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- - - Title: Cabinet Photographs of Germany, circa 1880-1896
Quantity: 0.4 cubic feet (2 card file boxes)
Call Number: PH 1172
Abstract: Cabinet photographs of Germany, circa 1880-1896, primarily urban street scenes and exterior views of public buildings, including cathedrals, museums, and monuments. Also included are scenic views of castles, rock formations, ruins and views of Switzerland. Arranged by photographer when known and thereafter by city.
Samples, Cadmus A. Title: Cadmus Allen Samples Papers, 1965-1967
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 294
Abstract: Papers of Cadmus Samples, a black pastor involved with civil rights, anti-poverty, and political organizations in Atlanta, Georgia. Correspondence and subject files contain constitutions, minutes, printed matter, membership lists, reports, affidavits, and letters detailing the problems of poor blacks in that city.
Cady (Wis.) Title: Cady (Wis.): Records, 1871-1999
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (1 archives box and 8 separate volumes)
Call Number: St. Croix Series 116
Abstract: Records of the Town of Cady, Saint Croix County, Wisconsin: Clerk, 1871-1999; Treasurer, 1880-1983; and Superintendent of Highways, 1871-1930.
- - - Title: Cagney & Lacey Films, 1982-1984
Quantity: 35 film reels (16 mm)
Call Number: CC 429-CC 432; DF 739-DF 744; DG 030-DG 041; DG 044-DG 051; FH 230; FH 232-234; FH 335
Abstract: Twenty episodes from the hour-long police procedural television show Cagney & Lacey. Actors Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless play the title roles of Christine Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey, respectively, two female New York Police Department detectives who help each other both in their professional and personal lives.
Cushing, Caleb, 1800-1879 Title: Caleb Cushing Papers, 1846-1879
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder) and 6 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: SC 276; Micro 45
Abstract: Papers of Cushing, a prominent Massachusetts attorney and political figure, with connections to Wisconsin economic and political activities. Included are photostat copies of Cushing's will and probate records; a volume containing the Wisconsin Supreme Court brief of the case Cushing vs. Hungerford and other papers pertaining to a dispute over ownership of land in the St. Croix River Valley in Wisconsin; and microfilm copies of selected papers from the Cushing Papers at the Library of Congress. The microfilm includes correspondence, legal documents, and newsclippings concerning his land investments; the dispute with William S. Hungerford, 1850-1852; the impeachment of Judge Levi Hubbell; and Wisconsin politics, 1850-1855, particularly the Democratic Party in Wisconsin. Correspondents include Arthur MacArthur, James K. Knowlton, and F. K. Bartlett.
California ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) Title: California ACORN Records, 1974-1996
Quantity: 1.2 c.f., 4 tape recordings, 5 photographs, 10 negatives, and 26 videorecordings
Call Number: M97-125; M2001-043
Abstract: Records of ACORN-California, most of which relates to radio and television stations with which ACORN was affiliated, especially the California Community Television Network (CCTN). The collection documents the organization's mission to diversify California's radio stations' programnming. Included are business plans, programming updates, interviews with community members, studies of potential viewers, and recordings (reel-to-reel tapes) of radio programs concerning the establishment of CCTN, project reports, and videotapes of programs produced by ACORN and shown on station KCAH.
California Labor School Title: California Labor School Records, 1930-circa 1953
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 68
Abstract: Records of the California Labor School, a San Francisco group, concerning organized labor, communism, anti-Korean War, and nuclear disarmament themes, consisting mainly of scripts for short plays, poetry, monologues, songs, and song parodies. Included is a parody of the play South Pacific.
Calumet County (Wis.). Register of Deeds Title: Calumet County (Wis.). Register of Deeds: Deeds, 1840-circa 1902
Quantity: 14 reels of microfilm (16mm)
Call Number: Calumet Series 10
Abstract: Warranty, quite claim, and other deeds for land located in Calumet County. Records show names of persons involved in land transfers and a description of the land.
Calumet County (Wis.). Register of Deeds Title: Calumet County (Wis.). Register of Deeds: Grantor and Grantee Indexes, 1856-circa 1923
Quantity: 2 reels of microfilm (16mm)
Call Number: Calumet Series 11
Abstract: Index to names of grantors (sellers) and grantees (purchasers) of deeds and mortgages to real estate. Includes date recorded, names of grantors and grantee, description of property, and volume and page where recorded. This series indexes “Deeds” (Calumet Series 10).
Calumet County (Wis). Treasurer Title: Calumet County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1849-1980
Quantity: 50.4 c.f. (131 volumes in 6 archives boxes, and 649 separate volumes)
Call Number: Calumet Series 8
Abstract: Annual tax rolls showing date, town, owner, legal land description, acreage, valuation of real and personal property, amount of taxes, total taxes, and individual who paid taxes.
Calvary Baptist Church (Oshkosh, Wis.) Title: Calvary Baptist Church (Oshkosh, Wis.) Records, 1859-1938
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Oshkosh Mss CH
Abstract: Records of a congregation organized in 1859 as the Second Baptist Church, which changed its name to Calvary Baptist Church in 1932. Included are minutes of meetings of the congregation, Board of Trustees, Ladies Aid Society, and Missionary Society; financial records; a membership register; annual statistical reports; and miscellaneous documents including deeds, letters, and information about the name change and about the congregation of the Salem Baptist Church joining Calvary in 1931. There is also one volume of Sunday School records from the Salem Baptist Church.
Bayley, Calvin C., 1809-1903 Title: Calvin C. Bayley Papers, 1830-1904
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Oshkosh Mss O
Abstract: Papers of Bayley, a Waupun, Wisconsin, teacher and farmer, including incoming correspondence relating to education at Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., where he received a bachelors and masters degree; at Manlius Academy, Manlius, N.Y., where he was principal, 1838-1846; and at Ripon College, Ripon, Wis., where he was principal, 1856-1861. Letters, 1843-1848, from his sister, Huldah Leavens, refer to the Spring Farm Association, a Fourierite phalanx at Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Also present are genealogical materials, photographs, recollections of the Republican Convention in Pittsburgh in 1856, and other writings and business papers.
