Anita McCormick Blaine Correspondence and Papers, 1828-1958

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Volume 11, 1903-1904
The Storks, by Richard Carle and Guy F. Steely - Majestic
Program from Keith's Theatre, Boston
Imprudence, by H.V. Esmond - Hollis St. Theatre
Hearts Adrift, by Langdon McCornick - Boston Music Hall
Oliver Twist, dramatized by C.E. Callahan - American
The Sleeping Beauty and the Beast - Colonial Theatre
Resurrection, by Henri Bataille and Michael Morton - Victoria
The Jewel of Asia, by Frederic Ranken and Harry B. Smith - Criterion
In Dahomey, book by J.A. Shipp - New York Theatre
Dangers of Paris - American
The Big Little Princess, by Edgar Smith - Weber and Fields'
The Bishop's Move, by John Oliver Hobbes and Murray Carson - Manhattan
Mr. Pickwick, by Charles Klein - Herald Square
Annual Benefit of the Actors' Home of America - Metropolitan Opera House
In the Palace of the King, dramatized by Lorimer Stoddard - American
The Billinoaire, by Harry B. Smith and Gustave Kerker - Daly's
The Wizard of Oz - Majestic
Blue Jeans, by Joseph Arthur - 5th Avenue Theatre
Cynthia, by Hubert Henry Davies - Madison Square
Nancy Brown, by George H. Broadhurst and Frederic Ranken - Bijou
The Prince of Pilsen, by Frank Pixley - Broadway
The Darling of the Gods - Belasco Theatre
Lost in the Desert, by Owen Davis - American
The Mocking Bird, by Sydney Rosenfeld - Hyperion Theatre
In Posterland - 14th Street
Pretty Peggy, by Frances Aymar Mathews - Herald Square
My Partner, by Bartley Campbell - American
The Taming of Helen, by Richard Harding Davis - Savoy
The Suburban, by C.T. Dazey - Academy of Music
Devil's Island, by Vera de Noye - American
Resurrection, by Henri Bataille and Michael Morton - Victoria
The Prince of Pilsen - Broadway
The Jewel of Asia, by Frederick Ranken and Harry B. Smith - Daly's
The Sultan of Sulu, by Alfred G. Wathall - Wallack's
The Christian, by Hall Caine - American
The Henrietta, by Bronson Howard - Grand Opera House
More Than Queen, by Charles Frederic Nirdlinger and Charles Henry Meltzer - American
Pretty Peggy - Herald Square
Farewell Matinee by Mme. Roger-Miclos, with Ben Davies - Mendelssohn Hall
On the Stroke of Twelve, by Joseph LeBrandt - Third Avenue Family Theatre
Little Lord Fauntleroy, by Frances Hodgson Burnett - Casino
A Social Highwayman, dramatized by Marie Stone - 5th Ave.
A Fool and His Money, by George H. Broadhurst - Madison Square
The Starbucks, by Opie Read - Daly's
Barbara Freitchie, by Clyde Fitch - American
The Cherry Pickers, by Joseph Arthur - 5th Avenue
My Lady Peggy Goes to Town, by Frances Aymar Mathews - Daly's
Running for Office, by George M. Cohan - 14th Street
The Auctioneer - Victoria
The Runaways, by Addison Burkhardt
Who is Brown? by Frank Wyatt - 5th Avenue
A Desperate Chance, by Theodore Kremer - New Star Theatre
Skipper & Co., Wall Street, by H.J.W. Dam - Garrick
A Fool and His Money - Madison Square
The Vinegar Buyer, by Herbert Hall Winslow - Savoy
Facing the Music, by James Henry Darnley - Garrick
John Henry, by George V. Hobart and Edward E. Rose - Herald Square
Romeo and Juliet - Knickerbocker
The Blonde in Black, by H.B. Smith - Knickerbocker
The Darling of the Gallery Gods, by George V. Hobart - Crystal Gardens
The Dress Parade, by George V. Hobart - Crystal Gardens
Program of Paradise Roof Garden
The Sultan of Sulu - Manhattan Beach Theatre
The Runaways, by Addison Burkhardt - Casino
A Son of Rest, by George Weston - 14th Street
A Princess of Kensington, by Basil Hood - Broadway
Personal, by Eugene Presbrey - Bijou
The Evil Men Do, by Theodore Kremer - American
