Anita McCormick Blaine Correspondence and Papers, 1828-1958

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Volume 15, 1904-1905
Trelawny of the Wells, by Arthur Wing Pinero - Murray Hill
The Virginian, by Owen Wister - Manhattan
A Chinese Honeymoon, by George Dance - Grand Opera House
When We Were Twenty-One, by H.V. Esmond - Murray Hill
Terence, dramatized by Mrs. Edmund Nash Morgan - New York
Sweet Kitty Bellairs, by David Belasco - Belasco Theatre
The Girl From Kay's, by Owen Hall - Herald Square
Incog, by Mrs. Romualdo Pacheco - Murray Hill
All on Account of Eliza, by Leo Ditrichstein - Murray Hill
The Charity Ball, by David Belasco and Henry C. De Mille - Murray Hill
The Man of Destiny, by George Bernard Shaw - Vaudeville Theatre
Concert by Sousa and His Band - Metropolitan Opera
Christopher, Junior, by Madeleine Lucette Ryley - Murray Hill
The Cowboy and the Lady, by Clyde Fitch - Murray Hill
The Maister of Woodbarrow, by Jerome K. Jerome - Murray Hill
The Secret of Polichinelle, by Pierre Wolff - Garden
Merely Mary Ann, by Israel Zangwill - Garrick
Camille, by Alexandre Dumas - Hudson
The Two Orphans, by Adolf d'ennery and Eugene Cormon - New Amsterdam
The County Chairman, by George Ade - Wallack's
The Serio-Comic Governess, by Israel Zangwill - New Lyceum
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch - Savoy
Mr. Wix of Wickham, by Herbert Darnley - Bijou
Candida, by Bernard Shaw - Berkeley Lyceum
The Coronet of the Duchess, by Clyde Fitch - Garrick
Taps, by Franz Adam Beyerlein - Lyric
The Duke of Killicrankie, by Robert Marshall - Empire
Lew Dockstader and His Great Minstrel Company - Herald Square
The Altar of Friendship, by Madeline Lucette Ryley - Proctor's
The Sho-Gun, by George Ade - Wallack's
Joseph Entangled, by Henry Arthur Jones - Garrick
The College Widow, by George Ade - Garden
Romeo and Juliet - Knickerbocker
Becky Sharp, by Langdon Mitchell - Manhattan
Little Johnny Jones, by George M. Cohan - Liberty
Mrs. Black is Back, by George V. Hobart - Bijou
The Sorceress, by Victorien Sardou - New Amsterdam
Granny, by Clyde Fitch - New Lyceum
Love's Lottery, by Stanislaus Stange - Broadway
Zaza, by Pierre Berton and Ch. Simon - Lyric
The Yankee Consul, by Henry M. Blossom, Jr. - Grand Opera
It Happened in Nordland, by Glen MacDonough - Lew Fields' Theatre
The Usurper, by I.N. Morris - Knickerbocker
The Fortunes of the King, by Mrs. Charles A. Doreums and Leonidas Westervelt - Lyric
Humpty Dumpty - New Amsterdam
Leah Kleschna, by C.M.S. McLellan - Manhattan
The Serio-Comic Governess, by Israel Zangwill - Harlem Opera
Home Folks, by C.T. Dazey - New York
Merely Mary Ann - New Amsterdam
Sunday, by Thomas Raceward - Hudson
A Madcap Princess - Grand Opera
Common Sense Bracket, by Charles W. Doty - 14th Street
Vaudeville Program of the Circle Theatre
The Winter's Tale - Knickerbocker
Friquet, by Pierre Berton and “Gyp,” - Savoy
The Middleman, by Henry Arthur Jones - Knickerbocker
Strongheart, by William C. DeMille - Hudson
At the Threshold, by Jackson D. Haag - Berkeley Lyceum
Strolling Players, by Arthur Hornblow - Berkeley Lyceum
Richter's Wife, by Julie Herne - Manhattan
Cousin Billy, by Clyde Fitch - Criterion
Love and the Man, by H.V. Esmond - Knickerbocker
The Lady Shore, by Mrs. Vance Thompson and Lena R. Smith - Hudson
London Assurance, by Dion L. Boucicault - Knickerbocker
The Woman in the Case, by Clyde Fitch - Herald Square
Sherlock Holmes, by William Gillette - Empire
She Stoops to Conquet, by Oliver Goldsmith - New Amsterdam
Adrea, by David Belasco and John Luther Long - Belasco
Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots, by Augustus Thomas - New Lyceum
The School for Husbands, by Stanislaus Stange - Wallack's
The Education of Mr. Pipp, by Augustus Thomas - Liberty
The Harvester, by Charles M. Skinner - Harlem Opera
Program of the New York Hippodrome
Sergeant Brue, by Owen Hall - Knickerbocker
The Heir to the Hoorah, by Paul Armstrong - Hudson