Potter, Calvin J. Title: Calvin J. Potter Papers, 1979-1998
Quantity: 2.2 c.f. (6 archives boxes)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 174
Abstract: Political papers of Calvin Potter, a member of the Democratic Party, mainly reflecting his years as a representative of Wisconsin's 9th Senate district (Sheboygan, Calumet, and Manitowoc counties) from 1990 to 1998, but also including material from his tenure in the State Assembly (59th district, Sheboygan Co.) from 1974 to 1988. The papers consist of biographical information, newsletters, press releases, speeches, and subject files which focus on legislation with which he was closely involved. Topics include credit unions, school mascots and Native American stereotypes, juvenile justice, “light” butter, pornography, DNA testing, tattoo legislation, and various police related issues, among others. The collection also includes a diary and correspondence from a 1986 trip to Japan funded through the Japan/United States Friendship Commission to study the Japanese education system.
- - - Title: Cameron Family Genealogical Information
Quantity: 0.04 cubic foot (2 folders
Call Number: MISC MSS 239
Abstract: The Cameron Family Genealogical Information includes a variety of materials about family members (genealogical charts, obituaries, census information, city directory listings) and a photocopy of James Herbert Cameron Jr.'s birth certificate. This family lived in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area.
Camp Minocqua (Wis.) Title: Camp Minocqua Records, 1907-1973
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box) and 22 photographs
Call Number: Northland Mss Z; PH Northland Mss Z
Abstract: Promotional brochures and photographs from a summer camp for boys in Oneida County, Wisconsin.
Campaign for a Democratic Foreign Policy Title: Campaign for a Democratic Foreign Policy Records, 1975-1978
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 490
Abstract: Records of Campaign for a Democratic Foreign Policy, a successor organization (1975-1977) to the Indochina Peace Campaign, which attempted to carry opposition to the war in South Vietnam into a broader, peacetime perspective. Included are organizational papers and notes, correspondence, minutes, and publications of the national steering committee. There are also papers pertaining to Citizens' Action '76, a series of forums aimed at diverting funds from the military budget to domestic social programs, and papers relating to the 1976 national meeting at which the group disbanded to form coalitions with other organizations with which CDFP had formerly cooperated such as the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy. Three local chapters are represented by a small group of correspondence, reports, and printed matter.
Campaign for Political Rights (U.S.) Title: Campaign for Political Rights Records, 1976-1985
Quantity: 36.0 c.f. (34 record center cartons and 5 archives boxes), 19 sound recordings, 5 films (in 5 film cans), and 1.0 c.f. of magnetic film (in 11 film boxes)
Call Number: M86-135; Audio 1556A; FG 861-862; DF 579-581
Abstract: Records of the Campaign for Political Rights, a group formed in 1976 by the National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (NCARL) as an affiliate organization and originally named the Campaign to Stop Government Spying. The group monitored United States covert operations abroad and domestic political surveillance and harassment. Topics covered include anti-nuclear groups, grand jury reform, domestic intelligence programs, spying and surveillance activities carried out by the FBI and CIA, “red squads,” and foreign policy, including operations in Nicaragua.
Campo Fiesta (Trout Lake, Wis.) Title: Campo Fiesta Records, 1933-1984
Quantity: 2.3 c.f. (1 record center carton, 1 archives box, and 1 flat box) and 22 film reels (8 mm and 16 mm)
Call Number: M92-326; EA 170-EA 178; AE 168-AE 180
Abstract: Records of Campo Fiesta, a private, secular, all-girls camp located on North Trout Lake near Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, which operated between 1938 and 1991. The collection documents the camp primarily through photographs contained in annual “camp memory” scrapbooks. Most are black and white and date between 1938 and 1965. All the regular activities of the camp are pictured, and there are interior and exterior shots of camp facilities as well. Also included are cabin blueprints, promotional materials, postcards, and a scrapbook of letters from ex-campers, staff, and parents to the Kirbys upon their retirement in 1965. Also included are black and white, and color home movies (8 mm and 16 mm), 1933-1948 and undated, documenting the activities and properties of Kamp Kirby (the Kirby’s summer cabin prior to the establishment of the camp) and Campo Fiesta during summer, autumn, and winter. Film footage shows the landscape and buildings; campers engaging in activities such as swimming, skiing, performances, sports, horseback riding, and canoeing; also included is footage of Warren Kirby, camp staff, and camp trips and holidays.
Campus Dames (La Crosse, Wis.) Title: Campus Dames Records, 1925-2013
Quantity: 2.6 c.f. (6 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and 38 photographs
Call Number: La Crosse Mss AC; PH La Crosse Mss AC
Abstract: Records of the Campus Dames, La Crosse, Wisconsin, which was founded as a literary and social club for the wives of faculty at the La Crosse State Teachers College (later University of Wisconsin-La Crosse). Its activities later expanded to establishing a student loan fund, a campus beautification program, and other activities of both a civic and social nature. The records consist of bake sale and other fundraising materials, news clippings of member biographies and obituaries, constitution and by-laws, a chronology of the organization, minutes, history and anniversary materials, newsletters, the President’s Book, programs, member directories, scholarship committee materials, education fund materials, treasurer’s reports, photographs, and scrapbooks. The photographs are identified and document activities and social gatherings of the club. In June of 2013 members voted to disband.
Cantwell Printing Company Title: Cantwell Printing Company Records, 1868-1917
Quantity: 4.1 c.f. (6 archives boxes and 9 flat boxes) and 13 photographs (1 folder)
Call Number: Mss 259; PH 3550
Abstract: Records of Cantwell Printing Company, a Madison, Wisconsin firm established in 1867 by M. J. Cantrwell and George P. Robinson. Included are order books, 1905-1906; a sales book, 1906-1908; journals, 1874-1906; a volume of sample printed advertisements, 1868-1882; time books, 1906-1915; ledgers, 1884-1910; a cash book, 1903-1906; and a 50th anniversary souvenir booklet, 1917. Photographs made for a fiftieth anniversary booklet document printing operations including composing and press rooms, collating and sewing, and printing equipment, 1916. Also included are images of office interiors and stockrooms. Most of the images also show company employees.
Capital Community Citizens (Madison, Wis.) Title: Capital Community Citizens Records, 1964-1989
Quantity: 2.7 cubic feet (7 archives boxes); plus additions of 0.8 cubic feet, 0.1 cubic feet of photographs, and 2 tape recordings
Call Number: Mss 440; M80-375; PH 4931; Audio 1846A; M96-153
Abstract: Records of Capital Community Citizens, a Madison, Wisconsin, organization founded in 1964 to address community environmental problems. The majority of the records cover the years 1966-1974 and document the organization's research, lobbying, legal, and educational activities. Administrative files consist of general minutes and agenda, treasurer's reports, position papers, and publicity. Community files consist of much the same types of material pertaining to the CCC committee structure. Also included are general correspondence, miscellaneous subject files, and indexes to the CCC correspondence and newsletters and to relevant issues in the Madison papers. Prominent correspondents include Robert Kastenmeier, Patrick Lucey, Gaylord Nelson, William Proxmire, and Madison mayors William Dyke, Otto Festge, and Paul Soglin.
