Anita McCormick Blaine Correspondence and Papers, 1828-1958

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Reel   2
Frame   920
Volume 13, 1903-1904
The Prince of Pilsen, by Frank Pixley
Florodora, by Owen Hall
Ben-Hur, arranged by William Young
The Tenderfoot, by Richard Carle
Gideons Minstrel Carnival
Along the Mohawk, by Nelson Lewis
Buried at Sea
A Country Girl
The Vinegar Buyer, by Herbert Hall Winslow
A Bunch of Keys
Alexander the Great, by Rupert Hughes and Collin Kemper
Ghosts, by Henrik Ibsen
The New Dominion
Program of the Suzanne Adams Company
Soldiers of Fortune, by Augustus Thomas
The Bonnie Brier Bush, dramatized by James MacArthur
James Henry Stoddart - obituary
D'Arcy of the Guards, by Louis Evan Shipman
Herrmann - Program
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
Taming of the Shrew
The Merchant of Venice
Mr. Jolly of Joliet
Quincy Adams Sawyer, dramatized by Justin Adams
Richard III
Haverly's Mastodon Minstrels - Playbill
Under Two Flags, by Paul M. Potter
Tim Murphy - Playbill
At Valley Force, by William L. Roberts
Southern Enchantment, by Billy McClain
The Sultan of Sulu, by George Ade
A Trip to Chinatown
Resurrection, by Leo Tolstoi
Pickings From Puck
We Are King
The Convict's Daughter
Ottokar Malek - Concert Program
The Punkin Husker
The Silver Slipper
Mrs. Deering's Divorce, by Percy Fendall
The Degenerates, by Sydney Grundy
The Cavalier, dramatized by Paul Kester and George Middleton
The Isle of Spice, by Allen Lowe and Geo. E. Stoddard
Alphonse and Gaston, by Allen Lowe
Harriet's Honeymoon, by Leo Ditrichstein
Peck's Bad Boy
A Gilden Fool, by Henry Guy Carleton
Concert by Madam Lillian Blauvelt
Are You a Mason? adapted by Leo Ditrichstein
Twelfth Night
The Eternal City, by Hall Caine
Ole Olson
The Whitewashing of Julia
Weary Willie Walker
Parsifal, in concert form - New York Symphony Orchestra
Mice and Men
A Girl From Dixie, by Harry B. Smith
The Office Boy, by Harry B. Smith
By Right of Sword, by Mrs. Charles Doremus Leonidas Westervelt and A. W. Marchmont
The Tenderfoot, by Richard Carle
The County Chairman, by George Ade
Bird Center, by Glen MacDonough
David Garrick's Love
Stetsons Uncle Tom's Cabin
Woodland, by Frank Pixley
We Are King
A Chinese Honeymoon, by George Dance
Human Hearts`
Resurrection, by Henry Bataille and Michael Morton
McFadden's Row of Flats
The Rivals, by Richard Brimsley Sheridan
Babes in Toyland
Two Men and a Girl, by Frederick Paulding
When a Man [sic] Marries
In Dahomey, by J. A. Shipp
The Forbidden Land
Weather Beaten Benson
Lew Dockstader and His Minstrel Company
Glittering Gloria, by Hugh Morton
Twelfth Night
San Toy, by Edward Morton
A Box of Monkeys
Jerry Burke
The Missing Mrs. Pettijohn, by Alice Yates Grant
The Runaways, by Addison Burkhardt
Don Caesar de Bazan, by G. A. A'Beckett and Mark Lemon
The March of Time, by Cosmo Gordon Lenox
A Country Mouse, by Arthur Law
A Message From Mars, by Richard Ganthony
Candida, by George Bernard Shaw
Cousin Kate, by Herbert Henry Davies
Peggy From Paris, by George Ade
Davy Crockett, by Frank Mayo
An American Woman
Sergeant Kitty, by R. H. Burnside
The Earl of Pawtucket, by Augustus Thomas
Sherlock Holmes, by William Gillette
The Girl From Kay's, by Owen Hall
The Maid and the Mummy, by Richard Carle
Red Feather, by Reginald DeKoven and Charles Emerson Cook
Mother Goose
The Silver Slipper
The Evolution of Minstrelsy - Al. G. Field's Greater Minstrels
Yankee Counsul
Opera Festival Program - English Grand Opera Company
Mistress Nell, by George C. Hazelton
The Virginian, by Owen Wister and Kirke la Shelle
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
His Highness the Bey
The Woman in the Case, by Clyde Fitch
Mrs. Temple's Telegram, by Frank Wyatt
The County Chairman
The Tenderfoot
The Illusion of Beatrice, by Martha Morton
