Included are minutes, papers on a 1915 legislative lobbying campaign, lists of contributors, and miscellaneous other records.
Madison People's Bicentennial Commission (Wis.) Title: Madison People's Bicentennial Commission Records, 1974-1976
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 783
Abstract: Records of the Madison, Wisconsin affiliate (1974-1976) of the People's Bicentennial Commission, which was formed in 1971 to focus attention on the democratic and revolutionary aspect of the break from Great Britain in 1776 and the dominance of big business in contemporary American society. Present are correspondence; an office log; clippings; notes; and press releases, posters, leaflets, and handouts. The correspondence is quite fragmentary, but it includes a lengthy letter to the national staff concerning planning priorities and “Economic Democracy,” a manuscript by Jeremy Rifkin, head of PBC, sent to the Madison office for criticism. Also of interest are material on surveys of public attitudes toward the capitalist system and an attempt during the 1976 presidential campaign to focus attention on the issue of economic democracy.
Madison Policemen's Protective Association (Wis.) Title: Madison Policemen's Protective Association Records, 1927-1964
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 258
Abstract: Records, mainly 1940-1964, of a labor organization (1927- ) of the policemen of Madison, Wisconsin that also provided insurance and legal support and social and fraternal activities. The collection consists primarily of minutes of the Board of Directors (1940-1964; published minutes 1927-1932 are available in the Historical Society Library), together with financial records and miscellany.
Madison Press Connection (Wis.) Title: Madison Press Connection Records, 1977-1980
Quantity: 3.4 cubic feet (8 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm)
Call Number: Mss 777; Micro 1184
Abstract: Records of the Madison Press Connection, a Madison, Wisconsin, organization which produced a daily newspaper first published in 1977 as a strike paper during a labor dispute with Madison Newspapers Inc. The paper ceased publication in 1980. Included are minutes of administrative and departmental meetings concerning operations as a worker-managed cooperative; microfilmed clippings about the history of the paper and the strike; stock, circulation, and business records; and reporters' research files concerning sports and other topics.
- - - Title: Madison Public Library Film Collection, 1932-1983
Quantity: 211 film reels (16 mm)
Call Number: AC 480; AC 482; AC 626-AC 628; AC 631; AC 633-AC 634; AC 636; AC 638-AC 639; AC 642; AC 644-AC 649; AC 670; AE 090; AE 093; AE 111-AE 112; AE 126; CB 007; CB 167-CB 168; CB 173; CB 175; CB 177; CB 181; CB 183; CB 190; CB 203; CB 205; CB 209; CB 211; CB 214; CB 215; CB 217; CB 221; CB 223-CB 225; CB 227; CB 230; CB 232-CB 234; CB 236; CB 237; CB 244-CB 246; CB 250; CB 252; CB 254; CB 255; CB 257; CB 259; CB 260; CB 264-CB 266; CB 280-CB 281; CC 184; CC 188; CC 569-CC 570; DD 944-DD 947; DD 949-DD 951; DD 954; DD 961-DD 964; DD 966-DD 967; DD 969; DD 973; DD 975; DD 978; DD 981; DD 984; DD 989; DD 992-DD 994; DE 001; DE 003-DE 004; DE 009; DE 014; DE 022-DE 024; DE 026-DE 031; DE 034-DE 035; DE 038; DE 041; DE 044-DE 045; DE 048; DE 050-DE 051; DE 055; DE 059; DE 061; DE 069; DE 070-DE 072; DE 074-DE 075; DE 077-DE 078; DE 080-DE 084; DE 090-DE 091; DE 093-DE 094; DE 096-DE 098; DE 101; DE 104-DE 107; DE 111-DE 121; DE 123-DE 124; DE 127; DG 013; DG 069-DG 079; DG 081-DG 083; FF 638-FF 652; FF 657-FF 662; FF 666-FF 670; FF 672; FF 675; FF 678-FF 681; FF 683-FF 686; FH 283
Abstract: A selection of films from the Madison Public Library's former circulating collection. Titles encompass the genres of educational shorts, documentaries, and feature films, and are representative of a circulating collection from a public library during the mid-twentieth century.
Madison (Wis.). Redevelopment Authority Title: Madison Redevelopment Authority (Wis.): Urban Renewal Project Records, 1954-1975
Quantity: 11.8 cubic feet (29 archives boxes and 1 index card box), 2.2 cubic feet of photographs (6 archives boxes and 1 folder), and 2 negatives
Call Number: Dane Series 326
Abstract: Records of the Madison Redevelopment Authority Urban Renewal projects, 1954-1975. Most of the documentation is from the period when the projects were planned and property acquired by the Redevelopment Authority. Projects consist of the Triangle Project (Greenbush neighborhood) and the Brittingham Project.
Madison Teachers Incorporated Title: Madison Teachers Incorporated Records, 1960-1975
Quantity: 17.2 c.f. (43 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 421
Abstract: Records of Madison Teachers Incorporated (Madison, Wisconsin), an organization founded in the 1930s and affiliated with the Wisconsin Education Association Council and the National Education Association and composed of teachers in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Until the 1960s it included both administrators and teachers, but it became a labor organization in 1964, acting as the exclusive collective bargaining agent for Madison teachers. The collection includes minutes, 1964-1971, of the organization's highest governing body, the Representative Council; Board of Directors minutes, 1966-1971; correspondence of Executive Director John Matthews and subject files, 1960-1975; records of grievances and employment complaints filed by members, 1965-1974; and records, 1964-1969, of the Professional Negotiations Committee, the committee responsible for contract negotiation.
Madison Tenant Union Title: Madison Tenant Union Records, 1970-1976
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 526
Abstract: Records of a Madison, Wisconsin, organization representing renters in negotiations with landlords. Included are building inspection forms and some photographs from the downtown student neighborhood from the mid-1970's; research material on various landlords; printed matter relating to several rent strikes authorized by the union; and minutes, drafts, and notes pertaining to a fair housing ordinance proposed by the Madison Building and Housing Code Study Committee.
Madison Torske Klubben Title: Madison Torske Klubben Records, 1978-2008
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton), 110 tape recordings, and 4 videorecordings (in 1 archives box)
Call Number: M2008-050
Abstract: Records of the Madison Torske Klubben (Cod Club), a social club for those of Norwegian descent whose members meet once every month (September-April) for a lunch of cod and a visit by a special speaker. The records document the formation of the club as well as the various programs and speakers the club has organized. The bulk of the records consist of the 110 tape recordings documenting the club's meetings between 1978 and 2007. The videorecordings document the 10th, 20th, and 25th anniversary celebrations of the club.
Madison Turners (Wis.) Title: Madison Turners Records, 1855-1950
Quantity: 2.8 c.f. (10 archives boxes including 17 volumes)
Call Number: Wis Mss QQ
Abstract: Records of the Madison Turners or Turnverein, a society founded in 1855 to stress physical education and “rational ideas,” including minutes and correspondence, 1855-1952; financial and membership reports, 1889-1940; and miscellaneous committee records, clippings, and memorabilia. The majority of the records predating 1935 are in German.
Madison Urban League (Wis.) Title: Madison Urban League Records, 1962-1966, 1971
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 492
Abstract: Fragmentary records of the Madison, Wisconsin, chapter of the National Urban League. Included are correspondence and related material pertaining to the efforts of the Madison Friends of the Urban League to determine if a chapter was necessary in Madison and to the mechanics of establishing a chapter. Also present are minutes of meetings, 1962-1964, a copy of proposed by-laws, and flyers promoting branch activities.
Madison Veterans for Peace (Wis.) Title: Madison Veterans for Peace Records, 1967-1972
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box), 5 photographs, 4 negatives, 5 pieces of ephemera
Call Number: Mss 316; PH Mss 316
Abstract: Records of the Madison, Wis., chapter of a loosely-knit national organization of veterans from all wars who opposed U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam. Present are minutes, correspondence, membership materials, and other organizational records; drafts and printed copies of flyers and publications; and files on a 1970 convention that drafted a national constitution. Photographs show protests by veterans and a veteran at an airport. The ephemera includes holiday cards made by the group.
- - - Title: Madison, Wisconsin, Television Newsfilm, 1955-1981
Quantity: 1030 reels of film
Call Number: VNA, WISC, WKOW; see contents list for more details
Abstract: Described in this finding aid is a portion of the film included in three different archival collections: the Vietnam Archives Television Newsfilm, 1965-1972; and the 1968-1972 television newsfilm of two Madison, Wisconsin TV stations, WISC and WKOW. The footage is what was shot, not what was broadcast. Its subject matter covers the entire range of Madison local news and features in the years 1968-1972 and coverage of state political and legislative events, the University of Wisconsin, comments on national events by Wisconsin members of Congress, activity generated by local, state, and national election campaigns, and public support and opposition to the Vietnam War.
Cage, Maggi Title: Maggi Cage Papers, 1977-1995
Quantity: 2.2 c.f. (1 record center carton, 1 archives box, and 2 flat boxes), 2 tape recordings, 2 photographs, 5 transparencies, and 1 videorecording
Call Number: M96-001
Abstract: Papers of Maggi Cage, former owner of the Fox Valley Reproductive Health Care Center in Appleton, Wisconsin, documenting the work of the center as well as Cage’s involvement in the reproductive choice movement in the Fox Valley. In addition, the papers include materials concerning First Amendment issues and the pro-choice movement.
Swenson, Magnus, 1854-1936 Title: Magnus Swenson Papers, 1881-1936
Quantity: 5.8 cubic feet (14 archives boxes and 1 flat box); plus additions of 0.4 cubic feet and 9 photographs
Call Number: Wis Mss SN; PH 2262; PH 2271; M65-369
Abstract: Papers of Magnus Swenson, a Madison, Wisconsin businessman, inventor, philanthropist, and University of Wisconsin regent. The collection consists mainly of correspondence and related materials which reveal Swenson's interests in civic and political affairs, University activities, and organizations with a Scandinavian orientation.
- - - Title: Mahalia Jackson Sings Films, 1961-1963
Quantity: 82 film reels (16 mm)
Call Number: FG 638-FG 654
Abstract: Eighty-two episodes from the musical series Mahalia Jackson Sings, in which the gospel singer performs a variety of gospel songs.
Rosholt, Malcolm Leviatt, 1907- Title: Malcolm Leviatt Rosholt Collected Photographs, 1880-1925, 1965
Quantity: 0.4 cubic feet (1 archives box); plus additions of 183 photographs (2 archives boxes and 3 folders)
Call Number: Stevens Point Mss R; PH 3544; PH 3567
Abstract: Reproductions of photographs collected and captioned by Malcolm Rosholt, Rosholt, Wisconsin; including photographs of logging operations taken circa 1890-circa 1912 in Marathon, Portage, and other nearby Wisconsin counties; aerial views of towns and other scenes taken in 1965 in Waupaca and Portage counties; portrait photographs of mayors of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, including Leon Pasternachi, Byron B. Parks, and Thomas Henry Hanna; and images of Wausau, 1909-1912.
Rosholt, Malcolm Leviatt, 1907- Title: Malcolm Leviatt Rosholt Papers, 1943-1972, 1992-1994
Quantity: 120 audio recordings and 0.2 cubic feet (1 archives box)
Call Number: Audio 842A; Audio 1107A; Stevens Point Tape 1; Stevens Point Mss CB
Abstract: Papers of Malcolm Leviatt Rosholt, a journalist and author, the bulk of which relate to his United States military service in China during World War II, and taped interviews with early Wisconsin residents. The papers include photocopied correspondence, clippings and articles relating to the John Birch Society, a typed copy of Rosholt's Diary from China, two programs for the annual convention of the Flying Tigers Association (1992-1994) and copies of Operation Reports of the 14th Air Force. The tape-recorded interviews conducted by Rosholt, most with early residents in Portage, Marathon, Waupaca, and Shawano counties, Wisconsin, concern the history of their area and notable historical incidents.
Malopolan Club, Milwaukee Chapter (Wis.) Title: Malopolan Club, Milwaukee Chapter Records, 1954-1979
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder)
Call Number: Milwaukee SC 105
Abstract: Partial records of the chapter, including minutes, dues records, and a 10th anniversary program.
- - - Title: “Man and the Challenge” Films, 1959-1960
Quantity: 36 film reels
Call Number: DB 073-DB 108
Abstract: Thirty-six episodes of Man and the Challenge, a half-hour adventure series that aired on NBC from 1959 to 1960, about a U.S. government research scientist assigned to test the limits of human endurance. All the films are 16 mm prints in black and white with sound. Each episode is approximately 950 feet long.
