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Noah Shaw and Company Title: Noah Shaw and Company Records, 1868-1893
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box) and 4 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Eau Claire Mss AX; Eau Claire Micro 17; Micro 945
Abstract: Records of the first iron foundry in Eau Claire which served the lumber companies of the Chippewa Valley. Includes letterpress copybooks, ledgers that note clients and work performed and financial journals. The firm was known as Shaw, Fisk and Company, Eagle Iron Works, and Noah Shaw and Company at various stages of its existence.
Nokomis Grandmothers Club (La Crosse, Wis.). Title: Nokomis Grandmothers Club Records
Physical Description: 0.2 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS J
Abstract: This group of La Crosse, Wisconsin, area women have handicapped grandchildren. The Nokomis Grandmothers Club is a chapter of the National Grandmothers Club, and was founded in 1960. Records of the Nokomis Grandmothers Club, 1960-1984, consist of club meeting minutes (1960-1978), a scrapbook (1960-1984), and a photo album (1979, 1983).
Nolan, David, 1946- Title: David Nolan Papers, 1960-1987
Quantity: 2.4 c.f. (6 archives boxes) and 104 photographs
Call Number: Mss 773; PH 3905; PH 3906
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1963-1977, of Nolan, a writer and social activist. Included are correspondence; executive board, staff, and editorial board minutes; reports; policy papers; and informational mailings of organizations and publications with which he was involved such as Our Generation, Penn Community Services, Inc., Southern Student Organizing Committee, the U.S. China Peoples Friendship Association, and Virginia Students Civil Rights Committee. Prominent correspondents include Anne Braden and Leonard Boudin. Papers as a staff member of the Atlanta office of the U.S. China Peoples Friendship Association also include extensive planning materials for friendship tours of China, biographical information on participants, and a lengthy journal written by one participant in the 1975 tour. Files on the Virginia Students Civil Rights Committee include correspondence, minutes, photographs, an unpublished history, and community organizing project files. Limited personal papers include biographical clippings, copies of articles and papers, photographs, and information on his status as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War.
Nolan, Michael Title: Michael Nolan Papers, 1967-1969
Extent: 1.2 c.f. (3 archives boxes) and 13 photographs (1 folder)
Call Number: M2006-098
Abstract: Papers of Michael Nolan, a researcher and Associate Producer for the Public Broadcasting Laboratory (PBL), a television experiment financed by the Ford Foundation and a part of National Educational Television (NET). PBL was broadcast live on Sunday nights to the 129 NET affiliated public television networks across the nation from November 1967 to April 1969. The papers document Nolan's professional role in PBL, and also include a small quantity of personal papers.
Noonan, Josiah A., 1813-1882 Title: Josiah A. Noonan Papers, 1834-1880
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box) and 2 photographs
Call Number: Wis Mss WQ; PH Wis Mss WQ
Abstract: Mainly correspondence of Josiah A. Noonan, a Wisconsin Democratic politician and newspaperman, with state political figures and editors about political events. Included are the Civil War letters of Frederick A. Boardman, an officer in the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry. Noonan was publisher (1841-1845) of the Milwaukee Courier, postmaster of Milwaukee (1843-1849, 1853-1857), and editor of Industrial Age (1873-1879). Also included is a photograph of Mr. Noonan and his wife, and a group photo that includes Mrs. Noonan, George Welch, Miss Bessie McDermott, and Morris Reynolds.
Norden Society (La Crosse, Wis.). Title: Norden Society (La Crosse, Wisconsin) Minute Book
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 055
Abstract: Minute book kept by the Norden Society, a Norwegian-American cultural society in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Minutes range in date from 1900 to 1935; minutes recorded prior to 1929 are in the Norwegian language.
Norkofski, Warren Title: Warren Norkofski Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.1 linear ft. (4 folders and 36 negative flaps) of photographs, and 1 phonograph record.
