Anita McCormick Blaine Correspondence and Papers, 1828-1958

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Reel   5
Frame   748
Volume 37, 1912-1913
Carmen - Philadelphia Opera House
The Arcadians, by Mark Ambient and A.M. Thompson - Forrest
Maggie Pepper, by Charles Klein - Garrick
Lecture - Paul J. Rainey's African Hunt, delivered by Reginald Carrington - Weber's
A Winsome Widow, by Charles H. Hoyt - Ziegfeld Moulin Rouge
The Perplexed Husband, by Alfred Sutro - Empire
Program of The Winter Garden
The Model, by Augustus Thomas - Harris
Ready Money, by James Montgomery - Maxine Elliott's
Hanky Panky, by Edgar Smith - Broadway
The “Mind the Paint” Girl - Lyceum
The Governor's Lady - Republic
The Ne'er-Do-Well, by Charles Klein - Lyric
Milestones, by Arnold Bennett and Edward Knoblauch - Liberty
The Master of the House, by Edgar James - Lyric
Reel   5
Frame   775
The Case of Becky - Belasco
The Daughter of Heaven, by Pierre Loti and Judith Gautier
Little Miss Brown, by Philip Bartholomae - 48th Street
Oh! Oh! Delphine, by C.M.S. McLellan - Knickerbocker
Ziegfeld Follies, Series of 1912 - Moulin Rouge
Trial Marriage - Hudson
Never Say Die - 48th Street
C.O.D., by Frederic Chapin - Gaiety
A Scrape o' the Pen, by Graham Moffat - Weber's
The Red Petticoat, by Rida Johnson Young and Paul West - Daly's
The Whip, by Cecil Raleigh and Henry Hamilton - Manhattan Opera
Hindle Wakes - Maxine Elliott's
The Yellow Jacket - Fulton
Our Wives, by Helen Krafft and Frank Mandel - Gaiety
Hawthorne of the U.S.A., by James Bernard Fagan - Astor
Bella Donna, adapted by Robert Hichens - Wallack's
The “Affairs” of Anatol - Maxine Elliott's
The High Road, by Edward Sheldon - Hudson
A Good Little Devil, by Rosemonde Gerard and Maurice Rostand - Republic
The Poor Little Rich Girl, by Eleanor Gates - Hudson
Peg o' My Heart, by J. Hartley Manners - Cort
Little Women - The Playhouse
Joseph and His Brethren, by Louis N. Parker - Century
The Honeymoon Express, by Joseph W. Herbert and Harold Atteridge The Winter Garden
The Man With Three Wives, by Franz Lehar - Weber and Fields'
“Broadway” Jones - George M. Cohan's Theatre
The Spy, by Peter Le Marchant - Empire
The Conspiracy, by Robert Baker and John Emerson - Garrick
Thais, by Jules Massenet - Metropolitan Opera
Madame Butterfly - Metropolitan Opera
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, dramatized by Jessie Braham White - West End
Rutherford and Son, by Githa Sowerby - West End
The Man From Home - B.F. Keith's Harlem Opera House
Fanny's First Play - William Collier's Comedy Theatre
The Firefly, by Otto Hauerbach - Casino
The Miracle, by Karl Vollmoeller - Park
Fine Feathers, by Eugene Walter - Astor
The Spendthrift, by Porter Emerson Browne - B.F. Keith's Harlem Opera House
Program - Ruth St. Denis and her Company of Native Actors in New Hindoo and Japanese Dance Plays - Bakawali, O-Mika - Fulton Theatre
The Master Mind, by Daniel D. Carter - Harris
Everyman - Children's Theatre
Liberty Hall, by R.C. Carton - Empire
Stop Thief - Gaiety
The Ghost Breaker, by Paul Dickey and Charles W. Goddard - Lyceum
Romance, by Edward Sheldon - Maxine Elliott's
Father and the Boys, by George Ade - B.F. Keith's
The Geisha, by Owen Hall - Weber and Field's
All for the Ladies, by Henry Blossom - West End
Reel   5
Frame   873