- - - Title: Man with a Camera Films, 1958-1960
Quantity: 3 film reels (16 mm)
Call Number: DF 238-DF 240
Abstract: Three episodes from the half-hour television show Man with a Camera, starring Charles Bronson as Mike Kovac, a former combat cameraman turned freelance photographer who helps the police solve crimes.
Henning, Manetta Title: Manetta Henning Genealogical Information, 1650-circa 1980
Quantity: 7.3 c.f. (18 archives boxes and 1 tube)
Call Number: M2001-081
Abstract: Compiled records documenting several branches of the Manetta Henning family from 1650 through the early 1980s. Records in this collection document the family’s emigration from various locations in Germany and several Scandinavian countries to Columbia County, Wisconsin. Included are charts, correspondence, reproduced documents and photographs, and other materials. The majority of the records date from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.
Swarsensky, Manfred, 1906-1981 Title: Manfred E. Swarsensky Papers, 1937-1983
Quantity: 2.4 c.f. (2 record center cartons and 1 archives box) and 5 tape recordings
Call Number: Mss 692; Tape 1170A; Tape 1253A
Abstract: Papers, primarily composed of addresses, sermons, and reference material, of a prominent Madison, Wisconsin rabbi, Jewish spiritual leader, scholar, and community activist. The majority of his addresses and sermons date from the 1960s and 1970s and in 1981 were compiled into a book, Intimates and Ultimates. The book manuscript is also present in the collection, as are some personal papers. The latter include biographical materials, memorial tributes, a small amount of correspondence, honorary degrees and records of Rabbi Swarsensky's two trips to Berlin during the 1970s. Rabbi Swarsensky's records of Madison Jewish community activities include dedication ceremony files, temple bulletins, and president's reports of Temple Beth El, a Reform congregation, a few materials documenting the restoration of the Gates of Heaven synagogue, cemetery records, and items from the American Jewish Tercentenary. The majority of the collection is composed of Swarsensky's reference files of clippings, near-print materials, and notes gathered for use in sermons, speeches, and writings. Four speeches are available on tape, as is a recording of a memorial service for Rabbi Swarsensky at Beth El Temple, November 22, 1981.
Manitowoc (Wis.). Relief Dept. Title: Manitowoc (Wis.). Relief Dept.: Relief Case Files, circa 1936-circa 1943
Quantity: 33.0 c.f. (19 record center cartons and 35 archives boxes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 51
Abstract: Individual case files documenting the monetary assistance given to persons in need through the use of city funds. Files include applications for relief, field worker's report sheets which contain narrative accounts of case background, face sheets containing factual information about the applicant, financial disbursement sheets, correspondence, and related documents.
Manitowoc (Wis.). Clerk Manitowoc (Wis.). City Council Title: Manitowoc City Council Proceedings, 1912-2019
Quantity: 3.2 cubic feet (8 archives boxes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 53
Abstract: Printed proceedings of the Manitowoc City Council. Included are minutes of meetings, resolutions, and petitions submitted to the Council. The file is incomplete.
Manitowoc Company, Inc. Title: Manitowoc Company Inc. Records, 1867-1978
Quantity: 39.0 cubic feet (40 archives boxes, 2 records center cartons, and 61 flat boxes), 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm), and 67 reels of microfilm (16 mm)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 152; Green Bay Micro 4; Green Bay Micro 59; Micro 4
Abstract: Records of the Manitowoc Company Inc., a Wisconsin manufacturer of ships, submarines, cranes, freezers, and ice cube making machines, dry cleaning machinery, and pulp paper machinery. The collection documents primarily the financial aspects of the company and of several subsidiaries and acquired companies. Record types include administrative, production, physical plant, patent, and financial records. Although the records span a substantial period of the company's history, the collection is very fragmentary and the 16 mm microfilm is of poor quality.
Manitowoc Coordinating Committee (Wis.) Title: Manitowoc Coordinating Committee Records, 1938-1941
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 32; Green Bay Micro 9; Micro 546
Abstract: Records of the Committee, an organization founded in Manitowoc, Wis., to aid Jewish refugees emigrating from Nazi Germany to the United States. Records include correspondence, affidavits, financial materials, and minutes of the Manitowoc committee, plus fragmentary minutes of the Wisconsin and the National Coordinating Committees.
Manitowoc County (Wis.). Clerk Title: Manitowoc County (Wis.). Clerk: Agricultural and Dairy Statistics, 1877-1965
Quantity: 1.0 cubic foot (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 85
Abstract: Statistical summaries and statements from town assessors as required by state law. Gives the amount of principal crops grown during the preceding year, acreages growing during the reporting year, the number and value of dairy products and livestock (1877-1904, 1911-1917, 1940-1965); and lists of creameries, cheese factories, and milk condenseries (1903-1916).
Manitowoc County (Wis.). Clerk Title: Manitowoc County (Wis.). Clerk: Registers of Health Services Professionals, 1897-1976
Quantity: 1.0 cubic foot (7 volumes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 80
Abstract: Record of the registration of physicians, nurses, chiropractors and optometrists authorized to practice in Manitowoc County per Wisconsin state laws. The name, place of residence, date of licensing or certification, filing date, and often the school and graduation date are given for the persons listed. Each volume contains a name index.
Manitowoc County (Wis.). Soldiers Relief Commission Title: Manitowoc County (Wis.). Soldiers Relief Commission: Records, 1861-1987
Quantity: 0.8 cubic feet (1 archives box and 3 volumes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 75
Abstract: Records including reports, minutes, financial statements, claims for aid, names of aid recipients (primarily Civil War veterans and their dependents), and lists of veterans buried in county cemeteries including name of cemetery, rank and command, and conflict. Includes a few records from its predecessor office, the Volunteer Relief Fund, 1861.
Manitowoc County Insane Asylum (Wis.) Title: Manitowoc County Insane Asylum (Wis.): Manitowoc County Board Committee on the Insane and Insane Asylum Board of Trustee Records, 1859-1913
Quantity: 1.2 cubic feet (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 86
Abstract: Court orders and Board of Supervisors' orders regarding alleged insane persons, 1859-1871; Committee on the Insane records, 1877-1913; and Asylum Board of Trustees records, 1883-1913. In the absence of admission logs, the bills of costs and other records in this series serve as a record of Asylum residents until circa 1887 when annual reports and the County Board Proceedings list patient names. The Board of Supervisors, the Committee on the Insane, and the Board of Trustees, cooperated to govern and manage the institution.
Manitowoc Education Association (Manitowoc, Wis.) Title: Manitowoc Education Association Records, 1974
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (1 archives box and 1 flat box)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 159
Abstract: Records of the Manitowoc Education Association, the union for teachers in the Manitowoc, Wis. public schools, primarily concerning their January 1974 strike. Included are reports, meeting minutes, strike instruction sheets, notes from telephone surveys, newspaper clippings, and a scrapbook containing additional clippings, correspondence (mostly telegrams), and flyers. This collection documents the strike methods and procedures and local newspaper coverage of the strike. Also documented are public attitudes towards the union, the teachers, the school board, and the strike itself. Most of the materials date from January 1974. However, there are a number of newspaper clippings dating from the following months, documenting opinions following the strike as well as the election of the Manitowoc Board of Education.
Manitowoc Memorial Hospital Auxiliary (Manitowoc, Wis.) Title: Manitowoc Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Records, 1948-1991
Quantity: 2.8 c.f. (6 archives boxes and 1 card box), 2 reels of microfilm (35mm), and 58 photographs
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 132; Green Bay Micro 54; PH Green Bay Mss 132; Micro 2046
Abstract: Records of a non-profit women's volunteer organization in Manitowoc, Wis., formed in 1953 to support the Manitowoc Memorial Hospital. Included are by-laws, minutes of the board of trustees, audits and financial reports, membership records, newsletters, microfilmed clipping scrapbooks, photographs, records of fundraising activities, and information on Candy Stripers and other volunteer programs. About Manitowoc Memorial Hospital there are incomplete files of correspondence, audits, board minutes, administrator's reports, brochures, and additional microfilmed clippings. Several manuals issued by the Wisconsin Hospital Association Auxiliaries are also included. The photographs mainly concern fundraising activities, the Candy Stripers program, and staff at work. The organization dissolved in 1991 when the hospital merged with Holy Family Hospital to become Holy Family Memorial Medical Center.
- - - Title: Manitowoc Public Library Collection, undated
Quantity: 7.0 cubic feet (17 archives boxes and 2 negative boxes)
Call Number: M2004-257
Abstract: Photographs documenting the town and people of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and its surrounding area, collected by the Manitowoc Public Library. The majority of the images are from the 1880s to the early 1900s with a few photos from as late as the 1950s. Images show views of streets, schools, residences, and commercial buildings in Manitowoc and neighboring locations. Also included are posed and candid portraits of individuals.
Manitowoc School District (Wis.) Title: Manitowoc School District (Wis.): Predecessor School Records, 1859-1910
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (2 archives boxes and 6 separate volumes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 62
Abstract: Records of the clerks and treasurers of Joint School Districts 1, 2, 4, and 7, City and Town of Manitowoc. The districts were consolidated into Manitowoc School District in 1910. The series consists of Clerk’s and Treasurer's books from each district. Clerk's books contain primarily meeting minutes (annual, board, regular, and special), resolutions, and some financial information. Treasurer's records typically contain receipts and expenditures, including lists of teachers and other employees. The series does not contain student records.
Mann Valley Lutheran Church (Wis.) Title: Mann Valley Lutheran Church (Wis.) Records, 1881-1949
Quantity: 0.6 cubic feet (1 flat box including 2 volumes)
Call Number: River Falls Mss AG
Abstract: Partial records of Mann Valley Lutheran Church, a Pierce County Lutheran church founded about 1881. The records include a photocopied minute book, with minutes of church meetings, 1886-1931, and a short history of fundraising and building plans for the first church, 1881-1885 (both in Swedish); a membership roll listing members born as early as 1848; Ladies' Aid Society minutes (mainly listing newly-elected officers) and an expense book; and miscellaneous papers.
Mansfield Family Title: Mansfield Family Papers, 1777-1908
Quantity: 0.4 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 39
Abstract: Papers of the Mansfield family, primarily Jared and his son Edward. Collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal documents, and publications.
Marathon County (Wis.). Board of Supervisors Title: Marathon County (Wis.). Board of Supervisors: Proceedings, 1850-1902
Quantity: 2 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Marathon Micro Series 1
Abstract: Microfilmed minutes of the meetings of the Board.
Marathon County (Wis.). Clerk Title: Marathon County (Wis.). Clerk: Nonresident Poor Relief Record, 1936-1959
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (9 volumes)
Call Number: Marathon Series 12
Abstract: Record of notices received by the county clerk regarding aid given by other local units to non-residents of that locality who claimed legal settlement in Marathon County or listed Marathon County as a previous residence. Entries show the name of the clerk, the notice of relief granted to the recipient, type of relief, date of entry, legal statement by the recipient, including his or her age, residence, names of spouse and children, when moved, what aid received, previous residences, and legal settlement, and official certifications of the information. Wisconsin Laws 1929, Chapter 140, required persons obtaining relief to make a sworn statement concerning his place of settlement. Wisconsin Laws 1903, Chapter 319, required the clerk of the county providing aid to notify the clerk of the recipient's county that aid was provided.
Marathon County (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Marathon County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1859-1995
Quantity: 102.2 c.f. (652 volumes), 51 reels of microfilm (35 mm), and 147 sheets of microfiche
Call Number: Marathon Series 7
Abstract: Record of the assessed value and the amount of taxes levied and collected on each parcel of real estate in Marathon County. Tax rolls typically include a description of the property, name of the owner, assessed valuation, tax levied, and a record of payments. For the period 1965 to 1995 only every fifth year has been preserved. The records present are of widely scattered date and include some for 1859, 1936, and various years between 1940 and 1980.