Call Number: WVM Mss 22
Abstract: The papers and photographs of Warren L. Norkofski, a private in Company A, 106th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division during World War II who was wounded on Saipan and spent over fifteen months convalescing at a stateside hospital. A large part of the collection consists of correspondence exchanged between Norkofski and girlfriend Gene Wetterau while he recovered in O'Reilly General Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. He wrote about his recreational activities, therapy, frustrations at delays in being discharged, and hopes for a future with Wetterau. Also included are scattered letters Norkofski wrote to his parents while stationed in Hawaii. These letters briefly touch upon his battle experience but focus mainly on recreational activities due to censor's restrictions. Other wartime materials include a Catholic missal and prayer card, pay records, and a discharge form. The veteran benefits Norkofski received following the war are documented through correspondence relating to a subsistence allowance, vocational training, medical care, and insurance. Papers showing his active involvement in veteran organizations, particularly the Florian-Lampert Post 1908 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, can also be found in this collection. Norkofski was elected commander of the post in 1955 and served in several other positions. Photographs include prints and negatives of Norkofski in uniform during his service and with Wetterau while visiting Oshkosh on furlough. A phonograph record contains a message Norkofski recorded at a Red Cross station in Springfield in November 1944.
Norquist, John O. Title: John O. Norquist Papers, 1970-1988
Quantity: 16.0 c.f. (10 record center cartons and 18 archives boxes) and 28 negatives on 7 strips (1 negative envelope)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 200; PH Milwaukee Mss 200
Abstract: Legislative papers of John O. Norquist, a former Democratic assemblyman (1975-1983) and state senator (1983-1988), who was later elected mayor of Milwaukee. Included are general correspondence and subject files documenting topics with which he was prominently identified such as education, health care, taxes, and transportation and his leadership position on the Joint Committee on Finance. Also well covered is the Milwaukee Public Schools, the Senate Democratic Caucus and the legislative party leadership, the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, funding to the Department of Transportation for highway construction and mass transit, the Hospital Rate Setting Commission, and the Legislative Council Committee on Occupational Licensing. In addition to correspondence and memoranda, the files include press releases, newsletters, and speeches. Some records of the Assembly Transportation Committee were created by former legislator Kevin Soucie. Prominent correspondents include David Berger, Lee Dreyfus, Anthony Earl, Edward Jackamonis, Lowell Jackson, Gerald Kleczka, Henry Maier, and Thomas Loftus. The negatives document Norquist's 1984 trip to Nicaragua.
North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature Title: North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature Records, 1948-2014
Quantity: 12 cubic ft. (23 boxes) plus additions of 5.2 cubic ft. (7 boxes)
Call Number: AGS Manuscript Collection 1
Abstract: Records of a commission whose purpose is to develop statements of stratigraphic principles; review problems and recommend procedures applying to classification and nomenclature of stratigraphic and related areas. Most of the collection consists of general files, arranged chronologically, containing correspondence, minutes of meetings, and reports of the NACSN. The general files document annual meetings of the commission; the development and revisions of the stratigraphic code; activities of subcommittees; and the writing of the Commission's published notes and reports. The collection also contains extensive files of the Code Committee (1977-1983) which coordinated a complete revision of the code. The Code Committee files include scattered records of its subcommittees. The records of the Quaternary Advisory Group contain correspondence, minutes of meetings, and reports concerning terminology and stratigraphic principles and applications of Quaternary stratigraphic concepts.
North Bolivar County Farm Cooperative (Mound Bayou, Miss.) Title: North Bolivar County Farm Cooperative Records, 1967-1969
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box) and 8 tape recordings
Call Number: Mss 602; Tape 1027A
Abstract: Records of an agricultural and food cooperative organized by black Mississippians in response to the mechanization of cotton farming and problems of unemployment and malnutrition in the Mississippi Delta. Among the records are articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes of meetings, a progress report, plans, budgets, a membership list, and brochure of the Cooperative; minutes of meetings of “teams” concerned with health care; materials describing the programs of the Tufts-Delta Health Center; and data pertaining to the population and incomes in the Delta. Eight tapes record interviews made by Historical Society staff member Charles Bowden with Cooperative leaders and members.
