Anita McCormick Blaine Correspondence and Papers, 1828-1958

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Reel   4
Frame   814
Volume 28, 1909-1910
The Lily, adapted by David Belasco - Stuyvesant
The Next of Kin, by Charles Klein - Hudson
Review by Alan Dale of The Next of Kin
A Little Brother of the Rich, by Joseph Medill Patterson and Harriet Ford - Wallack's
Reel   4
Frame   824
Review by Alan Dale of Little Brother of the Rich
The Silver Star, by Harry B. Smith - New Amsterdam
Program of the Twelfth Night Club - Berkeley Lyceum
The Commanding Officer, by Theodore Burt Sayre - Savoy
Review by Alan Dale of The Commanding Officer
The Old Town, by George Ade - Globe
Review by Alan Dale of The Old Town
Vaudeville Program of the Colonial Theatre
The Goddess of Liberty, by Adams and Hough - Weber's
Review by Alan Dale of The Goddess of Liberty
The Little Town of Bethlehem, by Katrina Trask - Garden
A Lucky Star, by Anne Crawford Flexner - Hudson
Seven Days, by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood - Astor
Review by Alan Dale of Seven Days
Alias Jimmy Valentine, by Paul Armstrong - Wallack's
Review by Alan Dale of Alias Jimmy Valentine
The Barrier, by Eugene W. Presbrey - New Amsterdam
Review of The Barrier
Program - Ruth St. Denis in Her Repertoire of Hindoo Dances - Hudson
The Watcher, by Cora Maynard - Comedy
Review of The Watcher
Madame X, by Alexandre Bisson - New Amsterdam
Review of Madame X
Your Humble Servant, by Booth Tarkington and Harry Leon Wilson - Garrick
Review by Alan Dale of Your Humble Servant
The Jolly Bachelors, by Glen MacDonough - Broadway
Review by Alan Dale of The Jolly Bachelors
Program of Hammerstein's Victoria
The School for Scandal, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan - New Theatre
Program of Greek drama and music - Carnegie Lyceum
The Turning Point, by Preston Gibson - Hackett
The Affinity, by Eugene Brieux - West End
Review of The Affinity (2)
Don, by Rudolf Besier - New Theatre
Review by Alan Dale of Don
Sister Beatrice, by Maurice Maeterlinck - New Theatre
Brand, by Henrik Ibsen
Review by Alan Dale of Sister Beatrice
Review by Alan Dale of Pillars of Society
The Bachelor's Baby, by Francis Wilson - Criterion
Review by Alan Dale of The Bachelor's Baby
Mrs. Dot, by W. Somerset Maugham - Lyceum
Review by Acton Davies of Mrs. Dot
Just a Wife, by Eugene Walter - Belasco
Review by Acton Davies of Just a Wife
The City, by Clyde Fitch - Lyric
Review of The City
A Skylark, by William Harris, Jr. - New York
Mid-Channel, by Arthur W. Pinero - Empire
Review of Mid-Channel
Caste, by T.W. Robertson - Empire
Review by Acton Davies of Caste
The Arcadians, by Mark Ambient and A.M. Thompson - Knickerbocker
Review of The Arcadians
Bobby Burnit, by Winchell Smith - Republic Theatre