Blitzstein, Marc, 1905-1964 Title: Marc Blitzstein Papers, 1918-1989
Quantity: 40.0 cubic feet (39 archives boxes and 74 flat boxes), 71 reels of microfilm (35 mm), 23 tape recordings, and 114 disc recordings
Call Number: U.S. Mss 35AN; Micro 1049; Disc 33A; Disc 161A; Audio 513A; Audio 554A; Audio 740A; Audio 761A; Audio 763A; Audio 764A; Audio 773A; Audio 1049A
Abstract: Personal and professional papers of Marc Blitzstein, a composer, lyricist, and librettist best known for his concern with making his work socially as well as artistically significant. The collection documents the creative process of composition and of Blitzstein's efforts to reconcile the political, psychological, and musical aspects of composition. Blitzstein was most famous for: his operas The Cradle Will Rock (1937), Regina (1949), Reuben, Reuben (1955), and Juno (1959); his motion picture score for Native Land (Frontier Films, 1942); The Airborne Symphony (1946); and his adaptation of The Threepenny Opera (1954). The collection is comprised chiefly of scores and scripts, with recordings, related correspondence, research material, and clippings, pertaining to Blitzstein's work in motion pictures, opera, ballet, theater, and symphonic orchestra. Also included are personal papers such as correspondence, contracts, notebooks and journals concerning his travels, writings and lecture materials, and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and memorabilia, and a taped interview of Blitzstein and opera singer Lina Abarbanell. Papers of Blitzstein's wife, Eva Goldbeck (1901-1936), including many personal letters, journals, and unpublished writings, are also present.
Duff, Marc, 1961- Title: Marc Duff Papers, 1982-2002
Quantity: 4.4 c.f. (11 archives boxes)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 206
Abstract: Papers of a New Berlin Republican state legislator representing Wisconsin's 84th Assembly district from 1988 to 2002. The bulk of the collection consists of Subject Files relating to issues addressed by Duff during his term in office such as the environment, alternative fuels, government waste, and education. Other topics include national issues like abortion and gun control to local concerns such as commerce, mass transit, and energy utilities. The Legislative Files consist of documents related to specific bills sponsored by Duff or in which he took a specific interest and include letters, memos, news clippings, press releases, and reports.
Coggs, Marcia P., 1928-2003 Title: Marcia P. Coggs Papers, 1977-1992
Quantity: 15.2 c.f.
Call Number: M90-248; M93-006
Abstract: Papers of Marcia P. Coggs, the first black woman elected to the Wisconsin Legislature in 1976 representing Milwaukee's 18th Assembly District. Coggs served until 1992 and was a staunch supporter of affirmative action, programs for the elderly, and the construction of a correctional facility in Milwaukee. Other issues documented by the collection include South Africa divestiture, civil rights, education, housing, and women's and children's health issues.
Bossard, Marcus Title: Marcus Bossard Papers, 1887-1947
Quantity: 2.2 c.f. (4 flat boxes)
Call Number: M91-144
Abstract: Records kept by Dr. Marcus Bossard, a physician in the area of Spring Green, Plain, and Bear Valley, Wisconsin, including records of the medical treatment of the Lloyd-Jones family, the Frank Lloyd Wright family, and the staff and students of the Hillside Home School in Iowa County, Wisconsin.
Marcus Corporation Title: Marcus Corporation Records, 1938-1992
Quantity: 36.2 c.f. (29 record center cartons, 5 archives boxes, 2 flat boxes, and 16 rolls) and 13 tape recordings
Call Number: M2009-060
Abstract: Corporate records, 1938-1992, consisting of files related to Marcus Theatres and other Marcus Corporation properties documenting film distribution, property sales and management, and advertising.
Anketell, Margaret Title: Margaret Anketell Papers, 1851-1930
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Wis Mss LA
Abstract: Material collected and prepared by Margaret Anketell concerning the establishment and history of St. John Chrysostom Episcopal Church in Delafield, Wisconsin. The collection consists of correspondence, excerpts from diaries, and copies of county and parish records, 1851-1908. Also included are letters to Anketell from George H. Noyes and others, 1911-1930, concerning the erection and dedication of the monument to William Barker Cushing at Delafield, Wis.
Anderson, Margaret C. Title: Margaret C. Anderson Papers, 1930-1973
Quantity: .6 cubic ft. (2 boxes) 3 safety film negatives
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 12
Abstract: Collection consists of letters from Anderson to her sister, Mrs. Philip Palmer, that mention Little Review magazine, her health, and her travels throughout France and Europe. Also includes photographs (1930-1973) of Anderson and her friends, and an 1930 article by Sherwood Anderson on Margaret Anderson's book My Thirty Years' War. The collection includes 163 letters, 28 postcards, 30 photographs, 3 safety film negatives, 6 manuscripts consisting of 57 pages, 2 letters from friends after her death, and a cablegram telling of Margaret Anderson's death.
Blanton, Margaret Gray, 1887-1973 Title: Margaret Gray Blanton Papers, 1845-1972
Quantity: 5.0 c.f. (13 archives boxes and 1 flat package) and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Mss 93; Tape 543A
Abstract: Papers of Margaret Gray Blanton, an author and wife of psychiatrist Smiley Blanton. Included are correspondence, 1911-1972, diaries, 1918-1972, manuscripts of her and her husband's writings, materials concerning their relationship with Sigmund Freud, and vast genealogical files on their ancestors in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, including copies of the accounts of two Baptist churches in Fayette County, Kentucky. Also included is a taped radio interview with Smiley Blanton for the Martha Dean Program about his book, The Healing Power of Poetry, 1961.
Krome, Margaret, 1956- Title: Margaret Krome Papers, 1987-2015
Quantity: 1.0 cubic foot (1 records center carton)
Call Number: Mss 1192
Abstract: Papers, 1987-2015, of Margaret Krome, policy director, administrator, and writer, documenting her professional work with the Wisconsin Rural Development Center (WRDC) and Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (MFAI), her role in establishing the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her role as a grassroots coordinator who works to involve farmers, environmental advocates, and consumers in sustainable agriculture policy advocacy.
Larson, Margaret S. Title: Margaret Larson Papers Relating to For the Common Good: A History of Women's Roles in La Crosse County
Physical Description: 1.0 cubic foot
Call Number: MSS 055
Abstract: Papers created and compiled by Margaret Larson in her role as editor and coordinator of the League of Women Voters of La Crosse County's 75th anniversary book project For the Common Good: A History of Women's Roles in La Crosse County, 1920-1980, a book about Coulee region women and their history and contributions to the La Crosse community. The papers follow the same organization as the book and generally include notes from interviews and some photocopied articles and other materials used in writing the book. A manuscript draft of the book is also included, as well as a folder on post publication information. The collection does not include any biographical or personal information about the author.
MacDonald, Margaret Title: Margaret MacDonald Colletion on the Grand Army of the Republic Wilson Colwell Post Number 38 of La Crosse, Wisconsin
Physical Description: 1.8 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 033
Abstract: Information gathered by Margaret ("Peggy") MacDonald primarily about members of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Wilson Colwell Post No. 38, La Crosse, Wisconsin, and a few members belonging to the John Flynn Post No. 77 of the North Side of La Crosse. Also some history of Civil War regiments having connections to La Crosse veterans. The Colwell Post was formed in July 1882 and the last member died in Sept. 1939.
Blott, Margaret McGuire Title: Margaret McGuire Papers and Photographs, 1947-1952
Quantity: 0.3 cubic feet (1 archives box and 1 oversize folder) and 0.6 cubic feet of photographs (1 flat box)
Call Number: Mss 1193; PH 6981
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Margaret McGuire (married name Blott) consisting of correspondence, ephemera, publications, news clippings, scrapbook, and note cards documenting her service as the first Alice in Dairyland in 1948 and again in 1952. The scrapbook consists of news clippings of McGuire's public relations tours to various Wisconsin towns as Alice in Dairyland in 1948. The photographs document the Wisconsin Centennial Exposition featuring McGuire, her public appearances, and other public relations shots including images with the governor and at home with her family.
Bohle, Margarete Title: Margarete Bohle Papers, 1908-2005 (bulk 1929-1993)
Extent: 0.9 c.f. (2 archives boxes and 1 oversize folder) and 0.2 c.f. of photographs (1 archives box)
Call Number: M2006-038
Abstract: Papers, 1908-2005 (bulk 1929-1993), of longtime Milwaukee (Wisconsin) school teacher Margarete Bohle. She attended the Milwaukee Normal School and Milwaukee State Teacher's College and received an M.A. in education from Marquette University in 1941. The papers document her teaching career, personal life, and travels.
House, Margo, 1928- Title: Margo House Papers, 1973-1980
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton) and 1 videorecording
Call Number: Eau Claire Mss BU; VBA 470
Abstract: Papers of Wisconsin feminist Margo House pertaining to the founding of the Eau Claire chapter of NOW; her service on the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women, circa 1975-1979; the Wisconsin Feminists Project Fund, circa 1974-1977, a group which funded historical research projects and employment workshops related to women (House served as its president); and several educational programs aimed at sexism. The video is from the Governor's Commission convention of 1976.
Huston, Margo Title: Margo Huston Papers, 1950-1999 (bulk 1996-1999)
Extent: 9.6 c.f. (9 record center cartons, 1 archives box, and 1 oversize box), 81 photographs, and 174 tape recordings
Call Number: M2006-111; Audio 1620A
Abstract: Papers, 1950-1999 (bulk 1996-1999), of Milwaukee reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner Margo Huston, documenting her career in journalism at the Waukesha Freeman and the Milwaukee Journal. Huston also served two terms on the National News Council, a watchdog organization that issued opinions on complaints involving the national media. The bulk of the collection contains information about the implementation of the welfare reform program Wisconsin Works (W-2) in Milwaukee County, with an emphasis on childcare issues.
Doyon, Marian, collector Title: Marian Doyon Collection of Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin, Photographs, 1912, 1915-1923
Quantity: 9 photographs (9 folders)
Call Number: PH 3641
Abstract: Photographs documenting Taliesin I and Taliesin II, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, at Spring Green, Wisconsin, before and after the fire which destroyed part of the residence in 1914. Included are images of the exterior of the building as viewed from the courtyard and roof as well as one image of the living room. Some of the images were produced by Henry Fuermann and Sons for publication in architectural journals.
Havlik, Marian E., 1935- Title: Marian E. Havlik Papers, 1958-2010 (bulk 1975-2008)
Quantity: 8.1 cubic feet (20 archives boxes and 1 oversize folder) and 2 tape recordings
Call Number: La Crosse Mss DE; Audio 1462A
Abstract: Papers of Marian E. Havlik, a Wisconsin nurse-turned-malacologist, consultant and environmentalist, the bulk of which are from 1975-2008. Included is research on freshwater mollusks, with an emphasis on endangered species, including the Higgins' Eye Pearly Mussel (Lampsilis higginsi), and their habitats in the Upper Mississippi River Region; technical reports; published papers on research findings; newspaper clippings; and correspondence.
Silveus, Marian, 1904-1958 Title: Marian Silveus Papers, 1926-1962
Quantity: 1.6 cubic ft. (4 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 60
Abstract: Papers of a professor of history at the Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee including correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, and a small quantity of administrative and biographical materials. The papers document Silveus' career at the college from 1937 through 1958 and her historical research interests. The correspondence comprises the majority of the collection and consists of letters from Silveus' acquaintances, faculty of the college's History Department, and professional associates and organizations. Also included are letters to Silveus from U.S. servicemen during World War II, many of whom had attended the college before entering the armed services. The collection contains several unpublished manuscripts which document Silveus' historical research interests, including An American Learns to Enjoy Art (1958), Christopher Columbus (1937), Foreign Elements in Pennsylvania in the Eighteenth Century (1926), National Societies and Conventions in the Years 1850, 1860 and 1870 (1938), and The Election of 1800 in Pennsylvania (1926).
Kohler, Marie Christine, 1876-1943;
Kohler, Ruth DeYoung, 1906-1953
Title: Marie C. Kohler and Ruth DeYoung Kohler Papers, 1920-1944, 1953, 1955
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (4 archives boxes, 1 flat box, and 1 volume), 0.4 c.f. of photographs, and 2 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Mss 585; PH 6502; Micro 2100
Abstract: Papers of Marie C. Kohler, a daughter of Walter J. Kohler, Sr., and her sister-in-law, Ruth DeYoung Kohler, the wife of Herbert Kohler, Sr., concerning their respective civic activities. The papers include correspondence, minutes, newspaper clippings, and other materials primarily relating to Marie's work with Aubrey Williams and the Wisconsin Conference of Social Work and the annual Kohler Better Homes Week and to Ruth's work on the restoration of the Wade House, a stagecoach inn at Greenbush, Wisconsin, now a historic site of the Wisconsin Historical Society. The Better Homes scrapbooks, which were in deteriorating condition, are available only on microfilm, with the exception of the original pages that contained fabric swatches, selected photographs, and floor plans. Other small files concern Marie's involvement in the Citizen's Committee on Unemployment (1930-1931), the Wisconsin Welfare Council (1941-1943), Wendell Willkie's 1940 presidential campaign, and the purchase of Japanese prints from Frank Lloyd Wright.