North Presbyterian Church (La Crosse, Wis.) Title: North Presbyterian Church (La Crosse, Wisconsin) Records
General Physical Description: 0.1 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 048, Micro 21
Abstract: Records of the North Presbyterian Church, including lists of pastors; elders; an alphabetical list of communicants (members), 1872-1959; baptisms, 1908-1959; marriages, 1908-1959; deaths, 1909-1913; and suspensions, 1926-1934. This congregation was originally attached to the First Presbyterian Church on the South Side of La Crosse, and became its own church in 1870, incorporating as North La Crosse Presbyterian Church in 1878.
North Western Lumber Company Title: North Western Lumber Company Records, 1870-1955
Quantity: 24.3 c.f. (53 archives boxes and 2 drawers of maps); plus additions of 1.6 c.f. and 38 photographs
Call Number: Eau Claire Mss A; M2003-062; PH 1443
Abstract: Records of North Western Lumber Company, an Eau Claire, Wisconsin company, organized in 1873, which engaged in lumbering in northwestern Wisconsin until the depletion of timber supplies halted operations in about 1920. Correspondence relates primarily to the management and gradual liquidation of the company's assets after 1920. Most of the letters were written by George W. Hipke of Stanley, an officer of the company. Among these are many which pertain to his campaigns for the state legislature in 1934 and 1936 and to legislative bills and issues. Journals, ledgers, cashbooks, and tax records cover the company's operations after 1894. Annotated plat books and land inventories show property holdings, and two volumes of appraisals give a detailed description of the plant and equipment at Stanley in 1909. The collection also contains scattered records of related or subsidiary firms: the North Western Mercantile Company, 1919-1932; the Stanley, Merrill, and Phillips Railway, 1902-1926, both in Wisconsin; and the Del Norte Company, a lumber company operating in northern California. Oversized maps are of Stanley, Eau Claire, Altoona, Jump River, and other areas of Wisconsin. Also present are office building blueprints.
North Wisconsin Lumber Company (Hayward, Wis.) Title: North Wisconsin Lumber Company Records, 1883-1901
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm) and 0.1 c.f. (1 oversize folder)
Call Number: Northland Micro 13; Micro 492; Northland SC 39
Abstract: Incoming letters, 1883-1888 and 1897-1901, of the North Wisconsin Lumber Company, a supplier of logs and lumber, with information on their sales operations throughout the Midwest and on their relationship with the Laird, Norton Company, Winona, Minn., and with Frederick Weyerhaeuser. Not on microfilm is an undated map showing the general plat of Hayward, Wis. and indicating buildings and property owned by the company.
Northeastern Wisconsin Education Association Title: Northeastern Wisconsin Education Association Records, 1903-1957
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 204
Abstract: Papers of an association of teachers and others interested in education documenting activities such as annual meetings, sponsorship of conferences and demonstrations, and publication of a newsletter. Included are constitutions, minutes, correspondence, reports, annual meeting programs, newsletters, and a treasurer's book.
Northeastern Wisconsin In-School Telecommunications Title: Northeastern Wisconsin In-School Telecommunications Records, 1967-1980, 2003-2005
Quantity: 8.6 cubic feet, 17 films (16 mm), 14 reels (16 mm) of film printing elements, 54 videorecordings, and 159 audio recordings
Call Number: MCHC80-003; M2013-190; AE 348-AE 353; CC 632-CC 642; VBC 446-VBC 452; Audio 1708A
Abstract: Northeastern Wisconsin In-School Telecommunication (NEWIST), at UW-Green Bay, records including program files and film related to educational television projects on topics such as vocational guidance, the Menominee and Oneida tribes, and Wisconsin history. Also includes interviews and raw footage on video and audio tapes for the Gaylord Nelson documentary Earth Day and Beyond (2005).
Northern Chief Iron Company (Wausau, Wis.) Title: Northern Chief Iron Company Records, 1874-1977
Quantity: 2.5 c.f. (6 archives boxes and 1 volume)
Call Number: Mss 984
Abstract: Records of the Northern Chief Iron Company, a Wausau (Wis.) based company which was the owner and lessor of iron ore rich lands on the Gogebic range in northeastern Wisconsin. Included in the collection are administrative records consisting of correspondence, quit claims, deeds, land patents, mine track grants to railroads, and court records from various land disputes. Also included are agreements with various mining companies consisting of leases, monthly mining reports, royalty receipts, and correspondence. The financial records of the company include corporate income tax returns, capital stock tax forms, stockholder information, tax deeds and tax certificates, and leases and sales.