Sandell, David, photographer Title: Capital Times Negatives and Photographs taken by David Sandell, 1958-2000
Quantity: 0.1 cubic feet of photographs (1 folder), 6.6 cubic feet of negatives (33 negative boxes); plus additions of 3.6 cubic feet of negatives
Call Number: PH 2961; PH 6017; M2004-100
Abstract: Pictures taken by Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) newspaper photographer David Sandell, between 1958 and 2000. The collection consists of mostly negatives with a few prints. Images cover events from everyday life in the Madison, Wisconsin area including parades and fairs, store openings, athletic events, conventions, theater productions, and agricultural events, as well as of politicians and other famous personages, weather and landscapes, and crime scenes.
Capitol Neighborhood Association (Milwaukee, Wis.) Title: Capitol Neighborhood Association Records, 1970-1979
Quantity: 0.8 cubic ft. (3 boxes)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 387
Abstract: This collection contains materials from Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Capitol Neighborhood Association. The Association was a nonprofit organization formed in the summer of 1972 to address issues of concern to Milwaukee’s Westside neighborhoods bounded by West Keefe Avenue, North 35th Street, West Lincoln Creek Parkway and North 60th Street.
Cardijn Bookstore (Milwaukee, Wis.) Title: Cardijn Bookstore Records, 1944-1987
Quantity: 2.5 c.f. (7 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and 183 photographs and certificates
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 114; PH 3763; PH 3763 (3)
Abstract: Fragmentary records of a bookstore originally founded in 1949 as a semi-autonomous cooperative of the Cardijn Center, the headquarters of Catholic lay apostolic work in Milwaukee. After the dissolution of the Cardijn Center in 1961, the bookstore continued to operate independently. Florence Weinfurter, an early participant, became manager of the bookstore in 1958 and bought it in 1964. The records relate both to the bookstore and to the social action center it was formed to serve. Included are by-laws, articles of association, and other organizational and legal records; miscellaneous correspondence of Father John Beix, founder of the Center, and other administrators; financial records; files on various social action lectures, programs, and forums sponsored by the Center; newsletters published by the Center and the Milwaukee Young Christian Workers Federation, which was located at the Center; and advertisements and publicity. Miscellaneous material concerns Father Beix and Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, founder of the Young Christian Workers movement. Also present are some personal papers of Weinfurter, a transcript of an interview with Weinfurter, and informational files on The Catholic Worker movement and its founder, Dorothy Day, whom Weinfurter knew.
Cardijn Center (Milwaukee, Wis.) Title: Cardijn Center Records, 1948-1961
Quantity: 2.0 cubic feet (5 archives boxes), 1 disc recording, and 12 tape recordings
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss BR; Disc 67A; Audio 1888A
Abstract: Records of a center established in 1948 as a headquarters for Catholic lay apostolic work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which ceased operations in 1961. The records document activities in social action and religious education including correspondence, newsletters, annual reports, board of directors minutes, and committee and program records of the Center and its associated organization, the Young Christian Workers Federation. Also includes recordings made by various clergy and lay persons at the Center.
Heft, Caren Title: Caren Heft Papers, 1980-2004
Quantity: 6.8 cubic ft. (18 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 278
Abstract: The collection consists primarily of page proofs, production materials, and project files created and compiled by Caren Heft during her work as a book artist and letterpress printer. The collection also contains résumé materials in addition to both personal and professional correspondence.
Flom, Carl Albert, 1906-1976 Title: Carl A. Flom Papers, 1928-1968
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box) and 154 photographs
Call Number: Mss 561; PH 3873
Abstract: Correspondence, research notes, speeches, and scrapbooks documenting the military career of Carl A. Flom, a prominent Madison, Wisconsin, attorney. His correspondence deals mainly with military matters and his scrapbooks detail his experiences at Camp Wheeler, Georgia, from 1940 to 1946. Other materials deal with his service in Japan with the Division of Military Courts. Although a large part of the research notes deals with the trial of General Tomoyuki Yamashita for war crimes in the Philippines, little of the material dates from that time; most of the sources for these notes are from the 1960s. The collection does not pertain to Flom's career as attorney and judge.
Pemble, Carl A. Title: Carl A. Pemble Papers, 1958-1971
Quantity: 1.6 c.f. (3 archives boxes and 1 flat box)
Call Number: River Falls Mss BA
Abstract: Papers of Carl Pemble of River Falls, Wisconsin, president of Save the St. Croix, Inc., a citizens' group opposed to construction of a Northern States Power Company generating plant on the St. Croix River at Oak Park Heights, Minnesota, because of its potential for ecological and recreational damage. Also present are papers on the River Falls Committee for Human Survival, a group seeking nuclear disarmament and an end to nuclear testing.
Braden, Carl, 1914-1975;
Braden, Anne, 1924-2006
Title: Carl and Anne Braden Papers, 1928-2006
Quantity: 99.6 cubic feet (62 records center cartons, 95 archives boxes, and 1 card box), 1.4 cubic feet of photographs (3 archives boxes, 1 flat box, and 1 oversize folder), 0.1 cubic feet of posters (1 oversize folder), 174 tape recordings, 14 disc recordings, 5 reels of microfilm (35 mm), 1 film, and 5 videorecordings
Call Number: Mss 6; PH 3299; PH 3499 (5); PH 5-6466; Audio 443A; Audio 667A; Audio 909A; Disc 72A; Micro 306; CA 503; VHA 637-VHA 641
Abstract: Papers of Louisville, Kentucky, civil rights activists Carl and Anne Braden, primarily documenting their work with the Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF), 1954-1974, and the Social Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice (SOC), 1974-2006. Additional records of SCEF and its predecessor, the Southern Conference for Human Welfare (1938-1948) are also included and were once in the possession of James Dombrowski, who headed both organizations before the Bradens. The Bradens' career with SCEF is documented by correspondence and subject files about work as field organizers, editors of the Southern Patriot, and co-directors. Many mailings and sound recordings document the split within SCEF that led to the Bradens' resignation and the organization of the Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice in 1975.
Birk, Carl Title: Carl Birk Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes) of papers, 1.0 linear ft. (3 archives boxes) of photographs, 7 videocassettes.