Hartford, Marie Cary, d. 1983 Title: Marie Cary Hartford Papers, 1897, 1933-1982
Quantity: 2.2 c.f. (2 record center cartons and 1 archives box), 1 tape recording, and 55 photographs
Call Number: M83-197; Tape 1152A
Abstract: Papers of Mrs. Marie Cary Hartford, largely concerning her father, Charles Preston Cary, and her family history. Cary was State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1902-1921, and an advocate of vocational education. The papers include correspondence, clippings, notes made by Marie concerning her father’s work, and genealogical papers. Photographs, primarily from the 1940s to the 1960s, include portraits and informal images of family members and friends.
App, Marie Omernik, 1937- Title: Marie Omernik App Photographs, 1970-1989
Quantity: 2.1 cubic feet of photographs (2 archives boxes, 2 flat boxes, and 1 oversize folder)
Call Number: M2018-016
Abstract: Photographs taken by Marie App of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis (Stevens Point, Wisconsin). Included in the collection are 8x10-inch prints, contact sheets, and negatives depicting the sisters engaged in their daily activities and routines. Also included are some photographs of the Amish in Southwestern Wisconsin and a listing of shows where App's photography was exhibited.
Madden, Marilyn Title: Marilyn Madden Genealogical Information on Henry Green(e) and Thomas L. Vought Families
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 159
Abstract: Genealogical information on the Henry Green(e) and Thomas L. Vought families of La Crosse, Wisconsin, as compiled by Marilyn Madden.
Johannsen, Marilyn R. Title: Marilyn R. and Walter J. Johannsen Papers, 1967-1986
Quantity: .4 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 86
Abstract: Papers of Marilyn R. and Walter J. Johannsen, neighborhood activists and leaders of Milwaukee's Sherman Park Community Association dating from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s. The collection contains correspondence to and from newspapers and local businesses, Housing and Education Committee records, association newsletters, early general meeting minutes, materials documenting opposition from hate groups, and other materials relating to their involvement with the organization. Some of these documents are annotated.
Marinette and Menominee Hospital (Marinette, Wis.) Title: Marinette and Menominee Hospital Records, 1883-1953
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm) and 0.3 c.f. (1 folder and 1 volume)
Call Number: Green Bay Micro 40; Micro 1029; Green Bay SC 108; Mss 1019
Abstract: Records of a Marinette, Wisconsin hospital, which was founded in 1883 as the Menominee River Hospital, later merged with the Wisconsin and Michigan Hospital, and which closed in 1940. Includes patient record books for the Menominee River Hospital, 1883-1885, and for the Wisconsin and Michigan Hospital, 1883-1908; (Military) Pension Examining Board record books, 1893-1897, 1903-1913; and miscellaneous items, 1896-1953. In paper form is one of the microfilmed volumes and an insurance ticket, Feb. 13, 1908, issued to Joseph Kratochivill entitling him to treatment at the hospital.
Marinette County (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Marinette County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1879-1982
Quantity: 46.0 cubic feet (241 volumes) and 37 reels of microfilm (16 mm)
Call Number: Marinette Series 5
Abstract: Tax rolls containing a record of the assessed value and the amount of taxes levied and collected on each parcel of real estate in Marinette County. Typically included is a description of the property, name of the owner, assessed valuation, tax levied, and a record of payments. Records for 1879-1909 are generally complete; beginning in 1910 only every tenth year has been preserved through 1930, and selected years from 1915 to 1982.
Marinette County (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Marinette County. Treasurer: Tax Sale Records, 1879-1935
Quantity: 9.6 c.f. (33 volumes)
Call Number: Marinette Series 4
Abstract: Lists of lands sold for unpaid taxes describing land, assessment years, tax and charges, to whom the land was sold, the amount of sale, by whom the land was redeemed, date and amount of redemption, and, if deeded, to whom the land was deeded and date.
Neprud, Marion C., 1897-1965 Title: Marion C. Neprud Papers, 1914-1966
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (5 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 222
Abstract: Papers of Marion C. Neprud, an administrator of federal public housing projects and a coordinator of public and private programs in community services, adult education, and housing management. The papers include personal and professional correspondence, reports, speeches, minutes, newsletters, press releases, and other materials. They document Neprud's work as state organizer for the League of Women Voters of Ohio; as director of the International Institute of Milwaukee, a housing referral, cultural, and adult education center; and as the administrator for the Farm Security Administration during the Depression of various homestead projects and of a training school for community managers. The correspondence includes letters from Monsignor L. G. Ligutti recording his impressions of social conditions in South America, and from Charl Ormond Williams regarding her travels to Denmark, Greenland, and the Soviet Union. Records concerning formation of the National Association of Community Managers are present as are papers from Neprud's work in New England in 1919 for Community Chautauquas, Inc. of New York.
Hawkins, Marion E., 1916-1999 Title: Marion E. Hawkins Papers, 1939-1993
Quantity: 6.4 cubic feet (6 records center cartons and 1 archives box) and 0.2 cubic feet of photographs (1 archives box)
Call Number: River Falls Mss DU; PH River Falls Mss DU
Abstract: Papers, 1939-1993, of Marion Hawkins, a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, consisting of correspondence, personal diaries, travel diaries and journals, speeches and writings, and photographs. The bulk of the collection consists of her correspondence, arranged chronologically, which includes letters and cards sent to Hawkins by her friends and employers. Information in the letters reveals how Hawkins' work as a professor and additional volunteer activities influenced the university. Hawkins' home diaries record both her daily personal and professional activities including the classes she taught. Her travel diaries document her trips both abroad and in the United States and detail her personal travel experiences, description of the various locales, and contemporary news of the countries in which she is visiting. She later used these travel diaries as background material while writing her travel journals which she compiled to formally express how she experienced these foreign lands.
Ogden, Marion G., 1875-1976 Title: Marion G. Ogden Papers, circa 1890-1970
Quantity: 2.1 c.f. (5 archives boxes and 2 folders)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss EF; Milwaukee SC 5; Milwaukee SC 48
Abstract: Papers of Ogden, a Milwaukee reform activist for improving conditions for children and youth, concerning her involvement with various philanthropic and civic organizations and governmental institutions throughout the state. The bulk of the collection dates from 1900 to 1930, and consists of her correspondence, writings, diaries, and record books documenting her theories and ideas on child welfare; general materials on child welfare including broadsides, clippings, handbooks, pamphlets, and newsletters; materials documenting her involvement (often as founder) in various Milwaukee organizations dedicated to the improvement of child welfare; and files on Juvenile Court laws. Legislative materials in the collection include working papers and drafts of child welfare bills from the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly, and miscellaneous documents of the Children's Code Committee and the Legislative Committee on Child Welfare.
Marjorie and Mondell Stewart Title: Marjorie and Mondell Stewart Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes and 1 flat box) of papers and 2 folders of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 894
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Marjorie Johnson Stewart and Mondell Stewart, who both served in the armed forces during World War II and married during the war. Marjorie Johnson Stewart was a member of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), which later became the Women's Army Corps (W.A.C.) and did clerical work. Mondell Stewart served as a medic for the Army Air Force at various stateside air fields. The collection consists largely of the letters exchanged between the two following Marjorie's discharge due to pregnancy. In her letters to her husband, Marjorie described her pregnancy, her loneliness for him, and the conditions at home. After the birth of their daughter, Marsha, she described her feelings about motherhood and her struggles adapting to having a baby around the house. Mondell's letters to his wife describe his day-to-day life on several different air fields in the United States in the final months of the war and the first months after its end. He, too, expresses his feelings of loneliness and his impatience to return to her. Also in this series is a large binder containing the training materials Marjorie received and used during her first months in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. Photographs consists of a photograph of Marjorie in W.A.C. uniform and another of her and Mondell, both in uniform, on their wedding day. Also included are small picture postcards of WAAC training at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.
Bitker, Marjorie Title: Marjorie Marks Bitker Papers, 1921-1985
Quantity: 0.3 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 31
Abstract: Marjorie Marks Bitker (1901-1990) published short stories and poetry in publications, worked as an editor, was active with the Friends of Wisconsin Libraries, and co-founder of Bookfellows, currently known as the Friends of the Milwaukee Public Library.
Dows, Marjorie S. Title: Marjorie S. Dows Genealogical Records, 1969-1982
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 603
Abstract: Tombstone inscriptions, primarily from New York State and some from Massachusetts, and indexes to probate records, copied and compiled by Marjorie S. Dows and others.
Green, Mark A. Title: Mark A. Green Papers, 1991-2006
Quantity: 11.0 c.f. (2 record center cartons, 22 archives boxes, 1 flat box), and 1 videorecording
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 153
Abstract: Papers of Republican Mark A. Green concerning his representation from 1992 to 1998 of Wisconsin's 4th Assembly District (portions of the cities of Green Bay, De Pere, Ashwaubenon, and Allouez). The papers consist of subject files organized by topic. Particularly well-represented is Green's work on medical malpractice reform. Files include constituent correspondence and other mail, background information, reports, staff memoranda, copies of legislation, clippings, and notes.
Stoler, Mark A. Title: Mark A. Stoler Oral History Interview, 1974, 1976
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder) and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Tape 984A; SC 637
Abstract: Interview conducted June 11, 1974, by Dale Treleven of the State Historical Society staff with Mark Stoler who, while a University of Wisconsin graduate student, helped found “Up Against the Wall,” Madison's first serious attempt to present alternative radio music progamming. Also present are related clippings from the Capital Times and Spread the WORT newsletter, 1976.
Mark Avery Photography Title: Mark Avery Photography Records, 1977-2002
Quantity: 7.2 cubic ft. (19 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 155
Abstract: This collection of Mark Avery's photographs documents theatrical performances of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater Company, the Florentine Opera Company, and other local Wisconsin artistic companies, including UWM. Comprised of negatives and slides, it is generally arranged by production name, and includes images of performances and rehearsals, individuals, groups and theater buildings.
Behar, Mark Title: Mark Behar Papers, 1981-1991
Quantity: .2 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 216
Abstract: In 1982 Wisconsin became the first state to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodation. One year later, Governor Anthony S. Earl formed the Council on Lesbian and Gay Issues as an advisory group to make recommendations concerning the implementation of Chapter 112 of the Laws of Wisconsin, popularly known as the "gay rights law." This collection consists of records of the council and includes biennial and final reports, press releases, correspondence, brochures, fliers, surveys, and news clippings. It was compiled by Mark Behar, who served on the council from 1983 to 1987.
Mark Curtis Defense Committee Title: Mark Curtis Defense Committee Records, 1983-1996
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (4 record center cartons), 63 photographs, and 3 videorecordings
Call Number: M96-233
Abstract: Records, 1983-1996, of a committee formed to support the legal defense of Mark Curtis, an activist in the Socialist Workers Party in Des Moines, Iowa, who was involved in labor/political strife in the packinghouse industry and who was arrested and jailed on false charges to remove him from influence. The collection consists of the organizational records of the Committee as well as legal documentation of Curtis’ defense.
Van Ells, Mark D. Title: Mark D. Van Ells Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 1.6 linear ft. (3 archives boxes and 1 flat box) of papers, 0.1 linear ft. (5 folders and 1 oversize folder) of photographs, 0.1 linear ft. (3 folders) of paper prints.
Call Number: WVM Mss 46
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Mark D. Van Ells, a member of the Air Force during the 1980s and an historian who worked at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum during the 1990s. The collection contains materials that document Van Ells' researching and writing of a history of the Wisconsin County Veterans Service Officers (CVSO). Correspondence relating to the project, questionnaires filled out by current and retired CVSOs, the written history, and several conference papers provide substantial information about the organization. Other writing projects in the series include an examination of Wisconsin German-Americans prior to World War II. Another large portion of this series consists of flyers, handbills, and posters that Van Ells collected in Madison, Wisconsin during the 1990s. The majority deal with the Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991. These flyers present the alternate view of a relatively popular war. Other flyers relate to American operations in Somalia, Haiti, and Bosnia. Materials from Van Ells' time in the Air Force include his enlistment and discharge papers, certificates, and some letters he wrote to his family. There are also several emails Van Ells exchanged with friends and students regarding their reactions to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Photographs contain several shots of Van Ells in Air Force uniform, both alone and in groups. There are also three photographs of the Madison 'Salute to the Troops' parade, held on July 6, 1991, that show protesters holding signs in the background.