Northern Hotels Corporation. Title: Northern Hotels Corporation Lawsuit Materials
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 117
Abstract: The Northern Hotels Corporation Lawsuit Materials include correspondence, hotel registration cards, and bills from the Hotel Stoddard in La Crosse, Wisconsin, dating 1946-1947. These items pertain to a racial discrimination lawsuit filed against Northern Hotels Corporation, which managed the Hotel Stoddard. The lawsuit was decided in favor of the plantiff in 1947, for an award of $25 and costs.
Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Title: Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled: Administrative Records, 1896-1999
Quantity: 24.0 c.f. (27 archives boxes, 8 flat boxes, and 21 volumes); plus additions of 11.3 c.f., 6.7 c.f. of photographs, negatives, and transparencies, 2 audio recordings, 19 films, and 1 videorecording
Call Number: Series 2201; 1988/227; 1997/016; 2000/011; 2011/158; Audio 1518A; AE 197-AE 198; CC 388-CC 390; EA(S) 072-EA(S) 073, 181-189; EA(R) 074, 179-180; VCA 268
Abstract: Administrative records, 1896-1999, consisting of the files of the superintendents and stewards documenting the management of the Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled (NWCDD). Visual materials document the NWCDD facility and staff, patients, and programs.
Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Title: Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled: Training School Records, circa 1950-1980
Quantity: 2.4 c.f. (6 archives boxes)
Call Number: Series 2204
Abstract: Records, circa 1950-1980 (bulk 1960s and 1970s), documenting the educational mission of the Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled (NWCDD).
Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Title: Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Hospital Records, 1915-1980
Quantity: 2.7 c.f. (6 archives boxes and 1 volume)
Call Number: Series 2205
Abstract: Records detailing medical treatment at the Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled from 1915-1980. Records are arranged alphabetically by type and all records are restricted. The span of the various types of records within the series varies greatly.
Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Title: Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled: Financial Records, 1898-1979
Quantity: 3.6 c.f. (1 record center carton and 4 volumes)
Call Number: Series 2203
Abstract: Inventories and accounting ledgers of Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled from 1898-1979. Volumes are arranged into two groups, inventories and ledgers, and thereunder by year. The annual inventories retained represent one tenth of the total received in the Archives -- approximately every tenth year has been retained. The Inmate Ledger and its index are restricted.
Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Title: Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled: Correspondence, 1896-1971
Quantity: 16.0 c.f. (13 record center cartons and 8 archives boxes) and 50 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Series 2202
Abstract: Correspondence of the superintendent and steward documenting patient care and administration of Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled from its beginning in 1896 to 1971. It covers such topics as general information about the institution, management of employees, equipment purchases, staff education, and condition of patients. Correspondence is primarily between the superintendent or steward and the Board of Control or Department of Public Welfare; county officials; employees; and relatives of patients.
Northern Wisconsin Cooperative Tobacco Pool Title: Northern Wisconsin Cooperative Tobacco Pool Records, 1909-2008 (bulk 1922-1998)
Quantity: 92.8 c.f. (80 record center cartons, 13 card file boxes, 11 flat boxes, 4 archives boxes, and 1 volume) and 20 photographs; plus additions of 0.1 c.f.
Call Number: La Crosse Mss DK; PH La Crosse Mss DK; M94-129
Abstract: Records, 1909-2008 (bulk 1922-1998), of the Northern Wisconsin Cooperative Tobacco Pool, originally based in Madison, Wisconsin, which moved to Viroqua, Wisconsin, in 1940. Records include volumes of tobacco growers in the Cooperative before and after its split with the Southern division in 1938 through 2008, subject and correspondence files, financial audits, membership lists and general financial records. The cooperative's primary correspondents are President George Nygaard, Managers A.J. Peterson and George Nettum. Records also include those of a related cooperative, the Great Northern Cooperative Association (1943-1947), ledgers predating the cooperative's incorporation, and records documenting the Cooperative's dealings not only with the tobacco industry, but related industries such as railroad and lumber. Photographs include group portraits of directors, informal scenes of staff and growers, and fields and sheds.