Call Number: WVM Mss 1012
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Carl Birk, a sergeant in Company C, 2nd Battle Group, 128th Infantry Regiment of the 32nd Division during the Berlin Crisis. Papers consist largely of scrapbooks compiled by Birk following his service. These scrapbooks provide a good overview of the history of the Wisconsin National Guard in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin with a focus on the 1950s and 1960s generally and the years of the Berlin Crisis (1961-1962) in particular. The Berlin Crisis was a period of escalating tension between the Soviets and the Allies (United States, Great Britain, and France) during the Cold War that included the construction of the Berlin Wall. Roughly 150,000 U.S. National Guardsmen and Reservists were called into active duty to prepare for possible military action in Germany during this time. Other papers include materials from the Aggressor Maneuvers, a field exercise during the Berlin Crisis meant to prepare troops for guerilla-style warfare; scattered personal military records of Birk, including certificates for completing educational courses; and some papers regarding Birk's membership in three veterans organizations: Co. C, 128th Infantry, Old Timers, and the Red Arrow Club of Southern Wisconsin. An atomic bomb attack advice card reflects the fears that permeated America during the Cold War. The photographs focus on the role of Birk's unit and the 32nd Division during the Berlin Crisis, showing field training during Operation Mesa Drive, barracks, inspections, scenery, and “welcome back” billboards. There are also pictures of annual National Guard training at Camps McCoy and Ripley, a red arrow made out of raw hamburger, National Guard recruitment, softball and rifle range teams, and shots from reunions of Birk's veterans groups. Video includes footage of veterans' reunions in the late 1980s, early 1990s as well as documentaries about the 105th Cavalry in the years leading up to World War II and the 32nd Division in general.
Burdick, Carl Cortland, 1904- Title: Carl Cortland Burdick Papers, 1964
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Platteville Micro 4; Micro 39
Abstract: “The Chicken, the Egg, and an Omelet...,” a manuscript including Burdick's autobiography; his childhood reminiscences; historical notes on Richland Center, Wisconsin consisting of brief descriptions of houses and other local features, and of the people associated with them; and genealogical notes on the Burdick family, 1621-1964.
Lee, Carl E. Title: Carl E. Lee Papers, 1907-1941
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: M78-012
Abstract: Papers of Carl E. Lee, who taught dairying at the University of Wisconsin, 1909-1912, was an assistant Dairy Commissioner for Wisconsin, 1915-1920, and then for many years was plant supervisor for Gridley’s Dairy in Milwaukee. The collection documents Lee’s career and dairy farming and production in Wisconsin through correspondence, reports, writings, photographs, clippings, milk route books, circa 1907-1941, near-print publications, and photographs.
Zeidler, Carl F., 1908-1942.;
Milwaukee (Wis.). Office of the Mayor.;
Milwaukee (Wis.). Office of the City Attorney.
Title: Carl F. Zeidler Mayoral Records, 1936-1943
Quantity: 15.3 cubic ft. (37 boxes)
Call Number: City of Milwaukee Archival Collection 44
Abstract: Records of Milwaukee Mayor Carl Zeidler, who was elected on the Democratic ticket in 1940, but resigned in 1942 to serve in World War II. Contains correspondence, reports, photographs, clippings, and artifacts. Some materials on his time as Assistant City Attorney are included as well.
Zeidler, Carl F., 1908-1942 Title: Carl F. Zeidler Papers, 1908-1953
Quantity: 3.7 cubic ft. (9 boxes) 1 oversize folder
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 311
Abstract: Personal papers of Carl Zeidler, Mayor of Milwaukee from 1940-1942. The collection is comprised of materials primarily from before his time as mayor. This includes his law career as well as his work with various local organizations, including the Sunday Morning Breakfast Club and YMCA. Contains correspondence, photographs, writings, scrapbooks, and awards and honors.
Fredericks, Carl, 1961- Title: Carl Fredericks Papers, 1986-1997 (bulk 1988-1992)
Quantity: 0.4 cubic feet (1 archives box), and 1 photograph and 48 transparencies (1 folder)
Call Number: Mss 1211; PH 7084
Abstract: Papers, 1986-1997 (bulk 1988-1992), of Carl Fredericks, coordinator of the Southern Wisconsin Farmers Research Network (SWFRN), a network of farmers engaged in on-farm research, and its successor, GrassWorks, a statewide grazing association. SWFRN was supported by the Sustainable Agriculture Program of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) from 1988-1992. Also included is a small amount of material relating to another grazing organization, Ocooch Graziers, and other grazing resources from Kickapoo Organic Resources Network (KORN).
Pieper, Carl G. Title: Carl G. Pieper Papers, 1917-1940
Quantity: .9 cubic ft. (2 boxes) 1 oversize folder
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 145
Abstract: Papers of a Milwaukee native and U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class who served at Base Hospital No. 22 (named Beau Desert) near Bordeaux, France during World War I. Most of the collection consists of photographs, originally stored in two scrapbooks. For preservation reasons, Piepers' scrapbook of hospital photos was disassembled; his compilation of sightseeing images from France remains in its original scrapbook. The images include unit photographs, and scenes of camp life, German prisoners, hospital wards, nurses, patients, and training in Milwaukee. The unit was manned by men and women organized by the Milwaukee County chapter of the American Red Cross. A unit history published in 1940 provides details on the origin, operations, and demobilization of the hospital.
Otte, Carl, 1923- Title: Carl Otte Papers,1970-1986
Quantity: 7.8 c.f. (20 archives boxes) and photographs
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 124; PH 3910; PH 3911
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1983-1986, of a former Democratic legislator (Assembly 1967-1982; Senate, 1982-1986) consisting of alphabetical subject files and files on problems of individual constituents. The subject files contain correspondence and memoranda from constituents, colleagues, advocacy groups, and staff members; speeches and statements; policy papers and reports; minutes; and clippings. They relate to legislative issues such as education, nursing homes, and taxes and to committees on which Otte served including the Senate Transportation Committee, the Migrant Labor Council, and the Legislative Council's Special Committee on Primary Prevention.
Dietz, Carl P. Title: Carl P. Dietz Papers, 1875–1956
Quantity: 1.7 cubic ft. (7 boxes)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 10
Abstract: Carl Praetorius Dietz (1875-1957) moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his family when he was a child. Over his lifetime he was an inventor, an elected justice of the peace, a city comptroller, an insurance businessman and an elected alderman of the 10th Ward of Milwaukee. Dietz unsuccessfully ran for Wisconsin’s 5th District Congressional seat in 1936. In addition to his career in politics, Carl P. Dietz was an avid collector of early model typewriters and had a strong interest in music including composing and publishing songs. Dietz also served as president of the Milwaukee Public Museum Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Milwaukee City Art Commission, and sat on the boards of the Milwaukee Auditorium, the Milwaukee Public Library, and the Milwaukee Art Institute.