Within the Law, by Bayard Veiller - Eltinge Theatre
Quo Vadis? - Astor
The Five Frankforters, by Basil Hood - 39th Street Theatre
The Talker, by Marion Fairfax - B.F. Keith's
Years of Discretion, by Frederic Hatton and Fanny Locke Hatton - Belasco
The Lady of the Slipper, or, A Modern Cinderella, by Anne Caldwell and Lawrence McCarty - Charles Dillingham's Globe
Widow by Proxy, by Catherine Chisholm Cushing - George M. Cohan's
Mrs. Peckham's Carouse, by George Ade - George M. Cohan's
Arizona, by Augustus Thomas - Lyric
Program of the Colonial Theatre
The Woman, by William C. deMille - B.F. Keith's
The Sunshine Girl, by Paul A. Rubens and Cecil Raleigh - Knickerbocker
Iolanthe, or, the Peer and the Peri, by Gilbert and Sullivan - Casino
Damaged Goods, by Eugene Brieux - Fulton
The Purple Road, by Fred de Gresac and William Cary Duncan - Liberty
The Argyle Case, by Harriet Ford and Harvey J. O'Higgins - Criterion
The Amazons, by Arthur Wing Pinero - Empire
North of 53, by Beverly B. Dobbs - Lyceum
Food, by William C. de Mille - Princess
Fear, by H.R. Lenormand and Jean d'Auguzan - Princess
Fancy Free, by Stanley Houghton - Princess
Any Night, by Edward Ellis - Princess
Ziegfeld Follies, Series of 1913 - New Amsterdam
Jack London's Adventures in the South Sea Islands, by Martin Johnson - Criterion
The Million, from the French of Berr and Guillemand - B.F. Keith's
The Passing Show of 1913, by Harold Atteridge - The Winter Garden
All Aboard, by Mark Swan - Lew Fields' 44th Street Roof Garden
The Lure, by George Scarborough - Maxine Elliott's
Potash and Perlmutter, by Montague Glass - George M. Cohan's
The Family Cupboard, by Owen Davis - The Playhouse
Adele, by Paul Herbe - H.H. Frazee's Longacre Theatre
Believe Me, Xantippe, by Frederick Ballard - 39th Street
The Fight, by Bayard Veiller - Hudson
The Winning of Barbara Worth, by Edwin Milton Royle - Nixon's Apollo Theatre
Sweethearts, by Harry B. Smith and Fred de Gresac - New Amsterdam
Where Ignorance is Bliss, by Ferenc Molnar - Lyceum
Kiss Me Quick, by Philip Bartholomae - 48th Street
The Blue Bird, by Maurice Maeterlinck - Majestic
Seven Keys to Baldpate, by George M. Cohan - Cohan and Harris' Astor Theatre
The Last Days of Pompeii, dramatization of Bulwer Lytton's Novel - Wallack's
The Tempermental Journey, adapted by Leo Ditrichstein - Republic
What Happened to Mary, by Owen Davis - West End
Hamlet, Farewell performance of Forbes-Robertson - Sam S. Shubert Theatre
The Light That Failed, adapted by George Fleming - Sam S. Shubert Theatre
Reel   5
Frame   944
At Bay, by George Scarborough - 39th Street Theatre
Nearly Married, by Edgar Selwyn - Gaiety
The Doll Girl, by Leo Stein and A.M. Willner - Globe
The Marriage Market, by M. Brody and F. Martos - Knickerbocker
Caesar and Cleopatra, by George Bernard Shaw, Farewell appearance of Forbes-Robertson - Sam S. Shubert Theatre
Half an Hour, by J.M. Barrie - Lyceum
The Younger Generation, by Stanley Houghton - Lyceum
Toddles, by Clyde Fitch
The Queen's Champion, by Graham Hill and Hubert Ericsen - Aldwych Theatre, London
Boris Godunoff - Metropolitan Opera
The Love Leash, by Anna Steese Richardson and Edmund Breese - Harris
Ben-Hur, arranged by William Young - New York
Ben Hur, arranged by William Young - Manhattan Opera
The Only Son, by Winchell Smith - B.F. Keith's