Northland College (Ashland, Wis.) Title: Ethnic Music in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan Collection, 1979-1986
Contents: Mills Music Library Wisconsin Music Archives: 290 folders, 2 binders, 1 two-drawer card catalog, 2 posters, 90 reel-to-reel tape recordings, 96 audiocassettes, approximately 30 color photographs; Wisconsin Historical Society History Center and Archives at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center: 1.5 c.f. of folders, approximately 15 pieces ephemera, 39 publications, approximately 373 audiocassettes, 143 commercial vinyl recordings, 444 color slides; James P. Leary: 17 folders, approximately 250 audiocassette duplicates, approximately 450 color slide duplicates
Unique Identifier: CSUMC0011-CG
Summary: The Ethnic Music in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan project began as a reconnaissance survey of traditional music spanning the northern tier of counties in Wisconsin and the western upper peninsula of Michigan along Lake Superior's south shore. Numerous community members, folklorists, ethnomusicologists, regional research specialists, and Northland College students contributed to the survey during 1979-1981, which resulted in 200 potential contacts and recorded interviews with over 100 musicians. Field and commercial recordings, field notes, color slides, and secondary resource materials obtained during the project represent the region's mix of European ethnic musical traditions including Cornish, Bohemian, Croatian, Finnish, French-Canadian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Scotch-Irish, Slovenian, Slovak, Swedish, Swiss, and Ukrainian immigrant sacred and secular music, singers, instrumentalists, dance hall veterans, and private soloists. Project outreach included public presentations, media appearances, workshops on ethnographic documentation, and collaboration with community groups and organizers of local festivals, in addition to publications that drew from the documentation. The 1986 release of the commercial recording Accordions in the Cutover completed the project.
Northstar Productions Title: Hudson's Bay Films, 1959-1960
Quantity: 39 film reels (16 mm)
Call Number: DA 761-DA 799
Abstract: Hudson's Bay was a television series produced by Northstar Productions and distributed by United Artists Television Inc. The series lasted for one season, producing 39 episodes; all of which are found in this collection. Each episode runs approximately 30 minutes. The series follows the fictional adventures of Johnathan Banner (played by Barry Nelson), the chief trader of the Hudson Bay Fur Company, and his guide Pierre Falcon (played by George Tobias). The final episode was produced by Meridian Productions. George Tobias was replaced by actor Pedro Gonzales Gonzalez, who plays Pepe Falcon. All of the episodes were filmed in Canada, except the final episode, which was filmed in Hollywood. Canadian directors Sidney J. Furie and Alvin Rakoff produced and directed twenty-nine and eight episodes, respectively.
Northwest Side Community Development Corporation Title: Northwest Side Community Development Corporation Records, 1979-2000
Quantity: 6.4 cubic ft. (10 boxes) 1 videocassette
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 248
Abstract: The Northwest Side Community Development Corporation (NWSCDC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing Milwaukee's Northwest side. The bulk of the collection documents the NWSCDC's economic development strategies. The collection contains meeting minutes and correspondence which date to the NWSCDC's founding in 1983. Many of the organization's development programs have their own meeting minutes and correspondence. Also included are photographs, newsletters, grant proposals, reports, and news clippings that document the NWSCDC's achievements. Major accomplishments include the Villard Avenue Revitalization Project, renovating an old fire house into a community center, real estate developments, and business recruitment and retention. Community development projects include the building of an alternative high school, youth services, neighborhood safety, and job creation and placement.
Northwestern Wisconsin Education Association Title: Northwestern Wisconsin Education Association Records, 1926-1974
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Eau Claire Mss AN
Abstract: Records, 1926-1974, of an organization founded as the Northwestern Wisconsin Teachers Association in 1890. Includes minutes from meetings of the Association's sectionals and 32 of its roundtables held at annual conventions, circa 1940-1966, and printed convention programs, 1952-1973.
Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church (Baraboo, Wis.) Title: Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church (Baraboo, Wis.) Records, 1879-1920
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 509
Abstract: Record book of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Baraboo, Wisconsin, noting baptisms, 1879-1914; communions, 1879-1916; confirmations, 1884-1912; marriages, 1904-1916; deaths; and church events, 1879-1920.
Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation at Coon Prairie (Vernon County, Wis.) Title: Coon Prairie Lutheran Church Records
Physical Description: 0.1 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 016, Micro 3
Abstract: Ministerial records, 1851-1905, of this Westby (Vernon County), Wisconsin, Lutheran church include sacramental records such as baptisms, confirmations, and marriages from 1851-1900, and burials from 1874-1900. Also included in the volumes are day registers, congregational minutes (1853-1900), communion records, financial records (1853-1905) and miscellaneous documents of the church. These materials are all written in Norwegian. Also filmed was a clerk's minute book from the School District #5 Town of Jefferson, Viroqua (Vernon County), dated 1857-1889 and written in English.
Novack, George Edward, 1905-1992;
Reed, Evelyn, 1905-1979
Title: George Novack and Evelyn Reed Papers, 1933-1992
Extent: 11 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 555
Abstract: Papers of George Novack, a leader of the Socialist Workers Party best known for his writing on Marxian philosophy and his Marxian historical interpretations, together with papers of his wife, Evelyn Reed, an anthropologist and fellow Trotskyist. The papers include interviews and biographical material, correspondence, and speeches and writings. There are papers on Novack's leadership of the American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky and the Civil Rights Defense Committee. Ree's papers largely concern her work as a Marxist anthropologist and her views on the oppression of women in society.
Novick, David M., 1942-2003 Title: David M. Novick Papers, 1962-1981
Quantity: .2 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 287
Abstract: Papers of a Milwaukee civil rights activist and reporter for the black press, largely concerning his FBI and police files, and his efforts to expose and halt the governmental spying of citizens on political grounds.
Novik, Morris S., 1903- Title: Morris S. Novik Papers, 1950-1969
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box) and 2 films
Call Number: U.S. Mss 179AF
Abstract: Scripts and films collected by a radio-television executive who served as media consultant for the AFL and the AFL-CIO. Included are opening and closing radio continuities, 1950-1952, for Frank Edwards and the News (MBS), which indicate organized labor's position on the Cold War, communist subversion, the elections of 1950 and 1952, and other issues. The two films, which were part of NBC's Eternal Light series, concern Frances Perkins and Samuel Gompers.
Nowinski, Stanley M. Title: Stanley M. Nowinski Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 1.4 linear ft. (3 archives boxes and 7 oversize folders) of papers, 0.2 linear ft. (1 archives box and 1 oversize folder) of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 28
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Stanley M. Nowinski, an officer in the Army during World War II and Korea, who worked immediately following the former to help Jewish Holocaust survivors get into Israel. The majority of the collection consists of Nowinski's military papers, including orders, forms, and reports that he collected during his twenty years of service. They provide some insights into the military through clothing and equipment lists, stateside housing forms, and pay records. In his reminiscences, he recalls the liberation of the concentration camp at Dachau by the 42nd Division and his work as the Displaced Persons Officer. Also include is his post-war correspondence with leaders of the Jewish group, Bricha, that he worked with after World War II to get the survivors into Israel. The letters show the high regard in which Nowinski and his deeds were held several decades after the fact. Correspondents include Aba Gefen, an important Israeli diplomat. Other papers document his trip to Israel in 1973, where he received the Righteous Gentile Award. Materials from several Holocaust remembrance events attended by Nowinski include programs signed by Holocaust survivors and flyers posted by survivors trying to locate lost relatives. The photographs include shots from Nowinski's trip to Israel and several individual photos of him in military uniform.
Noyes, Haskell, 1886- Title: Haskell Noyes Papers, 1924-1943
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss N
Abstract: Papers of Noyes, a Milwaukee conservationist, president of the Wisconsin division of the Izaak Walton League of America in 1925. Some correspondence and reports relate to his work with the Izaak Walton League. Numerous congratulatory letters concern his appointments to the Conservation Commission in 1928, to its chairmanship in 1931, and to the federal advisory committee on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in 1932. Among his correspondents were other Wisconsin leaders of the conservation movement, including William Aberg, Charles Broughton, Halbert L. Hoard, Mrs. Wilhelmine La Budde, and William Mauthe.

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