Duerr, Mark Title: Mark Duerr Photographs, 1980s
Quantity: 69 photographs
Call Number: PH 6158
Abstract: Twenty-four black and white photographs made by photographer Mark Duerr in the early 1980s concerning Wisconsin cheese production at family-owned factories, and forty-five black and white photographs concerning Wisconsin food cooperatives and people involved in the production and distribution of their stock. Duerr drove a truck for North Farm Co-op in the early 1980s so that he could make these photographs.
Koppelkam, Mark Title: Mark Koppelkam Papers, 1965-1981
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (1 record center carton and 1 archives box)
Call Number: M86-167
Abstract: Papers, 1965-1981, of Mark Koppelkam, a community activist and former 9th District Madison alderman focusing mainly on environmental issues, including recycling and waste management, noise control, and energy use. The collection includes reports, memoranda, clippings, correspondence, press releases, and notes. Also included are materials about housing in Madison, zoning, and county and state government issues such as investments.
Lipscomb, Mark Title: Mark Lipscomb Papers, 1965-1973
Quantity: 3.0 c.f. (3 record center cartons)
Call Number: M73-059
Abstract: Papers of Mark Lipscomb, Wisconsin Democratic Assemblyman (1965-1971) and State Senator (1971). The collection includes subject files and campaign materials, 1965-1973, relating to Mark Lipscomb's work in the legislature, and on judicial reform.
Patronsky, Mark Title: Mark Patronsky Papers and Still Images,
Quantity: 0.4 linear ft. (2 archives boxes) of papers, 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes) of photographs, 0.8 linear ft. (4 negative boxes) of negatives. [3069 original images]
Call Number: WVM Mss 1341
Abstract: Papers and still images pertaining to the service of Mark Patronsky, a Madison, Wisconsin, resident who served with 1st Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery, and 2nd Battalion, 92nd Field Artillery during the Vietnam War era of the Cold War. He was drafted after graduating from college and was deployed with a nuclear-capable artillery unit in Germany. The bulk of the collection consists of quality black and white negatives, contact sheets, and photographs taken by Patronsky during his service. The images capture Patronsky's cynical view of army life and document recreational activities while stationed at Fort Hood (Texas) and River Barracks, Giessen, Germany. Military related images include shots of artillery pieces, military equipment, and soldiers during field exercises. Other images depict landscapes and base photographs and recreational activities. Additional images depict his basic training and induction, along with his college graduation and some anti-war protests at Indiana University. Of particular interest is a photograph set showing a Christmas display that utilized a tank for Santa's sleigh and an attack helicopter for Rudolph. Manuscripts include a typed memoir from Patronsky that recounts his experiences in the service and provides context to the still images. Ephemeral documents include his short timers calendar, training material, and various military-related items.
Porter, Mark Title: Mark Porter papers
Quantity: 1.65 cubic feet 1 record carton, 1 letter document box Collection includes t-shirts and baseball caps.
Call Number: uac33
Abstract: Mark Porter is an advocate and activist in Madison, Wisconsin for LGBTQ+ rights. This collection contains local Madison and Wisconsin pride ephemera from 1986-2007.
Thiel, Mark G., 1950-;
Poskie-Thiel, Patricia M., 1943-
Title: Mark Thiel and Patricia Poskie-Thiel Papers, 1898-1982
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 73
Abstract: Papers and photographs regarding the 1978 West Allis, Wisconsin, wedding ceremony and preparations based on Polish traditions, of Mark Thiel and Patricia Poskie, together with family and genealogical papers. In addition to photographs and a description of the actual wedding ceremony are papers, programs, flyers, and other material collected while the couple researched traditional Polish costumes, music, and other aspects of the wedding celebration. Genealogical materials concern the Piotrowski, Poskie, and Wleczyk families in Wisconsin.
Sanders, Marlene Title: Marlene Sanders Papers, 1933-2006, 2014
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes), 27 tape recordings, 1 compact disc, 22 videorecordings, 12 films, and 1 DVD recording; plus additions of 6.2 c.f. and 0.2 c.f. of photographs
Call Number: U.S. Mss 154AN; Audio 1031A; AB 819; AC 174; AC 176-AC 185; VBA 481-VBA 485; VBA 533; VBA 584-VBA 586; VBA 588; VBB 499; VBC 262; VDA 184; VFA 042; VHA 144; VHA 193-VHA 196; VHB 477-VHB 480; M2010-064
Abstract: Papers of Marlene Sanders, a radio and television news correspondent; host of News with the Woman's Touch, 1964-1967; news correspondent, 1968-1971; writer-producer and vice-president of documentaries for ABC, 1971-1978; writer-producer of CBS News documentaries and contributing correspondent for Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt, 1978-1987; and author of Waiting for Prime Time: The Women of Television News, 1988. Included are production files for the controversial 1973 special Population: Boom or Doom? and the earliest television documentaries on the women's movement. Also included are audiotapes of interviews related to her book Waiting for Prime Time, as well as other lectures, telecasts, and interviews.
Schneider, Marlin D., 1942- Title: Marlin D. Schneider Papers, 1971-2007
Quantity: 22.0 c.f. (22 record center cartons) and 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm); plus additions of 32.0 c.f. and 2 photographs
Call Number: Stevens Point Mss AK; Stevens Point Micro 21; Micro 981
Abstract: Legislative papers of Marlin Schneider, a Democratic assemblyman from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Included are correspondence; memoranda and reports from constituents, colleagues, and state agencies on topics before the legislature such as abortion, collective bargaining for public employees, health care planning, insurance, taxation, and vocational education; files on the Joint Audit Committee, the State Building Commission, the Legislative Council's Mining Committee, and the Education Committee's Subcommittee on Truancy; files on the suit to which Schneider was a defendant which upheld the secrecy of party caucus meetings; speeches, press releases, and newsletters; files on constituent problems; and microfilmed biographical clippings. Correspondents include David Obey, Martin J. Schreiber, and various members of the leadership of the Democratic Caucus.
Marquette County (Wis.). Superintendent of Schools. Title: Marquette County (Wis.). Superintendent of Schools: County Superintendent's Records, 1906-1943
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Marquette Series 12
Abstract: Miscellaneous correspondence, reports, work sheets, and lists.
Marquette County (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Marquette County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1892-1965
Quantity: 17.0 c.f. (186 volumes)
Call Number: Marquette Series 7
Abstract: Tax rolls showing highway, real estate, and personal property taxes, and also weed-control assessment. Gives name of owner, description of property, the amount of state, town, and school taxes and total taxes, the name of the payer, and the date paid. Tax rolls are present for 1892, 1900, and every tenth year from 1900-1940, and every fifth year thereafter beginning with 1945.
Marquette Neighborhood Association (Madison, Wis.) Title: Marquette Neighborhood Association Records, 1968-1985
Quantity: 5.1 cubic feet (11 archives boxes, 1 flat box, and 1 oversize folder) and 1 photograph
Call Number: Mss 1068; PH 6623
Abstract: Records of the formation and first several years of the Marquette Neighborhood Association (MNA) of Madison, Wisconsin. An earlier, less formal group took on a more formal purpose in 1968, initially focused on keeping its neighborhood elementary school from closing. MNA also succeeded in residential rezoning and traffic redirection efforts for the neighborhood, first defined by Blair Street on the west, East Washington Avenue on the north, the Yahara River on the east and Lake Monona on the south. The eastern boundaries moved to First Street, from East Washington Avenue to Eastwood Drive to Division Street to Lakeland Avenue to Dunning Street. The neighborhood is also known as Wil-Mar, for Williamson-Marquette, and the Sixth Ward. MNA launched the local development corporation Common Wealth Corporation, co-sponsored first Alternate Parade of Homes, sponsors the annual Orton Park Festival, and MNA members were involved with launching the Willy Street Festival. Records consist of correspondence, newsletters, reports and neighborhood plans (produced by and commissioned by MNA, as well as several gathered from University of Wisconsin-Madison students, the City of Madison and others), newspapers clippings, posters, maps, and one photograph.
Childs, Marquis William, 1903- Title: Marquis William Childs Papers, 1919-1959
Quantity: 11.6 c.f. (29 archives boxes) and 4 tape recordings
Call Number: U.S. Mss 20AF; Tape 275A; Tape 276A; Tape 412A
Abstract: Papers of a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter and columnist who covered primarily national and world developments. Correspondence includes fan mail, exchanges with agents and publishers, and letters concerning interests in the Austen Riggs Center for psychological treatment and research, the Episcopal Church, and the Gridiron Club. General correspondents include many people of prominence. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Washington bureau files, 1932-1960, contain editorial correspondence, memos, dispatches, and some articles. Childs' writings are represented by free-lance articles; book reviews; speeches and addresses; book drafts and notes. There are also scripts for several ABC radio news programs. Documentation of his research methodology includes notes and memoranda; interviews with Winston S. Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Alfred M. Landon, and Franklin D. Roosevelt; and news dispatches from Poland and Russia.
Clinard, Marshall Barron, 1911- Title: Marshall B. Clinard Papers, 1939-1952, 1961
Quantity: 18.4 c.f. (40 archives boxes, 2 record center cartons, and 1 roll) and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Wis Mss VH; Tape 231A
Abstract: Papers of Marshall B. Clinard, a University of Wisconsin sociology professor, concerning his research, World War II work at the Office of Price Administration, and consulting in India on urbanization. Correspondence, 1939-1952, relates almost entirely to Clinard's dissertation on urbanization and criminal behavior (University of Chicago, 1941) and to his book, The Black Market (1952). The collection also contains drafts and working papers for both the book and the dissertation. The working papers consist of notes, statistics, case histories of criminals, personality inventories, articles and clippings, and charts. Materials from the files of the Enforcement Division of the Office of Price Administration, 1942-1946, where Clinard served as principal statistician, include letters, reports, code lists, printed matter, manuals, statistical materials, clippings, shorthand notes, and a history of the OPA. His experiences in India, 1958-1960, as advisor to the government on urban community organization, especially slums, is documented by a 1961 tape recording.
Cousins, Marshall, 1869-1939 Title: Marshall Cousins Papers, 1837-1947
Quantity: 6.6 c.f. (13 archives boxes and 4 flat boxes)
Call Number: Eau Claire Mss I
Abstract: Papers of Marshall Cousins, a prominent local historian in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, consisting of correspondence, diaries, historical source material he collected, extensive subject files and notebooks containing information transcribed from published and other sources, and a small collection of papers of his father, Henry Cousins, an East Troy attorney, including letters written by John Fox Potter, a Wisconsin congressman. The Potter letters, 1857-1869, contain caustic characterizations of other political figures and assessments of party alignments in Wisconsin. The papers include correspondence from Cousins' presidency of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (1928-1939); minutes of the Griffin Rifles Club of Eau Claire (1887-1896) and other information on local military companies; records (1882-1946) of Grand Army of the Republic Eagle Post No. 52 of Eau Claire; two cashbooks (1861-1864) which belonged to C. C. Spafford, an Eau Claire banker; and much collected information on Wisconsin banks and banking, biographical information on Eau Claire area residents, and general information on the Civil War, Masonry, local government, steamboats on the Mississippi and Chippewa rivers, the press in Wisconsin, and general state and local history.
Hanks, Marshall W., 1875-1952 Title: Marshell W. Hanks Papers, 1898-1939
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 754
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1898-1904, of Marshall W. Hanks, an electrical engineer and inventor, primarily concerning his work for the George Westinghouse Company on the development of the Nernst Lamp, an unsuccessful street light. Included are papers on the history and development of the lamp; correspondence with George Westinghouse and fellow employees and associates; advertising material; experimental data, charts, and reports; theses; patents; and some World War I engineering reports concerning his work on standardization and specifications for the U.S. Navy Aircraft Division.
Marshfield (Wis.). Justice of the Peace;
Marshfield (Wis.). Municipal Court
Title: Marshfield (Wis.) Justice Court and Municipal Court Dockets, 1887-1962
Quantity: 14.6 cubic feet (66 volumes)
Call Number: Wood Series 22; Wood Series 23
Abstract: Dockets from the Marshfield Justice of the Peace and from the Municipal Court for both civil and criminal cases. Recorded are the names of plaintiff and defendant, attorneys, and judge; date; record of the complaints entered or charges filed, warrants issued, date of warrant's return; verdicts; costs incurred; and other information.
Forbes, Martha Dickens, 1845-1920 Title: Martha Dickens Forbes Papers, 1899-1909
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Green Bay Micro 29; Micro 842
Abstract: Papers of a Wisconsin school teacher and asylum matron consisting of journals documenting four separate western train trips, a genealogical chart, and a list of family members significant in Wisconsin history. The journals describe this early twentieth century woman's impressions of the scenery, specific locations, people seen, and the activities of her husband and herself.
