Herbert Kellar Papers, 1887-1955

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Subseries: Home Movies, circa 1930-1970
Note: Many smaller films have been spliced together, not necessarily in any order.
AC 650
Film no. 1, 1970s?
Scope and Content Note: [color] Fall foliage; dog sled race preparation, snowmobiles; [black and white, 1941?] tapping maple syrup, Ojibwa woman gathering sap buckets; family at shack/cabin; mining [Iron Mike?]; water skiing; 2 men and 2 women holding up fish; deer in woods; cranberry picking; Norhtern Highland State Forest, Wisconsin Conservation Department.
AC 651
Film no. 2, 1930s, 1945?, 1962?
Scope and Content Note: Fall foliage along lane; catching fish; water's edge in fall [shot from boat in lake]; picnic with 2 men and a boy; 2 men and canoe, fish on pole and stringers; 2 skunks [pet?] with man; 3 men with fish; boys and fish; [1939?] Plum Lake Station train arrival; guests [approximately 20] in boat leaving dock; [1962?] Plum Lake Station, arrival of Hiawatha train; [1945?] girl and kitten; fishing in row boat; fish hatchery, men collection fish spawn.
AC 652
Film no. 3, 1930s and 1940s
Scope and Content Note: Deer in woods; fall color; lake from boat; [1939?] spring, golf course; spearfishing; [1939?] winter, spearfishing - man and boy; boy in boat; man fishing in boat; snowshoeing group; boys hunting; snow rabbit; ice cutting with machine on lake; deer in winter.
AC 653
Film no. 4, 1941?
Scope and Content Note: [color] Copper Falls, Brownstone Falls; paved road in fall; old Finnish cabins, river, abandoned church; New York City trip; cabin in winter; trapping beaver, muskrat; spearfishing; fishing from dock.
AC 654
Film no. 5, 1937?
Scope and Content Note: [black and white] Deer; dog and cat playing; people with caught fish; boat race at Minoqua; sign - “Herbert and Bert's Resort” with guests and caught fish; boy painting boat, boy with dead pigeons?; lake steamer; plane taking off and landing; boy and stretched beaver hide; trapping beaver; beaver hides.
AC 655
Film no. 6, 1930s-1950s
Scope and Content Note: [1939?, black and white] Man with bear cub, bear cubs climbing tree; [1937?] fishing with large net, minnows? caught; boy smoking pipe; setting up camp; fishing; bob cat, trapped and dead; setting traps; [1942?, color] man and fish; Scott? at 1 year; [1953?] building dam.
AC 656
Film no. 7
Scope and Content Note: Lake, ice harvesting, loading ice onto truck; sick or injured deer; bird and snow; deep snow, motorized sled into town, Eagle River Stadium in snow; motorized sled - ?Elmer and Jack Rassmussen; airplane taking off and landing in snow; motorized sled pulling skier in snow; snowplow clearing roads; film shot from snowplow; man on snowshoes pulling dead beaver from trap in water, collecting other beavers in traps; women and children on snowshoes; harvesting ice, Carl and Oscar?, elk and deer in winter; group of people in winter; maple syrup tapping, on man and two women by house; fishing with large net, collecting fish eggs, fish hatchery.
AC 657
Film no. 8, 1938
Scope and Content Note: [black and white] Ice hockey; deer; man and fish, collecting fish eggs, releasing fish, killing a turtle; hunters with dead deer at shack; ice fishing; airplane taking off in snow; ski jump - “Gateway”; harvesting ice, George?; driving piling in winter; bear cub; summer - man and fish, second man and fish; 2 men relaxing on porch; partridge; raccoon and car; 2 men and fish; people fishing at dock.
