McCormick Estates Records, 1841-1969

Container Title
McCormick Mss 2A
Part 2 (McCormick Mss 2A): Subject File, 1811-1884
Physical Description: 23.0 c.f. (58 archives boxes) and 5 volumes 
Scope and Content Note

Series 2A is divided into two parts: chronological (part I) and subject (part II). The chronological section is arranged in strict chronological order by year, and then alphabetically by author or subject within the chronology. This section covers the years 1811 to 1884, with undated items arranged alphabetically at the end. The material in the chronological section is varied but with an emphasis on the business and economic affairs of Cyrus H. McCormick. Included, in either original or copied form, are deeds, partnership agreements, investment proposals, business accounts, contracts, promissory notes, receipts, medical prescriptions, business correspondence from agents, as well as letters relating to religious institutions, politics, the Civil War and personal and family items.

Boxed material in the subject section is arranged alphabetically: from “Advertising” to “YMCA.” Within each subject division, however, folders may be arranged alphabetically or chronologically. Thus the subject division “Mines” is first arranged alphabetically by state, then chronologically within each state. The subject division “Appeals” is first arranged chronologically and then alphabetically within the chronology.

Following the subject boxes are five bound volumes relating to the Dorn Mines, stock transfers and the Mississippi Valley Society.

Material in this series is cataloged on 3x5 cards, contained in four card files. The catalog is set up alphabetically by author or subject. Cards indicate the year to look under if the item is in the chronological section. If the item is filed under a subject heading, the card gives the subject and the year. The bound volumes are not cataloged but are shown in the shelf list for 2A.

The content of each box is listed according to the title of the first and the last folder in the box. In cases where more than one subject is contained in a box, the listings are for the first and last folder of each subject division.