Three Little Maids, by Paul Rubens - Daly's
Mrs. Deering's Divorce, by Percy Fendall - Savoy
Peggy From Paris, by George Ade - Wallack's
Drink, by Charles Reade - Academy of Music
Hedda Gabler, by Henrik Ibsen - Manhattan
Hearts Courageous, by Ramsay Morris and Franklyn Fyles - Broadway
Old Heidelberg, by Wilhelm Meyer-Forster - Lyric
Marta of the Lowlands, by Wallace Gillpatrick and Guido Marburg Manhattan
Whoop-dee-doo, by Edgar Smith - Weber and Fields'
Babes in Toyland, by Glen MacDonough and Victor Herbert - Majestic
Under Cover, by Edward Harrigan - Murray Hill
Checkers, by Henry M. Blossom, Jr. - American
Arrah-na-Pogue, by Dion Boucicault - 14th Street
The Best of Friends, by Cecil Raleigh - Academy of Music
The Proud Prince, by Justin Huntly McCarthy - Herald Square
Her Own Way, by Clyde Fitch - Garrick
Winsome Winnie, by Jakobowski and Paulton - Casino
A Girl from Dixie, by H.B. Smith - Madison Square
The Sacrament of Judas, by Louis Tiercelin - Princess
Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman - Princess
Mother Goose, by J. Hickroy Wood and Arthur Collins - New Amsterdam
Sweet Kitty Bellairs, by David Belasco - Belasco Theatre
The Pretty Sister of Jose, by Frances Hodgson Burnett - Empire
Our New Minister, by Denman Thompson and George W. Ryer - American
Je ne Sais Quoi, by Francis de Croisset - Vaudeville Theatre
The Stammerer, by dr Ferandy - Vaudeville
Captain Barrington, by Victor Mapes - Manhattan
The Marriage of Kitty, by Cosmo Gordon Lennox - Hudson
The Girl from Kay's, by Owne Hall - Herald Square
Red Feather, by Charles Klein - Lyric
Tosca - Metropolitan Opera
Aida - Metropolitan Opera
Terence, dramatized by Mrs. Edmund Nash Morgan - New York Theatre
Mam'selle Napoleon, by Jean Richepin, adapted by Joseph W. Herbert - Knickerbocker
My Lady Molly, by G.H. Jessop - Daly's
The Virginian, dramatized by Owen Wister and Kirke la Shelle - Manhattan
Glad of It, by Clyde Fitch - Savoy
The Other Girl, by Augustus Thomas - Criterion
Program from the Victoria Theatre
By Right of Sword, dramatized by Mrs. Doremus, Leonidas Westervelt, and Arthur W. Marchmont - American
The Taming of the Shrew, rearranged by Augustin Daly - Lyric
Sergeant Kitty, by R.H. Burnside - Daly's
Sherlock Holmes, by A. Conan Doyle and William Gillette - Grand Opera
Merely Mary Ann, adapted by Israel Zangwill - Garden
Olympe, by Pierre Decourcelle - Knickerbocker
The Younger Mrs. Parling, by C. Haddon Chambers - Garrick
The Light that Lies in Woman's Eyes, by E.H. Sothern - Criterion
An English Daisy, by Seymour Hicks and Walter Slaughter - Casino
If Women Were Men, by Will C. Murphey - New Star Theatre
An Irish Gentleman, by Ramsey Morris - 14th Street
The Medal and the Maid, by Owen Hall - Broadway
The Office Boy, by Harry B. Smith - Amphion
The Triumph of Love, by Martha Morton Conheim - Criterion
The Admirable Crichton, by J.M. Barrie - New Lyceum Theatre
The Tenderfoot, by Richard Carle - New York Theatre
Mice and Men, by Madeleine Lucette Ryley - Garrick
The Virginian, by Owen Wister - Manhattan
Ranson's Folly, by Richard Harding Davis - Hudson
Ivan the Terrible, by Alexis Tolstoi - New Amsterdam
Merely Mary Ann, by Israel Zangwill - Criterion
Out of the Fold, by Langdon McCormick - American
As You Like It - Daly's
The Girl From Kay's, by Owen Hall - Herald Square
The County Chairman, by George Ade - Wallack's
Beau Brummel, by Clyde Fitch - New Amsterdam
The Secret of Polichinelle, by Pierre Wolff - Garden
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - New Amsterdam
A Midnight Marriage, by Hal Reid - American
