Charles A., Elizabeth, and Charles E. Kading Papers, 1893-1976


The Wisconsin Ecological Society (WES) was organized in April 1969 at Green Bay. It consisted of a small group of lawyers, scientists, and businessmen who actively sought to foster protection and maintenance of the environment. In 1970 the Society numbered 25 to 30 members. The bulk of the records span the years 1966 to 1979 and document WES participation in efforts to encourage rigorous enforcement of existing statutes and to press for stronger environmental legislation. The society sought compliance by the paper and pulp industry of water quality and effluent standards and vigorously opposed the U.S. Navy's plan to construct a one-way communications system in northern Wisconsin, known at various times as Project Sanguine, Seafarer and Project Elf. WES also opposed the construction of nuclear reactor power plants, urged the promotion of conservation, including recycling efforts, and encouraged the development and utilization of alternate forms of energy.