Gunnison, Martha Eliza, 1865-1960 Title: Martha Eliza Gunnison Papers, 1868 , 1879-1957 , 1973
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Oshkosh Mss AK
Abstract: Diaries, 1879-1957, and other items of Martha E. Gunnison of Waupun, Wisconsin, until 1940 and then of Detroit, Michigan. They chronicle her daily housewife activities, operation of a boarding house with her mother, activities in several women's clubs, and frequent travel in her later life.
Ostenso, Martha, 1900-1963 Title: Martha Ostenso Manuscript, 1925
Quantity: 0.2 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 220
Abstract: Martha Ostenso (1900-1963) was a North American author best known for her book titled Wild Geese. This collection is an early manuscript of that book.
Selvik, Martha Title: Martha Selvik Papers,
Quantity: 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes and three oversized folders).
Call Number: WVM Mss 10
Abstract: Papers of Martha Selvik, who was a captain in the Women's Army Corps (W.A.C.) both during and just after World War II, serving as a military historian and at the United States Mission to Norway in Bergen. The core of the collection is a 1946 report for the General Board, United States Forces, European Theater on the W.A.C. in the European Theater during World War II, which was co-written by Selvik. The report was entitled, “Study of the Women's Army Corps in the European Theater of Operations.” Included is a partial version of the report in draft form as well as the final report, which was originally classified restricted. Also included is some material from a historical officers' conference attended by Selvik that was held in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1946. Conference material includes a 1946 history of the 501st Air Service Group, intended as an example of military history. The collection also includes some personal material, including Norwegian Labor Party newspapers obtained by Selvik while stationed in Bergen; a Minneapolis Norwegian language newspaper; a tongue-in-cheek newsletter put out by Selvik's boarding house while stationed in the Washington, D.C. area; and some poetry in English and Norwegian.
Codel, Martin, 1902-1973 Title: Martin Codel Papers, 1902-1973
Quantity: 4.2 c.f. (6 archives boxes and 7 separate volumes)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 103AF
Abstract: Papers of Codel, a pioneer reporter and writer on broadcasting, consisting of newspaper clippings and various trade publications published and edited by Codel. Bound of scrapbooks are newspaper articles written for the Consolidated Press Association, North American Newspaper Alliance, and Radio News Bureau.
Gutekunst, Martin Title: Martin Gutekunst Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.4 linear ft. (1 archives box and 1 oversize folder) of papers and 0.2 linear ft. (1 archives box) of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 407
Abstract: Papers and photographs of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, related to his World War II service in the 2nd Beach Battalion as a combat demolition man with a focus on his participation in the D-Day landing. The core of the collection are lengthy letters spanning 1944 and 1945, written by Gutekunst to his family. The letters offer details of military service and often use humor to reassure and comfort family members. Letters discuss stateside training, inconsistencies of mail delivery, visits to London, appreciation of the Red Cross, and seeing a U. S. O. Show. He touches upon the invasion of France, living in pup tents, many uses of a military helmet, translating German literature for other soldiers, and leave in Hawaii. Transferred from the European theater to the Pacific theater in preparation for the invasion of Japan, Gutekunst was stationed in the Philippines and on Okinawa. He writes about island invasions, lack of church services for soldiers, lack of alcohol for enlisted men, his impressions on the war's end, and occupation duty in Japan. The collection also includes a series of “round robin” style letters Gutekunst wrote home that were typed by his sister, Dorothy Pokel, and circulated between members of the Gutekunst family. Of note are two round robin letters sent to servicemen from Mt. Cavalry Lutheran Church providing information on the congregation members in service. Also included in the collection are personal military papers he received from the Personnel Center in St. Louis and newspaper clippings from Milwaukee newspapers about the anniversary of D-Day many of which include quotes from Gutekunst and his family. There is also a reminiscence of his service written around 1990. The oversized folder contains a May 24, 1990 section of the Milwaukee Journal about the Normandy Invasion and an issue of the New Orleans Times-Picayune celebrating the opening of the National World War II Museum. Photographs show the camp and scenes on Okinawa including the signal station, military cemetery, and an interesting shot of Gutekunst shaving using a mirror on a truck. Other photos show Gutekunst's return to Normandy in 1994 and his trip to the opening of the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. There are several images of the Gutekunst family including one of Martin and his brother Bill, both in uniform.
Martin J. Rosenblum, 1946- Title: Martin J. Rosenblum Papers, circa 1965-2006
Quantity: 5.6 cubic ft. (14 boxes) 1 oversize folder 2 audio cassettes 2 digital files (1.37 GB) 7 safety film negatives
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 304
Abstract: The collection consists largely of correspondence between Rosenblum and friends and colleagues, many of them poets and writers. This collection also contains the only final manuscript of Rosenblum's unpublished critical biography of Objectivist poet Carl Rakosi, Rosenblum's research materials relating to Rakosi and other Objectivist poets. Research materials on Rakosi include a recorded interview and rare photographs of Rakosi at his home both dating from the summer of 1974.
Marts & Lundy Title: Marts & Lundy Records, 1943-1964
Quantity: 2.6 c.f. (7 archives boxes) and 10 photographs
Call Number: U.S. Mss 18AF; PH 3936
Abstract: Miscellaneous records of Marts & Lundy, a firm which specializes in fundraising and public relations for philanthropic organizations and institutions. Indexed transcripts of staff conferences, 1945-1964, comprise the bulk of the collection and contain information on international philanthropy and the history and development of the firm. Also present is one box of papers of Arnaud C. Marts, founder and chairman of the board, 1935-1952. These papers consist of a small amount of correspondence and notes on the history of philanthropy, a booklet on Marts' experiences with religious fundraising, and a paper and photographs on the history of Boy Scouting.
Marty Family Title: Marty Family Collection, 1900-1960
Quantity: 0.4 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 185
Abstract: Collection of scrapbooks from the Marty family, which was involved in the cheese-making industry in Wisconsin.
Rosenberry, Marvin B., 1868-1958 Title: Marvin B. Rosenberry Papers, 1845-1956
Quantity: 13.6 c.f. (34 archives boxes and 1 volume)
Call Number: Wis Mss TN
Abstract: Personal papers of Marvin B. Rosenberry, a Wausau and Madison, Wisconsin, attorney who was appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 1916 and served as its chief justice, 1929-1950. Contains Rosenberry's correspondence, mainly on family matters and his personal interests; letters relating to the circulation of nominating papers for his election campaigns in 1918, 1919, 1929, and 1939; and letters concerning his civic interests, including the Boy Scouts, the Young Men's Christian Association, the Community Union movement in Madison in the 1920s and 1930s, and the Wisconsin Conference of Social Work, of which he was president in 1926. Among the very few letters discussing political or legal matters is one written in 1946 concerning Joseph R. McCarthy's qualifications for seeking the United States senatorship from Wisconsin. The collection also contains a manuscript autobiography, several boxes of speeches and articles written by Rosenberry, briefs and legal notes, and biographical, historical, and genealogical materials relating to the Kimball, Landfair, and Rosenberry families. One volume contains proceedings during 1936 of the Wisconsin Citizens Committee on Public Welfare, of which Rosenberry was chairman.
Creager, Marvin H., 1882-1954 Title: Marvin H. Creager Papers, 1919-1961
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 227
Abstract: Papers of Marvin H. Creager, managing editor of the Milwaukee Journal (1920-1938), president and editor (1938-1943), and vice-president and editorial adviser (1943-1954), consisting of addresses, speeches, writings on newspapers policies and problems, and correspondence, including letters of condolence from colleagues upon news of his death.
Marxist-Leninist Party, USA Title: Marxist-Leninist Party, USA Records, 1972-1995
Quantity: 1.8 c.f.
Call Number: M95-102; M2002-077
Abstract: Records of the Marxist-Leninist Party, USA and its predecessor organizations, the American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist) and the Central Organization of U.S. Marxist-Leninists, describing itself as “a militant voluntary communist organization.”
Starr, Mary Agnes Title: Mary Agnes Starr Papers, 1920-1984
Quantity: .2 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 28
Abstract: Papers of a Wisconsin folklorist, including biographical data, letters of thanks from individuals, newsclippings, and programs from several folk festivals. The collection also contains publications, primarily bulletins from the French Folklore Society, the National Federation of Music Clubs, and the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs; Starr's writings including a play entitled Jesous Ahatonhia, a brochure Let's Have a Folk Festival, and several journal articles.
Laun, Mary Ann Title: Mary Ann Laun Genealogical Information on Pruett Family
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 160
Abstract: Genealogical materials and family history for the Pruett family of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and compiled by Mary Ann Laun.
McNulty, Mary Ann.;
Milwaukee (Wis.). Common Council.
Title: Mary Anne McNulty Aldermanic Records, 1980-1992
Quantity: 4.4 cubic ft. (11 boxes)
Call Number: City of Milwaukee Archival Collection 47
Abstract: Records of Common Council Alderwoman Mary Ann McNulty, who served Milwaukee's 12th District from 1983-1992. Contains correspondence, reports, and materials from various community groups.
Babula, Mary Title: Mary Babula papers
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet 2 folders
Call Number: Accession 2016/294
Abstract: Mary Babula's papers consist of awards and recognition for her work in education, as well as files related to her career and personal life.
Bills, Mary Title: Mary Bills Papers, 1969-2011 (bulk 1975-1997)
Quantity: 10.1 cubic feet (10 records center cartons and 1 oversize folder), 2 photographs (1 folder), 12 videorecordings, and 10 tape recordings
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 228; PH Milwaukee Mss 228; VDA 291-VDA 301; VHB 785; Audio 1703A
Abstract: Mary Bills papers, 1969-2011 (bulk 1975-1997), consisting primarily of materials spanning Bills' tenure as a member and president of board of directors of Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Public Schools (1985-1997), and her time with the Metropolitan Integration Research Center (1975-1985), during which time Milwaukee schools desegregated under court order and the state enacted Chapter 220, designed to facilitate voluntary integration. School choice, vouchers, redistricting, charter schools, early childhood education, all-day kindergarten, school closings, and school violence are addressed through materials from the MPS board, Metropolitan Research Integration Center, conferences Bills attended, and other writings. Also includes video and audio recordings documenting appearances by Mary Bills and others addressing school issues.
Buestrin, Mary Title: Mary Buestrin Papers, 2000, 2016
Quantity: 1.2 cubic feet (1 records center carton and 1 archives box)
Call Number: M2017-058
Abstract: Letters sent to Mary Buestrin, a Wisconsin Electoral College member for the 2016 Presidential Election. The letters were intended to persuade Buestrin how to cast her vote as an Electoral College member. A random sample was selected from the original collection of letters. The letters were organized by the state from which they were sent, with letters from foreign countries and postcards kept separately. Also included are records from the Bush for President Grassroots Committee, on which Mary Buestrin served as chairman during the 2000 election.
King, Mary E., 1940- Title: Mary E. King Papers, 1960-1999 (bulk 1962-1981)
Quantity: 2.0 cubic feet, 3 tape recordings, and 8 photographs
Call Number: M82-445; M90-039; Audio 1224A
Abstract: Papers of Mary E. King, civil rights activist (1962-1965) and deputy director of ACTION (1977-1981), containing correspondence, press releases, reports, speeches, clippings, and memoranda. The civil rights papers cover her time in SNCC including WATS reports, position papers, information on Freedom Schools, SNCC staff biographies, and a few photographs while in Mississippi. Speeches, written by King, are from Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign and from her time at ACTION. Also includes recordings of a few speeches; and a transcript of an interview of King (1999).
Hagan, Mary Etta, 1917-1995 Title: Mary Etta Hagan Papers, circa 1834-1995
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (4 archives boxes), 670 photographs (3 archives boxes), and 8 negatives
Call Number: River Falls Mss EJ; PH River Falls Mss EJ
Abstract: Papers of Mary Etta Hagan, a descendant of early settlers of New Richmond, Wis. (St. Croix County). The collection consists mainly of Hagan's genealogical research into her mother's and father's families (Donohue and Hagan, respectively) and collected family papers. Both families have roots in Ireland. Included are brief family histories and group sheets; both family correspondence and Hagan's research correspondence; clippings; photographs; copies of pages from family Bibles recording births, deaths, and marriages; and collected miscellaneous items relating to various family members. Other family names represented in the papers include Barger, Carroll, McGoldrick, McConville, Mahoney, Scott, and Martin. In addition, there is a scrapbook compiled by S. N. Hawkins containing clippings about an 1899 cyclone that devastated New Richmond, and obituaries of prominent New Richmond citizens.