Russell, Carl Parcher, 1894-1967 Title: Carl P. Russell Papers, 1823-1967
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (1 archives box and 2 flat boxes)
Call Number: Mss 318
Abstract: Papers of Carl P. Russell, an ecologist and historian of firearms, including correspondence regarding his alma mater, Ripon College, research for his 1957 book, Guns on the Early Frontiers, and the history of Fall River, Wisconsin, mostly with Walter Wright. Also includes account books, 1823-1864, of forges in Clinton and Franklin counties, New York; copies of Civil War items, including the letters of Freeman H. Coon, 32nd Wisconsin Infantry, and the diary of Elisha A. Dean, 7th Wisconsin Infantry; Zebulon Russell's scrapbooks, 1889-1912, including clippings of his “Fall River News” column for the Columbus, Wis., Journal-Republican.
Penner, Carl, 1878- Title: Carl Penner Papers, 1917-1966
Quantity: 0.7 c.f. (2 archives boxes and 1 folder) and 3 tape recordings
Call Number: Mss 190; SC 1051; Tape 345A
Abstract: Papers of Colonel Carl Penner, commanding officer of the 120th Field Artillery Regiment, concerning the regiment's service in France, 1918-1919, and the post-war Regimental Association formed by its members. Field orders, memoranda, information reports, and bulletins comprise the bulk of the papers. Also included are several diaries kept by members of the regiment, minutes and a financial statement of the Association, and two tape-recorded interviews on three cassettes.
Gray, Carl R., 1889-1955 Title: Carl R. Gray Papers, 1848-1955
Quantity: 40.7 c.f. (32 record center cartons, 3 archives boxes, 9 flat boxes and 6 volumes), 1092 photographs, 162 pieces of ephemera, and 2.7 c.f. of photographs and ephemera (6 archives boxes, 1 flat box and 3 folders)
Call Number: Mss 319; PH 1933; PH 1935; PH 1936; PH 1937; PH 1967; PH 1973; PH 1974; PH 1975; PH 1997; PH 2018; PH 2022; PH 2023; PH 2028; PH 2030; PH 2033; PH 2034; PH 2035; PH 2036; PH 2038; PH 2048; PH 2049; PH 2051; PH 2055; PH 2072; PH 2098; PH 2133; PH 4205; PH 4238
Abstract: Papers, 1848-1955, of General Carl R. Gray, railroad executive with the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad, brigadier general and director of military railroads for the European Theater of Operations during World War II, and head of the Veterans Administration from 1948 to 1953. The papers primarily document his lifelong work and interest in railroads; his professional career; the history of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha, the Chicago & North Western, and other railroad companies; and the history of U.S. Army military railroad operations in Europe and North Africa, 1942-1945.
Fish, Carl Russell, 1876-1932 Title: Carl Russell Fish Papers, 1852-1932
Quantity: 4.4 c.f. (10 archives boxes and 2 card file boxes) and 14 photographs
Call Number: Wis Mss HS; PH 6531
Abstract: Correspondence, photographs, lectures, and writings, mainly 1891-1932, of Carl Russell Fish, a professor of American history at the University of Wisconsin.
Schurz, Carl, 1829-1906
[Digitized content]
Title: Carl Schurz Papers, 1841-1906
Quantity: 3.0 cubic feet (4 archives boxes, 1 flat box, and 6 volumes), 2 reels of microfilm (35 mm), and 1 photograph
Call Number: Wis Mss GN; Micro 339; Micro 1064; PH 3-7461
Abstract: Papers about the Wisconsin connections of Carl Schurz, a German “Forty-Eighter” who settled in Watertown, Wisconsin in 1855, and on his national career as a liberal Republican political leader and journalist.
Thompson, Carl W. (Carl William), 1914-2002 Title: Carl W. Thompson Papers, 1972-1984
Quantity: 5.4 c.f. (14 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 1056
Abstract: Papers of Carl W. Thompson, Democratic state senator of Wisconsin (District 16; 1959-1984), composed primarily of articles, correspondence, and reports dating from 1972 to 1984. The majority of the collection consists of subject files covering such areas as: aging and retirement, health and medical care, displaced homemakers, workers' and unemployment compensation, criminal sentencing, the conditions of Wisconsin state prisons, the rights of inmates and their families, public and private school education, and activities taking place on the University of Wisconsin campus. Also included is an original manuscript for his 1978 primer on state government in Wisconsin.
Hibbard, Carlisle V., d. 1954 Title: Carlisle V. Hibbard Papers, 1811-1954
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (5 archives boxes) and 95 photographs (1 album)
Call Number: Wis Mss QN; PH 1556
Abstract: Papers, primarily family correspondence, 1902-1954, of Carlisle Hibbard, a Y.M.C.A. executive involved with World War I and II relief work, and of his daughter, Esther L. Hibbard, a missionary and educator in Japan. The letters from the Hibbards' stay in East Asia (1902-1914) and during Esther's teaching career (1929-1940, 1946-1952) describe customs, living conditions, and Japanese culture. Described are Carlisle's work in prisoner of war camps (1915-1924), and general conditions in Europe, particularly Russia in 1922. Carlisle's office correspondence (1943-1944) from the National Japanese American Student Relocation Council concerns efforts to get interned students back into colleges. Photographs document Hibbard's 1904-1905 time in Manchuria and Korea. Also included are 15 letters from Daniel Densmore, most written while he served in the Union Army during the Civil War, concerning the 1864 Sanitary Fair in St. Louis, Indian skirmishes in Minnesota, and conditions in the lower Mississippi region.
Montezuma, Carlos, 1866-1923 Title: Carlos Montezuma Papers, 1892-1937
Quantity: 4.4 c.f. (11 archives boxes) and 10 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Mss 263; Micro 514
Abstract: Papers of Carlos Montezuma, a prominent American Indian leader and physician who gained recognition for participation in the Pan-Indian movement and as an advocate of Indian assimilation. Papers include correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings, writings and notes, and American Indian periodicals. The correspondence focuses on Montezuma's interest in the assimilation and cooperation among tribes through the Society of American Indians and his ongoing struggles with the Office of Indian Affairs. Prominent correspondents include founding members of the Society of American Indians Fayette McKenzie, Charles Alexander Eastman, Francis La Flesche, Henry Standing Bear, Thomas Sloan, and Henry Roe Cloud. The correspondence also documents differences between U.S. Indian Commissioner Francis Leupp and Richard H. Pratt, head of the U.S. Indian School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The printed materials include published articles by Montezuma, pamphlets written by and about Indians, the publications of Indian organizations, schools, and missions, and Montezuma's magazine, Wassaja.