The Forbidden Land, by Guy F. Steely
A Corner in Coffee, dramatized by Owen Davis
David Garrick, by T.W. Robertson
Uncle Ben, or, My Lady Help
Richard III, adapted by Colly Cibber
Richelieu, by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton
David Garrick
The Sho-Gun, by George Ade
The Pit, adapted by Channing Pollock
Trilby, dramatized by Paul M. Potter
The Heir to the Hoorah
Cousin Billy, by Clyde Fitch
The Little Father of the Wilderness, by Austin Strong and Lloyd Osbourne
Ann La Mont, by Paul Armstrong
The Eternal City
Land of Nod
The Rollicking Girl
The American Lord, by Charles T. Dazey and George H. Broadhurst
Devil's Auction, by Charles H. Yale
When Knighthood was in Flower, dramatized by Paul Kester
The Marriage of Kitty, adapted by Cosmo Gordon Lennox
Strongheart, by William C. DeMille
Captain Debonnaire
The Wizard of Oz
The Old Homestead, by Denman Thompson
Dorcas, by Harry and Edward Paulton
The Virginian, by Owen Wister and Kirke la Shelle
The Lily and the Prince, by Carina Jordan
The Sleeping Beauty and the Beast
Rip van Winkle
A Message From Mars
The Gingerbread Man, by Frederic Ranken
La Boheme
Faust, adapted by Charles Gounod
The Valkyrie, by Richard Wagner
The Rivals, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
The Lion and the Mouse, by Charles Klein
David Garrick, by T.W. Robertson
The Man Who Was, dramatized by Kinsey Piele
The Professor's Love Story, by J.M.B.
The Middleman, by Henry Arthur Jones
Big Jubilee Minstrels
Little Johnny Jones, by George M. Cohan
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, adapted by Eugene W. Presbrey
Lew Dockstader and his Great Minstrel Company
Concert by Kubelik
The Genius, by William C. and Cecil deMille
The Free Lance, by Harry B. Smith
On the Quiet, by Augustus Thomas
The Magic Melody
The Wizard of Oz
Coming Thro' the Rye, by George V. Hobart
The Umpire, by Will M. Hough and Frank R. Adams
The Man on the Box, dramatized by Grace Livingston Furniss
The Man From Now, by John Kendrick Bangs and Vincent Bryan
Old Innocence, by Richard Kingsley
The District Leader, by Joseph E. Howard
Wonderland, by Victor Herbert and Glen MacDonough
The Toast of the Town, by Clyde Fitch
The Maid and the Mummy, by Richard Carle
Peer Gynt, by Henrik Ibsen
Beau Brummel
The Straight Road, by Clyde Fitch
Lew Dockstader and his Minstrel Company
Julius Caesar
The College Widow, by George Ade
The Mountain Climber, by C. Kraatz and M. Neal
The Squaw Man, by Edwin Milton Royle
The County Chairman, by George Ade
The Ham Tree, by George V. Hobart
In the Bishop's Carriage, dramatized by Channing Pollock
Red Feather
Primrose All-Star Minstrels
Painting the Town, by Herman Perlet
She Stoops to Conquer, or, The Mistakes of a Night, by Oliver Goldsmith
The Gingerbread Man, by Frederic Ranken
The Little Joker, by Herbert Hall Winslow
The Virginian
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall, by Charles Major
The Lilac Room, by Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland and Beulah Marie Dix
The Prince of India, dramatized by J.I.C. Clarke
The Royal Chef
The Clansman, by Thomas Dixon, Jr.
Sergeant Kitty, by R.H. Burnside
Sapho, by Clyde Fitch
Isle of Spice, by Allen Lowe and George E. Stoddard
Madam Butterfly
Program of Boyd Theatre School of Acting
Mrs. Warren's Profession, by George Bernard Show
The Lion and the Mouse
Alice-Sit-by-the-Fire, by J.M. Barrie
The Duel, by Henri Lavedan
The Mikado
Bohemian Girl, by Balfe
Said Pasha, by Richard Stahl
Fra Diavolo, by Auber
Mascot, by Audran
Captain Jinks, by Clyde Fitch
The Strength of the Weak, by Alice M. Smith and Charlotte Thompson
Kerry Gow
Mlle. Fi Fi
The Crisis, by Winston Churchill
The Eternal City
The Sambo Girl, by Harry B. Smith
The Mayor of Tokio, by Richard Carle
Edmund Burke, by Theodore Bury Sayre
The Little Gray Lady, by Channing Pollock