Rennebohm, Mary Fowler, 1898-1995 Title: Mary Fowler Rennebohm Papers, 1920-1990
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (2 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and approximately 400 photographs
Call Number: M96-049
Abstract: Papers of Mary Fowler Rennebohm, wife of Wisconsin’s Governor Oscar Rennebohm (1947-1951), concerning the history of the Fowler and Rennebohm families; her activities as Wisconsin’s first lady; and other social activities and interests such as travel. Photographs include images of Mary, family members, and friends.
Funk, Mary M. Title: Mary Funk Historical Overview of the Arts in La Crosse, Wisconsin During the Twentieth Century
Quantity: 0.02 cubic foot (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 267
Vorse, Mary Heaton, 1874-1966 Title: Mary Heaton Vorse Papers, 1928-1930
Quantity: 2 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 469
Abstract: Microfilmed papers of Mary Heaton Vorse, a journalist and author known for her championship of trade unionism. Included are materials on three strikes in the textile industry covered by Vorse during the late 1920's. The majority of the papers are concerned with a strike in Gastonia, North Carolina. Included are correspondence, notes, news dispatches to Tass and the New York Evening Graphic, typescripts of articles, and the manuscript and final typescript for her novel Strike! (1930). Relating to strikes in Marion, North Carolina, and Elizabethton, Tennessee, are miscellaneous notes, clippings, and press releases.
Kosmatka, Mary J., 1906- Title: Mary J. Kosmatka Family Papers, 1896-1979
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 flat box)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 76
Abstract: Family photographs and genealogies, a few letters, newsclippings, and other items preserved by Mary Grochowska Kosmatka. Among those represented in the collection are members of the Kuszewski and Grochowski families in Milwaukee. There are many photographs of the relatives of Mary Kosmatka, as well as photos of herself as a young woman, and as a member of the Marya Konopnicka Dramatic Circle. The Dramatic Circle, which presented plays in Polish at St. Casimir's Church in Milwaukee, is represented by cast and banquet photos from the 1920's and 1930's. Also included is a family genealogy compiled by Kosmatka, her own autobiographical sketch, newsclippings of her experiences as a VISTA worker in Arizona, and a few family records.
Killough, Mary K. Title: Mary K. Killough Research Files, 1813-2004
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 178
Abstract: Mary K. Killough research files, 1813-2004, for a series of articles written on the Norwegian Moravian missionary, Otto Tank. Born March 11, 1800 near Halden, Norway, Tank spent much of his life in missionary service throughout Europe and in the South American country of Suriname. Tank eventually settled in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he dealt mostly in real estate.
Munts, Mary Lou, 1924- Title: Mary Lou Munts Papers, 1967-2002
Quantity: 48.3 c.f., 94 photographs, and 2 tape recordings
Call Number: M80-333; M85-141; M85-299; M90-051; M98-154; M2005-060; Audio 1508A
Abstract: Papers of Mary Lou Munts, a Democrat who represented the Madison area (76th District) in the Wisconsin Assembly, 1972-1984. The collection documents her work on legislation related to natural resources and the environment, marital property, mental health, developmental disabilities, education, and land use.
Maple, Mary Title: Mary Maple Genealogies of Balzer and Bishop Families
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 199
Abstract: Genealogical histories of the Balzer and Bishop families of La Crosse, Wisconsin, as compiled by Mary Maple. Collection also includes over 100 images of family members; most available in electronic format only.
Metz, Mary Title: Mary Metz Research Papers, 1968-1983
Quantity: 3.4 cubic feet (3 records center cartons and 1 archives box) and 2 cassette tapes
Call Number: M2009-013; Audio 1938A
Abstract: Research materials (bulk 1979-1981) for Mary Metz's book, Different by Design, documenting the Milwaukee Public School District's implementation of magnet schools and their effectiveness in the school district's attempts to desegregate in the 1970s and 1980s. The research papers consist of interviews with students, parents, and staff; classroom observations and statistical data on education in which she addresses racial attitudes, open education, individually guided education, and relationships among students, parents, and staff. Also included are two cassette recordings documenting conversations with students, parents, and staff at two of the magnet schools.
Panzer, Mary Title: Mary Panzer Papers, 1981-2004
Quantity: 26.0 c.f. (26 record center cartons) and 1 tape recording
Call Number: M2008-072; Audio 1517A
Abstract: Files of Mary Panzer, a Republican who served in the Wisconsin State Assembly (1980-1993) and Wisconsin State Senate (1993-2004) representing Wisconsin's 20th Senate District, which includes the city of West Bend. Panzer's Assembly committee assignments included the Joint Committee on Finance and the Legislative Council Commission on Tax Delinquent Contaminated Land. Her Wisconsin Senate committee assignments included the Joint Committee on Finance, Joint Committee on Information Policy, and the Governor's Commission on Juvenile Justice. The bulk of the collection consists of bills, correspondence, and subject files. Also present are subject files of two of her staff members.
Glazewski, Mary Pszybylski Title: Mary Pszybylski Glazewski Papers, 1896-1974
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 18
Abstract: Personal papers of Mary Pszybylski Glazewski, of her husband, Carl, a Milwaukee attorney, and of other family members. In particular, the collection illustrates the Glazewskis' involvement, during the late 1930s, with several Milwaukee Polish-American drama and cultural organizations, among them the Marshal Pilsudski Club, the Mazur Polish Dance Club, and the Polish Club of South Division High School. Included are newspaper clippings, programs, and numerous photos of the Glazewskis and others. Also included is a diary (1896-1945), kept by Mary's father, John Pszybylski, and a notebook of poems composed by her aunt, Kate Jakubowicz.
Reynolds, Mary Trackett, 1913-2000 Title: Mary Trackett Reynolds: Trackett-Nachtwey-Fitzmaurice Family Genealogies, 1745-1993
Quantity: 4.4 c.f. (6 archives boxes and 3 flat boxes) and 129 photographs
Call Number: Mss 1015; PH 6458
Abstract: Papers, primarily dated 1930-1993, compiled and created by Mary Cecelia Trackett Reynolds and her husband Lloyd George Reynolds (1910-2005) documenting various members of the Nachtwey, Fitzmaurice, and Trackett families, and West Bend (Washington County, Wis.), the site of the Trackett family homestead. Also included are materials documenting the Brown, Carl, Moore, Reynolds, Schenberg, and various other related families. The families immigrated in the mid-1850s and the records include diaries, journals, scrapbooks, greeting cards, probate records, wills, pension records, census records, birth and death certificates, photographs, household financial records, historic letters, and maps. Particularly well documented is the personal and professional life of Mamie Nachtwey Trackett, a teacher in Wisconsin, Nebraska, and other nearby states. The photographs in the collection are primarily of homestead houses and family members' gravestones.
McCormick, Mary Virginia, 1861-1941 Title: Mary Virginia McCormick Papers, 1871-1923
Quantity: 25.2 c.f. (63 archives boxes)
Call Number: McCormick Mss 1D; McCormick Mss 2D; McCormick Mss 3D; McCormick Mss 4D
Abstract: Papers of Mary Virginia McCormick, eldest daughter of Chicago industrialist Cyrus Hall McCormick and Nettie Fowler McCormick, who became mentally incompetent at the age of nineteen. The papers consist of correspondence; early diaries and school notebooks; reports from doctors, nurses, and companions; legal documents; and financial records. These concern relations with members of her family, arrangements for her personal welfare and medical treatment, upkeep of her several homes and estates in the United States and Canada, and plans for travel to her homes and to Europe. Correspondence describes Virginia's daily activities and state of mind and contains detailed advice concerning her care. Medical letters, reports, and casebooks deal with her mental condition. Legal papers relate to sanity hearings and trusteeships. Financial records concern investments; management of her estate; household, personal, and medical bills; and expense accounts. Her papers, ending in the year of her mother's death in 1923, lack any information relating to the last three decades of her life, when she lived chiefly in California as a millionaire recluse with a staff of some thirty persons. Virginia's mother, her brother Cyrus H., Jr., and her uncle Eldridge M. Fowler, served as original conservators and trustees for her share of the estate inherited from her father; her younger brother and sister, Harold and Anita, were successor trustees; and Judson F. Stone, representing McCormick Estates, managed her financial affairs. In addition to the correspondence of each of these individuals and many who cared for her, the papers include medical case histories and diaries of doctors such as Alice Bennett and Sanger Brown; and letters and reports from Grace T. Walker, head of Mary Virginia's household for forty years.
Raushenbush, Marylu Title: Marylu Raushenbush Papers, 1963-1972
Quantity: 2.6 c.f. and 1 photograph
Call Number: M89-098; M2000-109
Abstract: Papers of Marylu Raushenbush, the first chairperson of Wisconsin Citizens for Family Planning, a lobbying group that attempted to change the family planning law in the state and that also educated citizens about family planning.
- - - Title: Mass Communications Ephemera Collection, 1930-1980
Quantity: 6.4 c.f. (16 archives boxes)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 161AF
Abstract: A wide variety of printed ephemera (e.g. pamphlets, bulletins and newsletters, publicity and promotional materials, programs, directories, reports and studies, and related material) separated from manuscript collections in the fields of broadcasting, press, advertising, and public relations.
Massachusetts ACORN (Organization) Title: Massachusetts ACORN Records, 1974-2000
Quantity: 1.6 c.f.
Call Number: M2006-022; M2011-058
Abstract: Records of ACORN's Massachusetts office consisting of general administrative and subject files including executive board meeting agendas and budgets, promotional materials, and ACORN's activities on specific local issues such as housing, employment and a living wage, rape, and other topics. Also included are national and multi-regional documents, such as organizational policy materials; memos from the founder of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), Wade Rathke, and nationwide social and political campaign materials.
Massachusetts Welfare Rights Organization Title: Massachusetts Welfare Rights Organization Records, 1968-1972
Quantity: 1.8 c.f. (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 373
Abstract: Records of the Massachusetts branch (1968-1973?) of the National Welfare Rights Organization. Documentation of internal operations is limited, consisting mainly of requests presented to various funding sources. About MWRO's efforts to publicize its positions and its efforts to win supplemental aid for welfare recipients there are numerous photocopied clippings, notices, and publications. There are also position papers, and files on the Massachusetts Democratic Party and on state and national welfare legislation. The latter contains copies of legislation and administrative documents and critiques of the legislation. Other welfare organizations in the area are represented by correspondence, reports, and printed matter.
- - - Title: Materials Related to the Construction of 2546 Edgewood Place, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Quantity: 0.02 cubic foot (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 250
Abstract: Materials (including blueprints, legal description, newspaper clippings, financial records, and other assorted items) related to the construction of 2546 Edgewood Place in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This house was built for Eugene and Dora Boma Host. Materials date 1935-1939.
- - - Title: Maternity Nurses Oral History Project, 1986
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box) and 24 tape recordings
Call Number: Mss 783; Tape 1146A
Abstract: Tape-recorded interviews conducted by Sara Monkres with nineteen nurses caring for women during birth, focussing on the conflicts arising between the expectations and expressed needs of birthing women, and hospital policy and physicians' orders. Topics included are changing medications used in labor, the professional relationships between doctors and nurses, changes in the involvement of the father, and disagreements between mothers and doctors about the way childbirth was handled. Also in the collection are resumes and transcripts for most of the interviews.
Wagner, Maria, 1920- Title: Mathilde Franziska Anneke Research Papers, 1737-1989
Quantity: 1.6 c.f. (4 archives boxes) and 7 photographs
Call Number: Mss 969; PH Mss 969
Abstract: Research papers compiled by Professor Maria Wagner in the course of writing her book Mathilde Franziska Anneke (Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, Frankfurt Am Main, 1980). The papers include copies of correspondence (1737-1884) between Anneke and her family, friends, and associates, including Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Booth (wife of Sherman Booth), and Cecilie Kapp; and copies of Anneke's published writings, including her play Oithono, poems, and stories serialized in newspapers. The collection also includes correspondence between Maria Wagner and Hildegard Blackwell and Ingeborg Smith, descendents of Anneke as well as several copies and reviews of Wagner's works and her research notes. Materials peripherally related to Anneke's life are also present in the collection such as information about the city of Milwaukee, women and the women's suffrage movement, politics, and common diseases of the time. A small collection of photographs, some taken by Wagner and used in her book, document, among other things, the building in Milwaukee that possibly housed the Toechter-Institut and Anneke's gravesite. The bulk of the collection is in German, much of it being handwritten in German gothic script.