Goodlett, Carlton Benjamin, 1914- Title: Carlton Benjamin Goodlett Papers, 1942-1967
Quantity: 3 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 430
Abstract: Papers of Carlton Goodlett, a San Francisco physician, publisher of the Sun-Reporter, and civil rights, peace, and political activist. Subject files consist of correspondence, speeches and articles, form letters, brochures, clippings, and reports mainly relating to his civil rights activities and his involvement in the international peace movement. Civil rights materials concern local discrimination in employment, demonstrations against such discrimination, and local and national attempts to influence government and legislation especially with California governor Edmund “Pat” Brown. Much material from the years when Goodlett headed the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP (1947-1949) is included. Prominent correspondents include S. I. Hayakawa, Hugh B. Hester, Bertrand Russell, and representatives of the American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa, the California Negro Leadership Conference, the Committee for Peaceful Alternatives, and the Congress of Racial Equality.
Fernholz, Carmen Title: Carmen Fernholz Papers, 1976, 1984-2003 (bulk 1988-1993)
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box) and 1 photograph
Call Number: Mss 1164; PH 6776
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1988-1993, of Carmen Fernholz, organic farmer and researcher, documenting his involvement with the Organic Growers and Buyers Association (OGBA), a Midwestern organic service and certification organization, and other activities on behalf of organic and sustainable agriculture. Included are partial records of the OGBA, including correspondence, board materials, grant files, newsletters, and sample certification forms.
Weingrod, Carmi Title: Carmi Weingrod papers
Quantity: 0.37 cubic feet 1 letter document box Collection contains published and unpublished booklets, pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, newspaper clippings, magazines, articles, essays, and book chapters.
Call Number: uac4
Abstract: This collection includes a variety of published and unpublished booklets, pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, newspaper clippings, magazines, articles, essays, book chapters, etc. The majority of the materials relate to feminism, women's liberation, Vietnam War, gay and lesbian issues, African-American women, and the Black Panther Party. There are a few documents directly related to events at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the late 1960s, especially the Vietnam War protests. Materials are both from national and local sources.
Carnegie Commission on Educational Television Title: Carnegie Commission on Educational Television Records, 1963-1967
Quantity: 2.4 cubic feet (6 archives boxes) and 12 tape recordings
Call Number: U.S. Mss 145AF; Audio 588A
Abstract: Records of the Carnegie Corporation-funded study of public television in the United States, which was instrumental in the establishment of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The collection includes correspondence, proceedings of staff meetings and conferences (including a tape recording), reports by staff and outside experts, and early drafts of the commission report, Public Television: A Plan for Action (1967). In addition, there are reports of visits by commission representatives to 65 non-commercial stations; a survey of state educational broadcasting authorities; annual reports of the stations, 1963-1965; and related material concerning educational television. The remainder of the collection is comprised of new articles, press releases, and material and tape recordings related to public presentations by commission members and James R. Killian, chairman. Noteworthy correspondents include Lyndon B. Johnson and E.B. White.
Carnegie Commission on the Future of Public Broadcasting Title: Carnegie Commission on the Future of Public Broadcasting Records, 1969-1980
Quantity: 10.6 c.f. (27 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 787
Abstract: Records, mainly 1977-1979, of a Carnegie Corporation-sponsored study of public broadcasting that made recommendations for improvement in a published report, A Public Trust. Included are research reports and related background materials of staff and consultants; correspondence of staff, Chairman William McGill, and Executive Director Sheila Mahony; testimony (by Joan Ganz Cooney, Fred Friendly, John Gardner, Walter Heller, Frank Mankiewicz, and others) and agendas for hearings and special meetings; work plans; press material; photographs; and clippings. Research carried out by staff included case studies of programs such as The Adams Chronicles, All Things Considered, and Nova; funding sources; innovations in technological dissemination; and public participation and visits to Minnesota Public Radio and the British Broadcasting Corporation. Also included is correspondence and other material pertaining to the Freedom of Information suit brought by the commission to discover the politicization of programming during the Nixon Administration.
Bahr, Carol D. Behrend Title: Carol D. Behrend Bahr Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 5.8 linear ft. (13 archives boxes and 2 flat boxes) of papers and 4 folders of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 690
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Carol D. Behrend Bahr, who as a thirteen-year old girl during World War II wrote a letter to the Stars and Stripes seeking a military pen pal and received 1,500 responses from American soldiers and sailors. The letters written to Bahr make up the majority of this collection. In them, the soldiers and sailors generally thanked her for thinking of them, told her a little about their war experiences, and described their plans for after the war. Transcriptions of all the letters are included. Many correspondents sent along little pieces of memorabilia that are collected in two scrapbooks. Several newspaper clippings relate the story of Bahr's letter and the responses she received. Photographs include one shot of Bahr in 1943 and the many pictures that her pen pals sent to her.
Medaris, Carol Title: Carol Medaris Papers, 1994-1998
Extent: 3.0 c.f. (3 record center cartons)
Call Number: M2006-112
Abstract: Work files of Carol Medaris, a Madison lawyer who served as project attorney for the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families during the implementation of Wisconsin Works, a welfare reform program commonly known as W-2. The collection documents the history and implementation of W-2 including its precursor programs Pay for Performance (PFP) and Work Not Welfare (WNW).
Edland, Carole F. Title: Carole F. Edland Papers
Physical Description: 0.4 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 123
Abstract: Carole F. (McGinley) Edland earned an art major from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse after a career as a registered nurse. She owns and operates the Edland Art Gallery in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Later, she earned a Doctor of Ministry degree and began the Butterfly Ministry designed to help people cope in times of crisis. Edland has also written a book. Materials in this collection include essays, 35mm slides, photographs, negatives and notes created by Edland in preparation for two photographic documentaries of the Barney Spangler and William M. Crowley homes in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Spangler and Crowley built contractor-designed homes for the middle class from 1920-1958. These exhibitions were held at the art gallery at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and the La Crosse Public Library in 1981 and 1982. Other materials include an essay written by Edland for an Art History II class comparing the architecture of the Mons Anderson and Henry Salzer homes in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Vopat, Carole Gottlieb Title: Carole Gottlieb Vopat Holocaust Survivor Speaker Series, 2006-2011
Quantity: 0.4 cubic ft. (1 archives box)
Call Number: UWP Manuscript Collection 018
Abstract: Video recordings of survivors of the Holocaust. The speaker series was a part of Holocaust Studies classes taught by Dr. Carole G. Vopat at the University of Wisconsin–Parkside. Also included in the collection are biographical notes on the featured speakers. Where not noted otherwise, DVDs record public presentations of the speakers.