AC 658
Film no. 9
Scope and Content Note: [black and white] Pumping water from stream into tank on fish hatchery truck; bear cub in tree; spearfishing in stream [carp?], group including boy and girl fishing; fish hatchery; woodchuck or badger?; fishing and displaying catch; scenes by cabins, preparing for canoeing (men and women); motorboating, several women, man boy, and dog; canoeing, four women; dog; stream; porcupine; crane; man with stringer of fish; man on bluff; men and fish, another man fishing; deer, boy feeding deer corn flakes; minnows in buckets in boat for distribution in lake; baby goats and boy; winter - ice fishing, several men; hunter on snowshoes, and dead rabbit; beaver traps.
AC 659
Film no. 10, 1936?
Scope and Content Note: Two women and boys at campfire and cabin; two men catching fish for fish hatchery, “milking” eggs from fish; boy spearfishing; deer and river; men at hatchery; logging, several men, loading logs on truck; beaver in trap, two beavers and one man; fish hatchery building; logging train; two men walking along tracks; logging camp, interior of camp building; man playing “tunes” on large horn and lantern glass; shot from aboard train; antler missing, sick deer; man with dead otter; outdoor winter scenes outside of cabin; man and boy with dead otter, rabbits.
AC 660
Film no. 11, 1930s-1950s?
Scope and Content Note: [1939? or 1959?, color] Fall colors; logging museum; man dragging dead deer, two men outside cabin with dead deer; winter - man with dead deer; snowshoeing with dog through deep snow, dog in snow; summer - men and children on dock with fish; [1941] girls by car, Plum Lake Station; dock and group of people; man and fish, woman and boy and fish; [1940] car under snow; child and sled and small dog, two men; summer - Lake of the Clouds, women walking path, view of river from bluff; two women and boy; fall colors by stream; two men on trail; deer; man and four women and boy hold up pheasants; tractor in fall corn field; fall scenery at Rice Lake and Razorback Lake; Rock Lake, Northern State Forest.
AC 661
Film no. 12, 1930s-1950s
Scope and Content Note: [1945?, color] Coyote in trap, timberwolf in trap; [black and white] winter - trapping, checking trap; dead fawn; summer - three women and boy on picnic, woman and boy drinking orange pop; man and boy in rowboat; two women in canoe; winter - boy shoveling; snowshoe race, snow softball with snowshoes; skiing; [1937?, 1945?] girl with fish, man with fish; waterskiing; winter - deer; [1954?, black and white] deer, woman and boy with dog; men with dead otter, beavers, at cabin; man and swing; man with two fish; summer - resort cook in front of cabin; woman with flowers; Forest Home Resort office; winter - deer; three men with dead deer; sawing logs; summer - adults and children swimming off dock; people and dog by car; man and fish; tennis; fishing.
AC 662
Film no. 13, 1930s?
Scope and Content Note: [1937?, black and white] Winter - tobaganning; ice skating; motorized sled on road past Eliason's Grocery; stream; deer; beaver in trap; view from motorized sled, County Truck B, Carl Eliason and Co. Building; cross-country skiers, men and women, slalom skiing, poster “It's Ski Time” Musky Inn Sayner; dead fish at water's edge; skiing and snowshoeing, men and women; motorized sled; hockey.
AC 663
Film no. 14, 1930s-1960s?
Scope and Content Note: [1939?, black and white] Picnic, women and children; man at fish hatchery, men emptying cans of fish into lake; boy with dead otter; weasel in trap; boat named “Sonny,” boy with dead otters, skins drying on racks; [1955?] women at Lake Michigan?; winter - deer; dog attacking fox in trap; [1960?, 1940?, color] large moth; [1955?, black and white] snowy road; deer; fall - woman and dog walking; [color, undated] bulldozer clearing land; grinding wood into mulch; winter - ice covered lake.
AC 664
Film no. 15, 1940s-1950s?
Scope and Content Note: [1946?, color] Ice fishing; fall colors; [1953?] Southwest? Family vacation?; dog, winter and cabins; summer - boy pedaling “kid car”; babies; boy on scooter and “kid car”; [1944?, black and white] frozen lake, men and dog hunting; bulldozer and road; firetower; ocean and pelicans, dolphins; winter - downhill skiing; ice fishing shanty; [1943, color] kids with taffy suckers; men and beaver trap.