Love's Pilgrimage, by Horace B. Fry - Wallack's
The Two Orphans, by Adolf d'Ennery and Eugene Cormon - New Amsterdam
The Shepherd King, by Arnold Reeves and Wright Lorimer - Knickerbocker
The Girl with the Green Eyes, by Clyde Fitch - Grand Opera
The Dictator, by Richard Harding Davis - Criterion
The Pit, by Channing Pollock - Lyric
Wang, by J. Cheever Goodwin - Lyric
The Yankee Consul, by Henry M. Blossom, Jr. - Broadway
Camille, by Alexandre Duman - Hudson
The Man From China, by Paul West - Majestic
Piff! Paff!! Pouf!!!, by Stanislaus Stange - Casino
Two Little Sailor Boys, by Walter Howard - Academy of Music
A Venetian Romance, by Cornelia Osgood Tyler - Knickerbocker
Tit for Tat, adapted by Leo Ditrichstein - Savoy
Adrea, by David Belasco and John Luther Long - Belasco Theatre
Mr. Wix of Wickham, by Herbert Darnley - Bijou
Isle of Spice, by Allen Lowe and Geo. E. Stoddard - Majestic
The Fatal Wedding, by Theodore Kremer - 58th Street Theatre
A Madcap Princess - Knickerbocker
The Southerners, by Will Mercer and Richard Grant - New York
The Maid and the Mummy, by Richard Carle - New York
More to be Pitied than Scorned, by Charles E. Blaney - 58th St.
Her Heart's Idol, by Julian Loraine - 58th Street
Girls will be Girls, by R. Melville Baker and Joseph Hart - 14th Street
The White Tigress of Japan, by Charles A. Taylor - American
Higgledy-Piggledy, by Edgar Smith - Weber Music Hall
The Harvester, by Charles M. Skinner - Lyric
The Duke of Killicrankie, by Robert Marshall - Empire
Granny, by Clyde Fitch - New Lyceum
The Sorceress, by Victorien Sardou - New Amsterdam
Love's Lottery, by Stanislaus Stange - Broadway
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, dramatized by Anne Crawford Flexner - Savoy
The College Widow, by George Ade - Garden
The School Girl, by Paul M. Potter and Henry Hamilton - Daly's
The Coronet of the Duchess, by Clyde Fitch - Garrick
The Street Singer, by Hal Reid - American
Taps, by Franz Adam Beyerlein - Lyric
Letty, by Arthur W. Pinero - Hudson
Fires of St. John, by Sudermann - Daly's
Magda, by Sudermann - Daly's
Woodland, by Frank Pixley - New York
Parsifal, by Richar Wagner - New York
Humpty Dumpty, by J. Hickory Wood and Arthur Collins - New Amsterdam
Monna Vanna, by Maurice Maeterlinck
Glittering Gloria, by Hugh Morton - Daly's
La Gioconda - Metropolitan Opera
Judith of Bethulia, by Thomas Bailey Aldrich - Daly's
Siberia, by Bartley Campbell - Academy of Music
His Last Dollar, by David Higgins and Baldwin G. Cooke - America
The Sho-Gun, George Ade - Wallack's
Mrs. Black is Back, by George V. Hobart - Bijou
Leah Kleschna, by C.M.S. McLellan - Manhattan
The Winter's Tale - Knickerbocker
Little Johnny Jones - New York Theatre
Fantana, by Sam S. Shubert and Robert B. Smith - Lyric
Friquet, by Pierre Berton and Gyp - Savoy
You Never Can Tell, by Bernard Shaw - Garrick
The Woman in the Case, by Clyde Fitch - Herald Square
The Music Master, by Charles Klein - Bijou
The Millionaire Detective, by Charles E. Blaney and Howard Hall American
The Pearl and the Pumpkin, by Paul West and W.W. Denslow - Broadway
The Prince Chap, by Edward People - Joe Weber's Theatre
King Lear, Edwin Booth's edition - Garden
Queen of the White Slaves, by Arthur J. Lamb - American
York State Folks, by Arthur Sidman - Majestic
The Ham Tree, by George V. Hobart - New York
The White Cat, by J. Hickory Wood and Arthur Collins - New Amsterdam
The Girl I Left Behind Me, by Belasco and Fyles - Castle Square Theatre
The Belle of Avenue A, by Harry Williams and Aaron Hoffman - Alvin Theatre
Happyland, by Reginald DeKoven and Frederic Ranken - Lyric