Chamberlain, Caroline Title: Caroline Chamberlain Family Papers, 1749-1954
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box), 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm), and 4 photographs (1 folder and 1 box)
Call Number: Mss 618; Micro 887; PH 6668; PH 4195
Abstract: Papers preserved by Caroline Chamberlain and her sisters, Mable Adams and Claudia Chamberlain, documenting their ancestors in the Adams, Norton, Cranch, and Smith families. Daughters of Wisconsin Congressman Henry Cullen Adams, the women were connected through both parents to relatives of President John Adams. The collection consists of family correspondence, a 1749 book of music, sermons, genealogy charts, and diaries kept by Elizabeth Cranch Norton while living in Massachusetts, by Jacob Porter Norton during service in the War of 1812 and while living in Georgia, and by Richard Greenleaf Norton while sailing from Boston to California in 1849. Included are photostats of a letter from John Adams to William Custis, July 15, 1812, and a letter from his daughter to her cousin Elizabeth Cranch, 1788. Also included are images of Richard Greenleaf Norton and Jacob Porter Norton.
Webb, Caroline, 1883-1975 Title: Caroline Webb Papers, circa 1865-1961
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes) and approximately 215 photographs (in 2 archives boxes and 1 oversize PH folder)
Call Number: M75-406
Abstract: Papers of Caroline Webb, an African American woman from Iowa who lived in Madison and Chicago during the early twentieth century, documenting her family relations and friendship with Henry H. Proctor through correspondence, her personal finances, and the deaths of her son and parents. The materials also document the experiences of Webb’s son, Andrew, as a child growing up in Madison through a photograph album, circa 1920, and as a patient at the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium in Chicago through a scrapbook he created, 1931-1934. Also present are several dozen photographic images of African American men, women, children, and infants (circa 1860s-1950s), funeral memorial cards, and portraits of Webb’s acquaintances.
Lovell, Carolyn G. Title: Carolyn G. Lovell Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes) of papers and 1 folder and 7 negative folders of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 949
Abstract: The papers and photographs of Carolyn G. Lovell, a first lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II. Collection consists almost entirely of the letters Lovell received from five different men during World War II. The majority of the letters are from Harold Tubbs, who served in the Army Air Force in Germany following the war. They are love letters in which Tubbs expressed his strong feelings for Lovell while also describing his daily activities in military service. In a January 11 letter, he described having a nightmare about the fighting at Guadalcanal. In other letters he described the weather, food, recreational activities, and his hopes to go home and be with Lovell. Three letters that Lovell wrote to Tubbs are also in the collection and are filled with her declarations of love for him. Russell Burkman, who received stateside training as a navigator in the Army Air Force, seems to have been a serious boyfriend of Lovell's before Tubbs. His letters describe his intense training at San Antonio, the stringent requirements for the navigator program, and his feelings for Lovell. Additional correspondants include Robert Mueller (Navy) and Albert Wettstein (Merchant Marines). Other materials in this series include some recruitment materials from the Navy Nurse Corps, a letter from the War Manpower Commission informing Lovell that her job as a nurse was classified as essential, and some military paperwork, mostly requisition forms, that Tubbs filled out as love letters to Lovell. Photographs include three unidentified negatives of a woman in a nurse's uniform, possibly Lovell and two of a man in military uniform, possibly Tubbs.
Goodman, Carolyn Title: Carolyn Goodman Papers, 1964-1971
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box), 4 reels of microfilm (35 mm), 10 photographs, 1 film, and 1 videorecording
Call Number: Mss 192; Micro 482; Micro 833; PH Mss 192; DC 537; VBB 166
Abstract: Papers concerning the 1964 murder of Mrs. Goodman's son Andrew, a civil rights volunteer in Mississippi. The papers include microfilmed correspondence, condolences, clippings, and legal documents. Other responses to the nationally publicized murder trial include eulogies, memorial service programs, correspondence regarding a memorial scholarship and community center, a script for the 1966 play And People All Around, and a film of “Andy A.M.,” a program aired on WNBC-TV's New York Illustrated. Photographs include images of Andrew Goodman and artwork depicting or dedicated to him.
Carson and Eaton Title: Carson and Eaton Records, 1840-1852
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Stout Mss A
Abstract: Records of William Carson and Henry Eaton, kept in connection with the Carson and Eaton lumber business on the Eau Galle River in West Central Wisconsin, including a ledger, 1843-1845, kept by Eaton and Richardson, and a journal and ledger, 1843-1849, kept by Bradley and Richardson, jobbers for Carson and Eaton.
- - - Title: [Cartoons-Miscellaneous] Videorecordings, 1928-1971
Quantity: 5 videocassettes
Call Number: see list below
Abstract: Miscellaneous cartoons produced for display in theaters by various studios, primarily Warner Bros., Disney, and Freleng.
- - - Title: Cased Images Collection, circa 1839-circa 1899
Quantity: 444 photographs (33 boxes)
Call Number: PH 4195, PH 4195 (3)
Abstract: A collection of ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, tintypes, and other formats originally housed in photograph cases. The majority of the images are portraiture with occasional landscape views. Some tintypes in the collection are uncased. The collection was intentionally assembled from a variety of sources. Also included are some cased painted miniature portraits and a cased copper plate physionotrace. Many of the images are of American Civil War soldiers in uniform.
Burczyk, Casimir A. Title: Casimir A. Burczyk Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.1 linear ft. (1 folder) of papers and 1.0 linear ft. (3 archives box) of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 721
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Casimir A. Burczyk, who served as a photo interpreter with the Army Air Force in the South Pacific during World War II. The collection consists mostly of photographs taken during Burczyk's time in the South Pacific, particularly on Iwo Jima. There are many shots of planes, including almost twenty of unique nose art painted on the aircraft. Other photographs show the military base that was built on Iwo Jima including building, vehicles, equipment and cemeteries. Most photos of personnel, including some of a basketball game, are unidentified. The photographs are of a high quality and give a good idea of the military establishment on Iwo Jima, but their lack of identification limits their overall usefulness. The papers consist of separation and discharge forms for Burczyk, as well as some brief reminiscences of his service.
