Pine View Health Care Center Records, 1906-1993

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Title: Pine View Health Care Center Records
Inclusive Dates: 1906-1993

  • Pine View Health Care Center (Marinette County, Wis.)
Call Number: Marinette Series 30

Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (1 archives box, 1 flat box, 1 record center carton, and 4 volumes)

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Records of Pine View Health Care Center, a Marinette County mental health institution located near the city of Peshtigo. Built in 1906, the institution was first known as the Marinette County Asylum for the Chronic Insane. In 1941 the county home and the asylum merged and was renamed the Marinette County Hospital. In 1974 the psychiatric patients were relocated and the institution became the Pine View Health Care Center. The bulk of this series consists of Insane Asylum and County Hospital records (1906-1973, plus a listing of Poor House residents (1915-1941), and a list of admissions and discharges from the Pine View Health Care Center (1974-1993). The records document patient management such as admission and discharge and for patients admitted before 1942 also provides information on individuals such as physical condition and care, treatment received, personal history and family history. Also included in this series are Pine View Auxiliary Press Books (1965-[1984]) containing programs, newspaper clippings, and photographs of resident, staff, and community activities.


There is a restriction on access to most of this material; see the Administrative/Restriction Information portion of this finding aid for details.

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Scope and Content Note

The bulk of the records in this series are from the time period when the institution was an insane asylum and hospital, 1906-1973. The only records of the Poor House list residents from 1915 to 1941, and records of the institution as a Health Care Center consist of a record of admissions and discharges, 1974-1993.

To find the most comprehensive information on an individual at the institution before 1942, consult the “Admission Book (Hospital), 1906-1974.” Entries are arranged roughly by admission date. Note the case number and then consult the “Inmate Record Books”: Volume 1, 1906-1920 for case numbers 1-299 or Volume 2, 1920-1941 for case numbers 300-760.

The Inmate Record Books contain the following information for each individual: name, case number, who was be to charged for the care, legal evidence for insanity, record of transfers and institutional treatment, names of relatives and addresses, personal history, record of leaves of absence, family history, record of restraint and seclusion, record of medical treatment while in this institution, and copy of the doctor's report at the time of admission.

Volume 3 appears to be the initial record book with the information transcribed to Volumes 1 and 2. In other words, the patient information in Volume 3 and much more can be found in Volumes 1 and 2. Volume 3, however, does contain a sketch of Pine View Cemetery plots as well as a sketch of residents' plots in an unidentified Catholic cemetery. Plots are labeled with the occupant's name. The sketches were created in approximately 1918.

Documentation of patients admitted after 1941 is statistical and does not include the medical and personal information that is found in earlier records. To find information on an individual consult the appropriate admission book (1906-1974, 1974-1993 and/or “Residents Admitted before 1974”) which gives the name, admission number, age, referral, admission date, and discharge date. Entries are arranged roughly by admission date.

The Movement of Population Book, 1914-1978, is arranged by date and provides a snapshot of the Asylum's population on any given day. It lists the names, case numbers, and residences of patients received or leaving the institution and where they came from or method of discharge. It also includes the total number of patients in the institution. Pages 1-121 record the movement of Asylum/Pine View residents and pages 182-200 record movement of the Poor House population, 1915-1941. These are the only records in this series for the Poor House.

The Auxiliary's Press Books contain newspaper clippings, photographs, and programs, 1965-1984, and document resident activities, staff activities, and the institution's role in the community.

Administrative/Restriction Information
Access Restrictions

Records which identify individuals receiving care or aid are confidential under Wis. Stats. 51.30 and 49.001. Access to these records is possible under certain circumstances however. Records more than 75 years old are open for research. Access to records less than 75 years old may be granted under the following conditions: 1) Prospective users submit to the Archives a written request describing the project to be undertaken, the records to be used, and the proposed product of their research; requests for information about specific individuals or cases will not be permitted; 2) Prospective users sign a written agreement that there shall be no disclosure, either directly or deductively, of personally identifiable information taken from these files; and 3) Photocopying of material by the researcher is prohibited.

Contents List
Marinette Series 30
Patient Records
Inmate Records
Volume   1
1906-1920, case #1-299
Volume   2
1920-1941, case #300-760
Access Restrictions: Restricted.
Volume   3
Box   1
Movement of Population, 1914-1978
Access Restrictions: Restricted.
Box   2
Admission Book, 1906-1974
Access Restrictions: Restricted.
Box   1
Discharged Patients, 1920-1939
Access Restrictions: Restricted.
Box   2
Pine View Residents Admitted before 1974
Access Restrictions: Restricted.
Box   2
Patients in Hospital, 1967-1973
Access Restrictions: Restricted.
Box   2
Admissions, 1974-1993
Access Restrictions: Restricted.
Box   2
Discharges, 1974-1993
Access Restrictions: Restricted.
Pine View Auxiliary Press Books
Volume   4
Box   3
Box   3
Box   3