Part 1: Chronological
Box   1
1811: McCormick, Robert Sr.-1861: Watson, P.H.
Box   1A
1860: Fowler, Eldridge Merick-1861: Whiting, William
Box   2
1862: Buell, James-1861: McCormick, Leander J.
Box   3
1865: McCormick, Mary Ann-1867: Boardman, H.A., Jr.
Box   4
1867: Browne, William-1868: Leucher, T.
Box   5
1868: Locke, S. Morris-1869: Ogden, W.B.
Box   6
1869: O'Rourke, Matthew J.-1871: Cobb, F.D. and Company
Box   7
1871: Conkling, Edgar-1872: Hurlbut, Henry A.
Box   8
1872: Importers' and Traders' National Bank of New York-1873: Mississippi Valley Society, Chicago Branch
Box   9
1873: Moore and Rust-1874: Zeigler, Charles
Box   10
1875: Alexander Walter S.-1878: McCormick, Cyrus H. Jr.
Box   11
1878: McCormick, W. Grigsby-1881: Dole, J.G.
Box   12
1881: Durham, C.W.-1882: Pierson, A.T.
Box   13
1882: Prince, J.D.-undated: Burkhardt, E.
Box   14
undated: Burling, Elizabeth S.-undated: Wright, J.S.
Part 2: Subject
Box   15
Box   15
Berlin Royal Agricultural Museum, 1872-United States Agricultural Society, 1859
Agricultural Machinery, McCormick
Box   15
McCormick, advance attacked, McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, 1883-1884
Agricultural Machinery, Other than McCormick
Box   15
Agricultural machines zeitschrift (journal), 1867-Zimmerman, William
Box   15
McClung, Rachel D.W., 1857-Ann Smith Academy, 1865-1866
Box   16
Bissell, S.B.S., 1865-Waterbury, J.B., 1866
Box   17
Waters, Charles O., 1866-Brown, Henry, 1869
Box   18
Buchanan, Kate, 1869-Braxton, Henrietta, 1871
Box   19
Braxton, William P., 1871-Hobe, Moses D., 1876
Box   20
Joseph, Mrs. Thomas N., 1876-Marks, Mrs. I.E., 1882
Box   21
Marshall, 1882-undated and unsigned
Box   22
Allan Brothers and Company, 1872-Nelson, A.M., 1873
Box   23
Nelson, Niels A., 1873-undated and miscellaneous
Business Acts
Box   23
Association Francaise pour l'avancement des Sciences, 1883-McCormick, Cyrus Hall, undated
Box   23
Catalogue of the library of Cyrus Hall McCormick, 1899
Box   24
List of books missing and not in place, 1899
Church Affairs
Box   24
Daggett, W.E., 1858-Humphrey, E.P., 1869
Box   25
Hurlbut, Horace A., 1869-Smith, Benjamin Mosby, 1884
Box   25
Lake Forest, Illinois, 1869-Washington and Lee University, Virginia, 1870
Box   26
Washington and Lee University, Virginia, 1871-1872
Exhibitions and Expositions
Box   26
Centennial Board of Finance, 1874-Vienna Universal Exposition, 1872
Family Residences
Box   26
Chicago, 230 N. Dearborn, 1864-Chicago, 135 Rush, 1879
Box   27
Chicago, 135 Rush, 1879-New York, Richfield Springs, 1880
Box   28
New York, Richfield Springs, 1881-New York, Richfield Springs, undated
The Interior
Box   28
Buchanan, M.D., 1870-Halsey, Le Roy J., 1876
Box   29
Swazey, Arthur, 1877-Spring, C.A., Jr., 1884
Box   29
Beckley, Alfred, 1854-Dix, John A., Credit Foncier, 1872
Note: Credit Foncier de France is a French national mortgage bank.
Box   30
Ham, Benjamin F., Credit Mobilier, 1872-Webb, J. Watson, undated
Note: Credit Mobilier is a large French bank.
Leander J. McCormick Controversy
Box   31
Baker, W.R., 1880-Miscellaneous and undated
Lost Baggage
Box   31
Garret T.E., 1862-Baldwin, Henry, Jr., 1867
Box   32
Baldwin, Henry, Jr., 1869
Box   32
Adams, Cyrus, 1875-Wylie, W.G., 1879
Mineral Lands
Box   32
Alabama, 1868-Virginia, 1866
Box   32
Alabama, 1868-Arizona, 1879
Box   33
Arizona, 1879-Arizona, 1882
Box   34
Arizona, 1882-Georgia, undated
Box   35
Idaho, 1886-North Carolina, 1874
Box   36
North Carolina, 1875-South Carolina, 1873
Box   37
South Carolina, 1874-South Carolina, 1883
Box   38
South Carolina, 1883-West Virginia, undated
Mines, Location not shown
Box   38
Prentice F., 1867-Miscellaneous, 1879
Mining interests
Box   38
Adirondack Iron and Steel Company, 1866-Kimball, James P., 1866
Mining interests, Unidentified
Box   38
Chandler, C.F., 1871-undated and unsigned
Oil Companies
Box   38
Anticlinal Rock Oil Company, 1865-Blue Creek Oil Company, 1864
Box   38
Whitely Patent, 1850-1861 - Harding, Thomas, 1904-1910
Box   39
Cameron, Daniel, Jr., 1854-undated and unsigned
Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the Northwest
Box   39
McCormick, C.H., 1860-Brown, C.C., 1881
Box   40
Buck, William S., 1881-Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the Northwest, undated
Property of C.H. McCormick
Box   40
Cook, Isaac, 1852-1860-McCormick, C.H., 1877
Note: For further material on Isaac Cook see also Company Papers, Series 2X.
Box   40
Alexandria, Loundoun, and Hampshire Railroad Company, 1869-Chicago and South Atlantic Railroad Company, 1873
Box   41
Cincinnati, Atlantic and Columbus Railway Company, 1880s-Richmond and Alleghany Railroad, 1881
Box   42
Richmond and Alleghany Railroad Company, 1881-Tehuantepec Inter-Ocean Railroad Company, 1879-1884
Box   43
Tehuantepec Inter-Ocean Railroad Company, 1879-1884 - Union Pacific Railroad Company
Box   44
Union Pacific Railroad Company-Western Railway Construction Company, 1879
Railroad Equipment and Supplies
Box   44
Chandler, C.F., 1868-Stilwell, Silas M., 1869
Real Estate
Box   44
Block 41, 1855-1856 - New York, 1869
Note: For further material on Block 41 see also Company Papers, Series 2x.
Reaper Business, Domestic
Box   45
Phelps and Bourland, 1851-Spring, C.A., Jr., 1864
Note: For further material on C.A. Spring Jr., see also McCormick Company Papers, Series 1X, 2X.
Reaper Business, Domestic
Box   46
Bain, J.W., 1865-Spring, C.A., Jr., 1866
Box   47
Allen, William, 1867-Spring, C.A., Jr., 1868
Box   48
Spring, C.A., Jr., 1868-Baldwin, William D., 1870
Box   49
Baldwin, William D., 1870-Spring, C.A., Jr., 1871
Box   50
Stowers, S.H., 1871-Cobb, D.W., 1874
Box   51
Colahan, Charles, 1874-Spring, C.A., Jr., 1878
Box   52
Tompkins, B., 1878-McCormick, Cyrus H., Jr., 1880
Box   53
McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, 1880-McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, 1882
Box   54
McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, 1882-undated and unsigned
Reaper Business, Foreign
Box   54
Burgess and Key, 1851-Importers' and Traders' Bank, 1859
Box   55
Brooman, R.A., 1860-Bergon, 1868
Box   56
Berlin Patent Agents, 1868-Burnell, John, 1879
Box   57
Clarke, Rawlins and Clarke, 1879-Perrin, Alexis Victor, undated
Strike at McCormick Works
Box   57
“Alarm, The,” 1885-“Then and Now” (printed 1959), 1886
Use of name “Hall”
Box   57
McCormick, Robert H., 1893-McCormick, Robert H., 1895
Box   57
Moody, Dwight L., 1866-Keith, E.G., 1881
Volume   1
Stock Transfer Book, Bonaparte Hill Gold and Silver Mining Company, 1867-1870
Volume   2
Cash Account Book, Dorn Mining and Manufacturing Company, 1869-1870
Volume   3
Journal, Dorn Mining and Manufacturing Company, 1869-1870
Volume   4
Ledger, Dorn Mining and Manufacturing Company, 1869-1870
Volume   5
Meeting Book, Mississippi Valley Society, 1873-1874