Krolasik, Casimir, 1913 Title: Casimir Krolasik Papers, 1917-1980
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder) and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Milwaukee SC 143; Milwaukee Tape 10; Tape 978A
Abstract: Photographs, newsclippings, and other materials from Krolasik, a Milwaukee tool and die maker and his wife Marie concerning organizations in which they were active, especially the Polish Young People's Alliance (Towarzystwa Zwiaku Mlodziezy Polskiej) and two bands, the Kazimierz Krolasik Orchestra and Stanley and the Original Revelers. On tape are accordion selections performed by Krolasik.
Dudkiewicz, John Title: Catalog of Articles Surrounding the Death of Captain Wilson Colwell, September 14, 1862
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 147
Abstract: Catalog of articles compiled by John Dudkiewicz in 2000 concerning the death of Captain Wilson Colwell on September 14, 1862. Colwell was captain of the La Crosse Light Guard (Company B, 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment) during the Civil War.
Campbell, Catherine Title: Catherine Campbell Papers, 1851-1959
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box), 13 photographs, and 2 negatives
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 155; PH Milwaukee Mss 155
Abstract: Papers of Catherine Campbell of Milwaukee, Wisconsin relating to her Scottish heritage, involvement in various Scottish organizations, and participation as a Highland fling dancer in Scottish games and field days held throughout the United States. Consisting of newsclippings, programs, scattered correspondence, flyers, photographs, and miscellaneous items, the records relate to the St. Andrew's Society of Milwaukee and its yearly Robert Burns Night, the Clan Campbell, British Day events to aid British war relief during World War II, the Order of Job's Daughters, Scottish ethnic organizations and sponsored game and field days outside of Milwaukee, and Scottish ethnicity in general. Photographs show Catherine Campbell in dance costume, other Highland dancers, the Chicago Highlander Pipe Band, and a January 26, 1946 dinner.
Cleary, Catherine Title: Catherine Cleary Papers, 1979-1995
Quantity: 1.8 c.f. (1 record center carton and 2 archives boxes)
Call Number: M2004-123
Abstract: Papers, 1979-1995, consisting of Catherine Cleary’s research for two articles published in the Wisconsin Magazine of History titled, “Lavinia Goodell, First Woman Lawyer in Wisconsin” and “Married Women’s Property Rights in Wisconsin, 1846-1972.” The papers include correspondence, notes, newspaper articles, academic and journal articles, legal documents, and edited versions of the manuscripts.
Conroy, Catherine, 1919-1988 Title: Catherine Conroy Papers, 1947-1990
Quantity: 1.6 c.f. (5 archives boxes), 7 tape recordings, and photographs
Call Number: Mss 826; Tape 1263A; PH 5041; PH 5042
Abstract: Papers of Catherine Conroy, a Wisconsin leader of the labor and women's movements, mainly consisting of correspondence, minutes, financial statements, photographs, and other records of her involvement with the Coalition of Labor Union Women, the Communication Workers of America, the University of Wisconsin School for Workers, and the Wisconsin Women's Network. Information on CWA consists largely of correspondence and research material about her 1974 sex discrimination suit against the union. The WWN and CLUW are each documented by by-laws, minutes, correspondence, and policy statements, but other organizations and governmental agencies with which Conroy was associated or to which she was appointed are only sparsely represented. Personal material includes a 1976 oral history transcript, miscellaneous correspondence, income tax records, biographical clippings, commemorative materials, and family photographs. In addition to Conroy, Joseph A. Beirne and Addie Wyatt are featured on the tape recordings.
Catholic Cemetery (La Crosse, Wis.). Title: Catholic Cemetery (La Crosse, Wisconsin) Records
Physical Description: 0.1 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 037, Micro 10
Abstract: Microfilmed copy of three record volumes of the Catholic Cemetery, La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1883-1935. The early records are in German (1883-circa 1915); the remainder in English. Mainly a record of burials in the cemetery in date order.
Catholic Women's Club of Green Bay Title: Catholic Women's Club of Green Bay Records, 1908-2001
Quantity: 7.8 c.f. (11 archives boxes and 7 flat boxes) and 8 photographs
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 177; PH 6496
Abstract: Records of the Catholic Women's Club of Green Bay, Wisconsin, which was founded in 1900 as a social and study club, later becoming involved in charitable activities and fundraising. The records consist of constitutions, bylaws, and subsequent amendments; files of the club's presidents; and financial records. Also included are news clippings and six scrapbooks, and other historical materials such as members' oral histories. Members founded the Green Bay Day Nursery in 1919, which later was managed by the United Way and ultimately became Encompass Child Care, and established the Welfare Committee, which facilitated donations to various charities, such as St. Anthony's School for the Menomonee in Neopit and Green Bay-area Catholic high school scholarships. Other community service projects included donations for the bells at the UW-Green Bay Ecumenical Center; the Bark Chapel at Heritage Hill; and Holy Name Retreat House. The club worked actively with other religious clubs and clergy. Also included are photographs of members, the Bark Chapel at Heritage Hill, and the clubhouse on Walnut Street.
Catlin, George, 1796-1872 Title: Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio, circa 1844
Quantity: 32 leaves (1 flat box)
Call Number: PH 348 (3)
Abstract: Lithograph prints after paintings created by George Catlin of scenes in the center of the North American continent in the early nineteenth century and published in a portfolio, circa 1844.
- - - Title: Cavalcade of America Broadcasts, undated
Quantity: 21 disc recordings
Call Number: Disc 147A
Abstract: 33 1/3 rpm, 16-inch recordings of selected episodes of the radio program Cavalcade of America sponsored by DuPont and broadcast on CBS. The anthology series presented dramatizations of episodes in American history and was on the radio from 1935 to 1953 and on television from 1952 to 1957. These discs were distributed by the National Association of High School Principals.
- - - Title: Cavalcade of America Films, 1955-1957
Quantity: 10 film reels (16 mm)
Call Number: DF 266-DF 275
Abstract: Ten episodes from the last two seasons of the half-hour anthology television series Cavalcade of America, which aired on NBC (1952-1953) and ABC (1953-1957). The series was sponsored by DuPont and based on the popular radio series Cavalcade, featuring dramatizations of historical events and later contemporary story subjects focusing on “modern American life.”

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