Holbrook, Matson Title: Matson Holbrook Oral History Project Records, 1951-1952
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box) and 24 tape recordings
Call Number: Mss 331; Tape 65A; Tape 67A-69A; Tape 77A-83A; Tape 85A; Tape 90A-101A
Abstract: Notes, reports, and tape recordings made by Matson Holbrook, including oral history interviews with Milwaukee, Wis., residents about education and industry there, particularly the tanning industry, and readings about the Wisconsin tanning industry, specifically the Rueping Leather Company in Fond du Lac and the Pfister and Vogel Leather Company in Milwaukee. Most of the interviews have been transcribed.
Carpenter, Matthew H. (Matthew Hale), 1824-1881;
Carpenter, Paul D., 1867-1932
Title: Matthew Hale Carpenter and Paul D. Carpenter Papers, 1848-1918, 1961
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: SC 1089; Micro 572
Abstract: A family collection including papers of lawyer and U.S. Senator Matthew Hale Carpenter, consisting of letters written to his benefactor, Paul Dillingham of Vermont, while Carpenter was a cadet at West Point, speeches, mementoes, condolence letters, and fragmentary correspondence with political contemporaries. Papers of his son, Paul Dillingham Carpenter, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, deal with his Roman Catholic religious convictions and his political career as a county judge. Other papers of the family consist of a genealogy chart, a diary kept by Matthew's daughter Lillian while a Washington debutante in the 1870s which contains much information on fashions and Reconstruction era social life, and other documentation.
Dudgeon, Matthew Simpson, 1871-1949 Title: Matthew S. Dudgeon Papers, 1906-1920
Quantity: 3.2 c.f. (8 archives boxes)
Call Number: Wis Mss UB
Abstract: Papers of Wisconsin lawyer and librarian Matthew S. Dudgeon. Correspondence, 1910-1920, covers the years Dudgeon served as secretary of the Wisconsin Free Library Commission. Letters in 1913 refer to a trip he made to study cooperatives in Europe. There are also notes on cooperatives, libraries, and the law and public utilities; and twenty articles he wrote on European cooperatives.
Lynaugh, Matthias J. Title: Matthias J. Lynaugh Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 7.2 linear ft. (11 archives boxes and 14 oversize folders) of papers and 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes) of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 699
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Matthias J. Lynaugh, a private in the 32nd Division during World War I who was very active in veterans organizations throughout his life. The majority of the collection relates to Lynaugh's involvement with various veterans' organziations in the post-World War I period. Three such groups are particularly well-represented: the Old Company G Veterans Association, the American Legion, and La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux (40 et 8). The materials involving these groups do not often relate directly to Lynaugh, but they reflect his interest and membership in the groups by the fact that he collected them. Company G was composed of veterans from the Madison area who fought in the 127th Infantry Regiment, part of the 32nd Division. Its materials include membership and financial records as well as correspondence. Of particular interest is a postcard, sent by Lynaugh while training at Camp MacArthur (Waco, Texas) in 1917, that is in the shape of an artillery shell. Papers from the national, state, and local levels of the American Legion and 40 et 8 are in the collection. Lynaugh's role in graves registration for the Legion is documented through cemetery listings and maps. Other materials in the collection relate to Lynaugh's World War II homefront activities and include Civil Defense schedules from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, political fliers from the 1940 presidential election, and programs for Memorial Day celebrations in Madison. Photographs in this collection are almost entirely unidentified and include shots of an American Legion parade and various pictures of soldiers and dead bodies from World War I.
Better, Maurice Title: Maurice Better Papers, 1937-1973
Quantity: 2.2 c.f. (4 archives boxes, 1 card file box, and 1 flat box)
Call Number: Mss 901
Abstract: Documents, notes, and data collected by Maurice Better while investigating the collective bargaining process in preparation for writing his Ph.D. dissertation in Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Better specifically studied negotiations between the Gisholt Machine Company (Madison, Wis.) and Local 1404 of the United Steelworkers of America during 1968, a period that included a strike of thirteen weeks duration. Included is his background research which includes information about company-union relations dating back to 1937, economics of the steel industry, and economic conditions in the Madison area. The collection includes correspondence of both the company and the union, agreements, clippings, contract proposals, Local 1404's bylaws, financial data, data on the Gisholt workforce, and minutes and notes of meetings. Of particular interest are Better's extensive field notes collected during his first-hand observation of the bargaining process and his notes concerning the history of specific contract provisions.
Graff, Maurice Otto, 1907-2007 Title: Maurice Otto Graff Papers, 1946-1980
Quantity: 6.8 c.f. (17 archives boxes); plus additions of 1.0 c.f.
Call Number: La Crosse Mss AW; M2006-099
Abstract: Papers, 1946-1980, of Maurice Otto Graff, of La Crosse, Wisconsin, a member of the arbitration panels of the American Arbitration Association, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services, and the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission. The collection is limited to material on labor disputes, primarily in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois, for which Graff acted as arbitrator. Legal briefs, agreements, transcripts of hearings, decisions, and publications trace the disposition of individual cases.
Coakley, Maurice P., 1906-1991 Title: Maurice P. Coakley Papers, 1935-1940
Quantity: 3 reels of microfilm [35mm]
Call Number: Whitewater Micro 18; Micro 1037
Abstract: Papers of a former Republican state senator (1935-1942) from Beloit, Wisconsin, who also served as assistant to Governor Julius P. Heil. The papers, which are available only on microfilm, consist of alphabetically-arranged constituent correspondence for the 1935, 1937, and 1939 legislative sessions, publicity material relating to his 1938 reelection campaign, and congratulations on his appointment as Heil's assistant in 1940. Much of the correspondence concerns labor union legislation proposed in 1935. Prominent correspondents include Philip La Follette and George Parker.
Sarfaty, Maurice, 1940-2001 Title: Maurice Sarfaty Papers, 1960-2001
Quantity: 3.2 cubic ft. (8 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 198
Abstract: The collection contains the personal papers of Maurice Sarfaty, a Greek immigrant whose family came to the United States in the 1950's. Sarfaty was an avid writer and self-published author of both fantasy fiction and gothic horror stories. The collection includes correspondence, daily journals, literary manuscripts, published opinion pieces, and a small collection of photos.
Cohn, Max Arthur Title: Max Arthur Cohn Records, 1923-1950
Quantity: 1.5 cubic ft.(1 box, 1 oversize folder)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 360
Abstract: This collection contains serigraphs, lithographs, and etchings by artist Max Arthur Cohn.
Nohl, Max G. (Max Gene) Title: Max G. Nohl Papers, 1934-1968
Quantity: 3.2 cubic ft. (10 boxes)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 314
Abstract: Max Nohl, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, was a record breaking underwater diver. He helped advance diving equipment and technology, including underwater filming and later in life was involved in ship salvage. Contains correspondence, clippings, photographs, and an unpublished manuscript.
Heim, Max L.;
Brown & Rehbaum, Inc.
Title: Max L. Heim Collection, 1960-1961
Quantity: 0.4 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Milwaukee Historic Photo Collection 46
Abstract: The collection is a series of photographs by Max Heim taken at the intersection of N. 3rd Street and W. State Street in Milwaukee, WI. The photographs were taken on four separate dates: May 11 and 13, 1960 and March 12 and 16, 1961. In most instances, the photographs on the later dates are taken from the same place and angle as the earlier ones.
Max M. and Katherine Ehrhart Smith, Title: Max M. and Katherine Ehrhart Smith Papers,
Quantity: 0.4 linear ft. (1 archives box and 1 oversize folder) of papers and 0.6 linear ft. (2 archives boxes) of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 525
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Max M. and Katherine Ehrhart Smith, who both served in World War II, met while in service, and married after the war. Max Smith was a doctor in the 6th Constabulary Regiment and Katherine Ehrhart was a physical therapist with the Women's Medical Specialist Corps (WMSC) at various stateside military hospitals. Almost entirely composed of service records, this collection documents the details of their military service such as pay rates, promotions, transfers to different locations, and their dates of enlistment and separation from the military. Also included are letters written to Katherine by her brother Vincent, who served in the Navy during the war. Stationed in Hawaii one month after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Vincent described recreational activities available to the servicemen and his pursuit of a promotion. The photographs, which are almost entirely unidentified, were taken before their marriage and thus are clearly separated into his and hers. His include shots of the constabulary headquarters in Europe. Hers include nurses and patients at Schick General Hospital in Clinton, Iowa. There are three photographs, undated, of the two together.
Otto, Max Carl, 1876-1968 Title: Max Otto Papers, 1899-1963
Quantity: 5.6 c.f. (14 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 101
Abstract: Papers of Max Otto, a prominent German American philosopher, teacher at the University of Wisconsin, and controversial figure because of his atheism, pacifism, and defense of academic freedom. Included is correspondence, articles, notes, speeches, lectures, book manuscripts, drawings and cartoons, diaries, an autobiography, newsclippings on criticism of Otto by John B. Chapple in 1932, and other items. The extensive correspondence (1900-1964) provides insight into Otto's long-term intellectual relationship with Boyd S. Bode, John Dewey, and Dickinson S. Miller and into the development of American philosophy during the first half of the twentieth century. Other correspondents include Morton Enslin, Horace Fries, A. Eustace Haydon, Elijah A. Jordan, Horace M. Kallen, Edward C. Lindeman, Alain Locke, Donald Piatt, Harold Taylor, Marten Ten Hoor, Lewis G. Westgate, George C. Sellery, Albert C. Barnes, E. A. Birge, Baker Brownell, Clarence Darrow, Glenn Frank, Nathan Feinsinger, William Leiserson, Alexander Meiklejohn, and Frederick Merk.
Raskin, Max, 1902- Title: Max Raskin Papers, 1930-1932, 1937-1979
Quantity: 5.2 c.f. (13 archives boxes); plus additions of 0.2 c.f.
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss DO
Abstract: Papers of Max Raskin, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin attorney and circuit court judge (1963-1973); including jury charges, memorandum decisions, campaign materials, speeches and writings, clippings, and correspondence concerning prison conditions, legal cases, the Salvation Army's Volunteer Probation Counseling Program, large arbitration cases, anti-semitism, gun control, a niece's emigration from the U.S.S.R., and other topics.
Ehrlich, Max Simon, 1909-. Title: Max Simon Ehrlich Papers, 1939-1964
Quantity: 4.8 c.f. (12 archives boxes)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 64AN
Abstract: Papers of a novelist and dramatist. The majority of the collection consists of scripts and drafts for radio and television series. Materials on Big Story (NBC), Big Town (NBC), and The Crime Cases of Warden Lawes (MBS) are most numerous for his radio work; the best documented series for television are Big Story (NBC), Suspense (CBS), and Treasury Men in Action (NBC). There is one box of correspondence, business papers, and drafts of a novel.
Milwaukee (Wis.). Mayor's Committee on Facilities for Conventions and Other Activities Title: Mayor’s Convention Committee Records, 1960-1970
Quantity: 1 cubic ft. (3 boxes)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 405
Abstract: This collection consists of materials relating to the Mayor’s Convention Committee in the 1960s. Subjects covered include the study and development of a convention center, attracting tourism to the city, State Fair Park, and the economic issues of the Greater Milwaukee Area.
Milwaukee (Wis.). Mayor’s Youth Committee of One Hundred. Title: Mayor’s Youth Committee of 100 Records, 1934-1940
Quantity: 0.4 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: City of Milwaukee Archival Collection 11
Abstract: The Mayor’s Committee of 100 was comprised of 100 citizens that were appointed by the Mayor to make a survey of the lack of opportunity for school, college, and university graduates to find employment and to seek a remedy for the situation. Contains minutes, correspondence, and reports.
Mayville Historical Society;
Mueller, Edgar G.
Title: Mayville Historical Society Photographs, 1910-1935, circa 1950-1988
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. of photographs (1 record center carton and 1 archives box)
Call Number: M2003-064
Abstract: Four photographic collections donated by the Mayville Historical Society (MHS): 1) black & white prints, circa 1950-1988, documenting Mayville and its surrounding area that were taken by Edgar G. Mueller (1913-2001), a photographer for the Mayville News and a stringer for the Milwaukee Journal; 2) “Busheys,” a homemade photo album, documenting the activities of students at Bushey Business College in Appleton during the 1920s; 3) an album with views of the Solvay Coke plant in Milwaukee, circa 1920; 4) two travel albums, circa 1910-1935, probably related to the Vernon Engel family, depicting attractions in the western and southern U.S., and Wisconsin, including Wisconsin Dells and Milwaukee.

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